7 Best Master’s in Public Health Programs in Australia

With growing healthcare and medical industry, Australia is a great place to study for a Master’s in Public Health and look to settle and work. Its universities have been ranked consistently among the top institutions for studying Public Health worldwide. Moreover, the vibrant student life, as well as research opportunities, offered by Australia are world-class.

The best Australian universities offering a Master’s in Public Health in Australia are below.

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Cost of Studying Master’s in Public Health in Australia

Depending on the institution you study at, the cost of a Master’s in Public Health can range from a total amount of $21,000 to $77,000 for tuition only. This is influenced by the program, as you can find Master’s degrees over one year, up to three years of study.

If you are an Australian citizen, please note that fees can be significantly lower (for example, the University of Melbourne program costs c. $43,000 for Australian students, but $71,000 for international students).

There are also Commonwealth-supported places in every university – with more details available from each admissions office individually (this would be the equivalent of a scholarship from the Australian government for part of the tuition fees – more prevalent at the undergraduate level than postgraduate).

Requirements to Apply for Australian MPH Programs

To be admitted into a Master’s in Public Health program in Australia, you’ll typically need to have obtained a Bachelor’s degree with a high-grade point average, in a relevant field of study. If your native language is not English, you will also need to prove your level of knowledge of the English language.

In What Languages Do You Study MPH in Australia?

The language of tuition is English for all universities offering a Master’s in Public Health in Australia.

Top Universities in Australia with Master’s in Public Health

1. The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is Australia’s second-oldest university, having been founded in 1853. It is highly ranked globally for the quality of its teaching at all levels, from undergraduate to Ph.D. Specifically, in health and clinical studies, the University of Melbourne is currently ranked 9th in the world.

The University of Melbourne is one of the universities in Australia that offers a Master of Public Health degree, which runs for two years. This program aims to prepare students for careers in public health and health care. It outlines the core foundations of public health theory and practice, offering further specializations within the degree. Also included in the degree is a “capstone experience” which can be either a research project with an expert in their field, a professional practice placement with a recognized agency, or further elective subjects.

2. University of Queensland

Located in Brisbane, the University of Queensland is world-renowned for its academic offerings and is ranked first in Australia for life sciences.

The Master of Public Health is offered across 1.5 years, giving you the opportunity to pursue various specializations depending on your interests: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs, Global Health, Health Promotion, and Disease Prevention, Indigenous Health, Nutrition, or the Standard Field of Study.

International students must have completed an approved Bachelor’s degree in a Public Health-related discipline, or – if you studied something else – you may have completed one year of work experience in a healthcare setting. You should also be able to prove English proficiency.

3. The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney strives to be a global leader in health education and research and is one of the best universities in Australia with MPH programs. They are ranked 4th in the world for graduate employability (and first in Australia). For Public Health, they rank third in Australia and 35th in the world.

The Master’s program is 1.5 years long and can be offered entirely online, or on campus. It covers one of four specializations: chronic disease prevention, communicable disease control, health promotion and advocacy, and research methods.

At the University of Sydney, students from both medical and non-medical backgrounds can enroll in the Master’s program – you should consult their YouTube video about what they look for in an applicant.

4. Monash University

Monash University is based in Melbourne and is named after a prominent World War I general, Sir John Monash. It has campuses across the state of Victoria, as well as a campus in Malaysia, a research and teaching center in Prato, Italy, a graduate research school in Mumbai, India, and a graduate school in Suzhou, China. This very global university sports amazing research facilities which make it rank highly for its life sciences and health studies on a global scale.

In order to study in the Public Health Master program, you have to have a relevant undergraduate degree. You can then choose to specialize in various fields: Epidemiology, Global Health, Health Economics, Health Policy, Health Promotion, or a Research specialization with an expert in their field.

As it caters to working professionals, this Master’s program is delivered partly through online courses. However, you also have hands-on practical opportunities as part of the studying takes place in the Alfred Research Alliance precinct, part of the Alfred Hospital in the heart of Melbourne.

5. The Australian National University

Starting off as Canberra University College in 1929, the Australian National University has been functioning as such since 1960. It is one of the best research universities in the world and a very selective institution. It’s also been named as the world’s seventh most international university (and the first in Australia).

This university in Australia offers a Master of Public Health program which runs for two years full-time and is studied either online or on campus. Once you graduate, you will join a roster of students named “Australia’s most employable graduates” – with graduates being highly sought after by employers worldwide.

Within the Master’s program, you’ll go through a range of compulsory courses as well as a number of electives. There is a minimum GPA requirement of 5.0 during the first 96 units.

In order to be admitted, you’ll need a degree in cognate disciplines listed on the website, and fluency in English.

6. University of New South Wales

Situated within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales, the Master of Public Health is taught over one year full-time or two years part-time. You can either attend courses on campus or have online tuition.

This degree focuses on delivering the bases required for a career in education, research, or service in the public health environment.

To gain admission, you must have a relevant undergraduate degree and two years of full-time professional or volunteer experience. Alternatively (if you don’t have the experience), you may have studied for honors or postgraduate degree in a field relevant to public health or health management.

7. Deakin University

The final university in our list of top Australian universities with Master’s in Public Health Programs is Deakin University. Located in Victoria, this university is named after the second prime minister of Australia, Alfred Deakin. It has campuses in the suburbs of Melbourne and it also offers a significant number of courses online (called the Cloud Campus). With high ratings in student satisfaction and a reputation for being Australia’s fastest-growing research university, Deakin has a lot to offer for a Master of Public Health.

The program runs for one to two years depending on your prior learning – you’ll be assessed and can bank credits against your degree based on your academic background. You can choose between studying on campus or fully online.

Unlike other Master of Public Health universities, Deakin accepts applications from any Bachelor’s degree.


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