University of Queensland Scholarships for International Students

Known for being a surfing paradise, home of the great barrier reef, and its miles of golden sands, Queensland is undoubtedly a beautiful holiday destination, but how does The University of Queensland fair? It has been ranked as one of the top 50 universities in the world and won more awards for teaching and learning than any other university in Australia. So, for those with high aspirations and a dream of living near a beautiful beach location, this is the perfect university.

However, with Australian tuition fees ranging from $20,000 to $50,000 it may not seem financially possible. Do not fear as the university offers many opportunities for subsidized or even free tuition! The below list will give you an insight into the best scholarships at the University of Queensland for international students.

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University of Queensland Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Queensland

1. Liveris Academy Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $10,000 for each year for up to six years.
  • Eligibility Criteria: enrolled within the faculties of Engineering, Architecture or Information Technology and achieved previous academic success
  • Scholarship Link

Alumnus Andrew N Liveris AO and his wife Paula established The Liveris Academy to encourage students to tackle important issues of a socio-economic, technological, and environmental nature. Thanks to a generous donation of $13.5M, the university offers five of these impressive scholarships each year. With this scholarship at the University of Queensland, you not only get $10,000 each year of the course, but if you are hoping to complete an internship, exchange, or gap semester you also have an extra $10,000 for travel expenses.

However, the application process is quite challenging. As well as the usual materials, a CV, references, a cover letter, and report cards, applicants will also need to create a two-minute video and two short essays on questions provided by the university.

2. David Dunlop Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $4,500
  • Eligibility Criteria: enrolled in the Bachelor of Dental Science (Honors) course and require financial assistance
  • Scholarship Link

This scholarship gives its name to David Dunlop, a respected member of the dental profession and graduate of Queensland University. This University of Queensland scholarship provides financial help to aspiring dentists who may be experiencing monetary hardship. As with most scholarships, the recipient must demonstrate strong potential and leadership qualities in their Personal Statement.

3. UQ Sport Scholarship Ambassador Program

  • Scholarship Amount: $1,500
  • Eligibility Criteria: have represented at open, national, international sport or played in a professional sporting league.
  • Scholarship Link

If you play a sport to an elite standard, University of Queensland offers an enticing scholarship that includes both funding and sporting assistance. To support your sporting development, the scholarship provides you with free access to UQ Sport health and fitness facilities, sports nutrition help, and referrals to sports psychologists and dieticians. They offer the scholarship to a wide range of conventional sports such as Netball and Rugby Union and more unusual sports such as Canoe Polo and Surf Life Saving. Those who are accepted are in good company as the list of 2021 recipients includes Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Queensland

1. Australia Awards Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition, living expenses, and travel allowance
  • Eligibility Criteria: evidence of strong academic capacity, likely to make a significant impact in their field, and hold citizenship in a participating country.
  • Degree Offered: All levels of study
  • Scholarship Link

The Australia Awards Scholarship gives you the chance to study in Australia for free! The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has invested more than $300 million in scholarships for international students. If you are from one of Australia’s partner countries you have the chance of receiving full tuition, living expenses, and travel allowance.

The money is granted to citizens from these developing countries in the hope that the students improve their skills and knowledge then go on to enrich their own country. Therefore, in your supporting statement, you will be asked about your aspirations regarding your career, how you plan to use the skills you will gain from the degree and, demonstrate a time when you implemented change or reform. You will then be required to leave Australia for a minimum of two years upon completion of your study to implement your newfound skills.

2. Law Scholarship for International Students

  • Scholarship Amount: two scholarships covering a 50% tuition fee and two covering a 25% tuition fee available
  • Eligibility Criteria: enrolled on either a Master of Laws (LLM), a Master of International Law (MIL), or a Master of International Commerce Law (MICLaw)
  • Degree Offered: Masters
  • Scholarship Link

If you are planning to complete a coursework masters program in law, then consider applying for the Law Scholarship for International Students. UQ is offering subsidized tuition for students with academic excellence and hopes for a career in law. All you need to do to apply for this University of Queensland scholarship is provide your academic transcript, two references, and a resume. Promising applicants will then be invited to a Skype interview.

3. MBA Student Scholarship- International

  • Scholarship Amount: 25% tuition fee cover for 24 months
  • Eligibility Criteria: outstanding students on an MBA program (Business and Economics faculty)
  • Degree Offered: Masters
  • Scholarship Link

New students enrolled in the MBA program are invited to apply for a 25% tuition waiver. As well as receiving an unconditional offer, students must also provide a video personal statement that communicates career aspirations, overcoming personal and professional obstacles, and making a professional environment a better place to be. Successful applicants for this scholarship at the University of Queensland will display academic merit, community involvement, and managerial experience.

The University of Queensland offers many more scholarships specific to your subject, country, and ability for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. You can find the entire list on the University’s ‘Scholarships’ page. If you require a clearer picture of your finances while studying, the ‘Study Australia’ website offers a helpful breakdown of education and living costs.


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