World University Rankings 2024 for International Students

Study Abroad Aide hopes to encourage more international students to achieve their dreams by promoting quality education from reputable universities. The World University Rankings showcase the higher educational institutions that do not just seek academic triumph but also foster inclusivity, diversity, and satisfactory student welfare. 

Rank University Percentage Ranking (World) Country Type
1University of Oxford1 %United KingdomPrivate
2Massachusetts Institute of Technology1 %United StatesPrivate
3Harvard University1 %United StatesPrivate
4University of Cambridge1 %United KingdomPublic
5Stanford University1 %United StatesPrivate
6California Institute of Technology1 %United StatesPrivate
7Columbia University1 %United StatesPrivate
8Imperial College London1 %United KingdomPublic
9University of College London1 %United KingdomPublic
10University of Pennsylvania1 %United StatesPrivate
11Princeton University1 %United StatesPrivate
12University of Chicago1 %United StatesPrivate
13Yale University1 %United StatesPrivate
14University of California, Berkeley1 %United StatesPublic
15University of California, San Francisco1 %United StatesPublic
16University of Toronto1 %CanadaPublic
17Johns Hopkins University1 %United StatesPrivate
18University of Edinburgh1 %United KingdomPublic
19ETH Zürich1 %SwitzerlandPublic
20Tsinghua University1 %ChinaPublic
21National University of Singapore1 %SingaporePublic
22University of Melbourne1 %AustraliaPublic
23University of Hong Kong1 %ChinaPublic
24Northwestern University1 %United StatesPublic
25Cornell University1 %United StatesPrivate