5 Best Master’s in Public Health Programs in Korea

South Korea is a unique destination for studying at any level, and it’s a very diverse and interesting location for a student in Public Health.

Overall, universities in South Korea have very good international rankings and have invested a lot in the development of research facilities. Compared to many top university destinations, South Korea has a relatively cheaper cost of living while offering an amazing quality of life. It’s a great place to study and potentially settle and work.

The best universities offering a Master’s in Public Health in South Korea are below.

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Cost of Studying MPH in South Korea

Tuition fees in South Korea are cheaper than in many North American and European universities. Postgraduate degrees such as a Master’s in Public Health can cost between $2,300 and $10,600 per semester, according to the Korean government.

For the cost of living, you can save money by choosing to stay in a university dormitory, where rooms can be as little as $900 per semester, while rent is expected to be c. $300 a month in a standalone apartment. Generally, the living costs will depend heavily on where you are studying and how far from campus you need to travel. Check out how to study in Korea for free if you are interested!

Requirements to Study Master’s in Public Health in Korea

To study for a Master’s in Public Health in South Korea, you’ll need to be able to speak and follow courses in Korean.

You are expected to take an entrance exam and to have a Bachelor’s degree.

There are further requirements once you are enrolled in a university, such as related to the specific thesis requirements, etc.

In What Languages Do You Study MPH Courses in South Korea?

Universities in South Korea offer a number of lectures in English in the Master’s in Public Health, however, the majority of courses will be in Korean. There are opportunities to take language classes at most universities, but these will have to be done before the Master’s as you need a proficiency level to be admitted.

5 Universities in South Korea with Master’s in Public Health

1. Seoul National University – Graduate School of Public Health

The highest-ranked university in South Korea, Seoul National University is located in the capital city and has an expansive network of buildings across three campuses, housing a wide range of schools and specialized laboratories and research centers. As such, it is the best university in Korea offering a Master’s in Public Health.

The Graduate School of Public Health was established in 1959 and takes in c. 70-80 students for the Master’s in Public Health specifically. The full-time program is taught over two years, while students can be enrolled for four years part-time.

In order to gain admission here, you must sit an entrance exam followed by an interview as well. You must have a Bachelor’s degree and have a minimum level of English proficiency which can be proven through international testing. However, depending on your level of Korean, you will also need to prove a basic understanding, as most lectures are taught in Korean (only some will be in English).

2. Yonsei University – Graduate School of Public Health

Yonsei University offers a range of options for studying for a Master’s in Public Health in Korea. You can specialize in Health Policy and Management if you’re looking to work in policymaking institutions or government, but you also have a choice of Health Promotion & Education. Other topics include International Health Science, Public Health Law and Ethics, and a range of other areas.

This private research university is located in Seoul and offers courses in both English and Korean. Together with Seoul National University and Korea University, Yonsei University forms the SKY group of universities that designates the most prestigious academic institutions in South Korea. They are the most demanding for admission requirements (you would normally have to test in the top 1% of the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test to be admitted as a Korean student).

3. Kyung Hee University

With campuses in both Seoul and Suwon, Kyung Hee University is considered one of the top academic institutions in South Korea. It is famous for its teaching of Korean traditional medical practice.

The Graduate School of Public Policy and Civic Engagement offers a Master of Public Administration, a Master of Social Work, and a Master of Health Administration, as well as Civil Society (NGO) graduate studies. You can therefore specialize in the very clear part of Public Health studies and also benefit from the university’s extensive research and collaboration network. Here, you can work at the International Development Cooperation Research Center, or partner with Future Civilization Center, the NGO International Research Institute, or the Graduate School of Peace and Welfare for further research.

4. Korea University

Taught within the College of Medicine at Korea University, the Master in Public Health program opened in 2000. It has three different branches: Environmental and Occupational Health, Epidemiology and Medical Informatics, and Health Policy and Hospital Management. This means you can learn about the theoretical understanding of public health, but also develop leadership capabilities that will allow you to work in decision-making institutions or manage hospitals and health establishments around the world.

Korea University is a highly-ranked research university based in Seoul and it’s also one of the oldest higher education institutions in Korea. It is one of the best universities in Korea with an MPH program, and its extensive network of research institutes makes it particularly attractive if you want to delve deeper into certain aspects of health.

5. Hanyang University – Graduate School of Public Health

The final university in Korea with a Master’s in Public Health program is Hanyang University. The aim of the Graduate School of Public Health and Hanyang University aims to train students in health education and how to prevent disease, improve occupational and residential environments, and contribute to promoting health at the national and global level. This suits those interested in policy-making careers as well as those looking for more management-level positions and health organizations and establishments.

Hanyang University is best known for its engineering research facilities and its Education Research Industry Cluster at Ansan. It has a large number of international students enrolled each year and also partners with many universities worldwide, offering the opportunity to study abroad through exchange programs.


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