All 184 Colleges and Universities in South Korea

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in South Korea? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in South Korea.

In our database, there are a total of 184 institutions in South Korea including Ajou University, Andong National University, and Anyang Institute of Technology . Out of those institutions, 54 are public and 130 are private. Some of the public institutions are Andong National University, Anyang Institute of Technology, and Anyang Normal University. Some examples of private universities in South Korea are Ajou University, Anyang University, and Busan Presbyterian University.

In these universities and colleges in South Korea, the total number of students is 1,799,003, and the total number of international students is 106,860.

1. Ajou University

One of South Korea’s leading research universities, Ajou University, is highly acknowledged for its engineering, medical science, and business programs. This private university has gained several recognitions in the country and in Asia for its academic performance. International students in the university continuously grow as they provide many services to accommodate them.

2. Andong National University

Andong National University (ANU) is an excellent institution that strives to establish an outstanding educational and research network in the academe. As a global institution, ANU has partnered with different universities in multiple countries such as Japan, USA, and Australia. It is also known to have many facilities that support student learning and growth, such as Yeokdong Seowon, where people can learn more about Korean traditions.

3. Anyang Institute of Technology

Situated in the touristy site of Henan province is the Anyang Institute of Technology. It was founded in 1983 to accommodate the increasing number of students in the region. The institute is among the few elite higher education schools to train aviation students. Like most schools, one of their primary goals is to provide top-class academic quality. But as for the Anyang Institute of Technology, high-quality education and, simultaneously, instilling the Anyang culture are both prioritized. It aims to generate trustworthy and talented with entrepreneurial mindset graduates that would uplift the local economy of the province.

4. Anyang Normal University

Anyang Normal University was established in 1908 and is situated in the province of Henan. The school is focused on providing education programs for various disciplines. Some of its courses are related to arts, engineering, and business.

5. Anyang University

A private university in South Korea, Anyang University has various programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. This university takes pride in its quality educational model as they cultivate students to be innovative and flexible in their chosen degrees.

6. Baekseok University

Established in 1983, Baekseok University is a Christian educational institution. This university has twelve 12 divisions, and they offer a well-built campus for their students. They aim to train and produce globally competent students in the field.

7. Busan National University of Education

Busan National University of Education is a teacher training institution. It is separate from Pusan National University. It can be found in Yeonje-gu, Busan, South Korea. The university offers several undergraduate and graduate courses in education, especially elementary education.

8. Busan Presbyterian University

Busan Presbyterian University is a private institution best known for its courses in theology and social welfare. It is consistently recognized as one of the best schools in Korea for these fields. Since its establishment in 1953, the school has upheld high standards in teaching and continuously improves its curricula and facilities.

9. Busan University of Foreign Studies

A private university in South Korea, Busan University of Foreign Studies has built its reputation in providing top-notch education in the field of foreign languages. This university was built in 2010, and continuously, they have programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. They have five faculties focusing on foreign studies.

10. Busan Women’s College

Busan Women's College (BWC) is committed to producing empowered female professionals who are dedicated to serving the community. As an educational institution for global women, BWC has also partnered with different schools across the world - including universities in Taiwan and the Philippines.

11. Calvin University

Calvin University is one the universities in the city of Yong-in in South Korea. It is a Presbyterian-affiliated university founded in 1954. Students at the university enjoy the accessibility of the campus through top-tier public transportation, traditional and contemporary arts, and various recreational activities.

12. Catholic Kwandong University

The Catholic Kwandong University aims to nurture future professionals who will contribute to society. They take pride in having excellent campus services and systems, such as setting up a student-professor program, that boosts the campus experience. Catholic Kwandon University offers many different programs and majors that will surely suit students' different interests.

13. Catholic University of Daegu

The Catholic University of Daegu was established in 1914 in Namsandong, as a seminary. 1952 was when the Catholic University of Daegu made an appearance as a university. It became a comprehensive University in 1980. The Catholic University of Daegu has the largest number of students among Catholic universities in Korea, and the size of the school is the biggest.

14. Catholic University of Daejeon

The Catholic University of Daejeon is a private academic institution. Its campus is located in the city of Yeongi-gun. The university was esablished in 1992 and welcomes students from Korea and abroad.

15. Catholic University of Pusan

The Catholic University of Pusan is comprised of a relatively small student body and academic staff. Regardless of its small size, the institution aims to produce a handful of skilled and highly employable student graduates without compromising the quality of education. It has generated professionals and specialists capable of contributing to different industries in the private and public sectors.

16. CHA University

One of South Korea’s respected universities that provides diverse academic programs in the field of medicine is CHA University. With advanced technology, the institution only offers high standards of teaching and research to its student body. Graduates of the school are highly employable and have successfully passed the required licensing exam in their respective fields.

17. Changwon National University

Changwon National University is a national university and was established in 1969 as first as Masan Educational University. Changwon University's educational ideology is diligence, truth, freedom, and creation. The educational goal is to cultivate self-directed global talent with personality, creativity, and expertise. It pursues an expanding ideology that can expand from the center of Gyeongsangnam-do to the world and fosters convergent talents suitable for it.

18. Cheongju National University of Education

One of South Korea's national universities for education and teacher training, the Cheongju National University of Education, has built its reputation in providing outstanding education to future teachers and related fields. Since its establishment in 1941, they've become an internationally recognized university, as they provide programs at different levels. They also offer a supportive learning community to everyone.

19. Cheongju University

Cheongju University is one of the top private universities in Korea. Established in 1946 in Cheongju City, CJU aims to cultivate global leaders who will make a significant difference in the world and be catalysts for social development. The university primarily emphasizes teacher education and human resources and boasts of a strong emphasis in research. CJU has outstanding academic programs in engineering, liberal arts, social administration, and education and seeks to educate students about global issues and help them become globally-minded citizens. With a vibrant campus life, including diverse cultures and active sports activities, CJU offers students a highly-rewarding experience while they study at one of the strongest universities in Korea.

20. Chinju National University of Education

Chinju National University is a public university in Jinju, South Korea. It is intended for aspiring teachers and other individuals who wish to work in the education system, such as administrators. The school offers several programs for undergraduates and master's students.

21. Chodang University

Chodang University is a relatively small, private institution in Muan, South Korea. The university envisions producing globally-competitive talents. This may be through the several courses offered by its undergraduate departments and graduate school. Some of the programs they provide are related to aviation, public officials, sciences, etc.

22. Chongshin University

Chongshin University is another one of Korea's top Christian institutes. Programs at Chongshin concentrate on social work, education, and theology.

23. Chonnam National University

Since its establishment in 1952, the Chonnam National University has continued to provide quality education to local and international students. This institution offers a lot of programs for various degrees. As they move forward with innovation, the university aims to be a research-oriented institution in the future.

24. Chosun University

Considered one of the oldest private educational institutions in South Korea, Chosun University has built its reputation in teaching and research. They have 14 colleges that cover a wide range of disciplines. They are highly recognized for their undergraduate and graduate programs offered to both local and foreign students.

25. Chugye University for the Arts

Chugye Arts University was opened as a two-year university in 1974, and was reorganized into a four-year university course in 1976. Autumn Arts College is a pure art university that aims for pure art, and the school itself tends to neglect efforts to promote or raise awareness. Among the graduates, there are many talented people working in pure art fields such as literature, music, and art, but there are very few celebrities that the general public would know because they are not popular entertainers. However, it is certain that Autumn Art College is a university with a strong position in the art world.

26. Chuncheon National University of Education

Chuncheon National University is a relatively small public institution focused on education programs. Its 12 departments and 24 concentration areas for master's studies are all aligned to or related to education. Most of these are about elementary education, as is the university's specialty.

27. Chung-Ang University

Founded in 1916, Chung-Ang University is one of the leading academic institutions in South Korea. As a state-supported institution of higher education, CAU maintains a high standard of excellence in instruction, research, and service while nurturing students into becoming globally competent responsible leaders to shape their future and the future of the world. CAU has grown into an international university with an impressive academic record and reputation. As one of the leading national universities, it sits at the center of academic, cultural, and social developments.

28. Chungbuk National University

Chungbuk National University (CBNU) is a premier institution part of the Flagship Korean National Universities. This university is dedicated to societal development through its colleges and departments. CBNU is also home to a number of excellent research institutions.

29. Chungnam National University

Chungnam University was established in 1952 in Daejeon. As Chungnam University is a Base National University, it has opened all departments in various fields, including law colleges, teachers' colleges, veterinary colleges, pharmacology colleges, and medical schools. Chungnam University trades with tones of national universities and international schools.

30. Chungwoon University

Chungwoon University offers a lot of programs to undergraduate and graduate students. This private educational institution aims to develop its students into competent and creative professionals in their respective fields. As they move forward with the future, they provide a flexible educational system to their students.

31. Daegu Arts University

Daegu Arts University has nearly 20,000 students in their schools around the country. With a focus on helping prepare their students, the school has a determination to teach their students how to overcome their obstacles and face the world. The university has 85 different departments for study and strives to maintain a happy, serene environment for its students.

32. Daegu Haany University

Specializing in Oriental medicine education, Daegu Haany University was established in 1980. This university aims to provide education and training in the field of human health and related industries. Moving forward, they continue to innovate their teaching methods to provide high-quality training and education.

33. Daegu National University of Education

Daegu National University of Education is a public academic institution established in 1962. It is focused on and committed to molding future elementary school educators. Students may choose from 13 undergraduate specializations or 27 graduate majors, all of which are related to education.

34. Daegu University

Daegu University is a highly acknowledged educational institution in South Korea. This private university is known for special education, rehabilitation sciences, and more. Today, they have more than 16,000 students enrolled in their 13 colleges. and they continue to provide quality education.

35. Daejeon University

Daejeon University is known to be one of Korea's top institutions for higher education. They aim to foster talented citizens who are also active members of the community. Many different clubs and support programs are also offered at Daejeon University, in an effort to create a better academic environment for students.

36. Daejin University

Daejin University is a four-year private university founded in 1991 by the Protestant Foundation called Daesun Truth Society. Although it is a religious altar school, it can be said to have little religious color, but it is said that there are often activities of missionary work in other branches because of the conflict between factions within the church. The campus is so wide that buses are running around the campus. It is said that elks, pheasants, and owls are rarely found because the campus is located on a mountain.

37. Daeshin University

Daeshin University is a small, private institution in Gyeongsan, South Korea. The institution was established last December 1996. The university is offering both bachelor's and master's studies.

38. Dankook University

Dankook University is among the premier institutions in South Korea. It is also known for its excellent research institutions. Dankook offers many different programs along with great facilities and services that help support its students.

39. Dong Eui University

Home to more than 21,000 students, Dong-Eui University is one of the outstanding private institutions in South Korea. With more than four decades in the field, they have received achievements in different academic fields. Today, they have ten colleges and a wide range of programs offered to undergraduate and graduate students.

40. Dong-A University

Dong-A University is among Korea's top-notch universities, offering various programs across multiple disciplines. As a global institution, students are taught and encouraged to contribute to society as a whole. Dong-A also has excellent on-campus facilities that enhance the campus experience.

41. Dongduk Women’s University

Dongdeok Women's University was opened as Dongdeok Women's School in 1950 and was promoted to a general university in 1987. Dongdeok Women's University has three diversified campuses considering the characteristics of its major and the atmosphere of the surrounding area, and it was successful in attempting to diversify the campus for the first time. There is also a school bus service between the main school and the campus. The campus of this school is also creating more lecture rooms by destroying the original small building and securing a site.

42. Dongguk University

Dongguk University was established in 1906 and originated in a temple called Wonheungsa Temple. Dongguk University is a comprehensive university with the foundation of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the largest sect of Korean Buddhism. Dongguk University's lessons are Buddhist terms of wisdom, mercy, and Jeongjin, and its symbols are white elephants and lotus flowers, and there is a tradition of taking pictures riding on elephant statues at graduation ceremonies.

43. Dongseo University

Dongseo University is among Korea's outstanding institutions with many departments and research centers. The university is also equipped with outstanding equipment and recreational facilities to ensure that students have a maximized learning and campus life experience. As a global institution, Dongseo also has partnerships with many different institutions across the globe.

44. Dongshin University

Dongshin University is a private University established in 1986 in Naju. Dongshin University's ideology is 'creativity, industrial and frugal'. It was converted into a comprehensive University in 1992 and opened a hospital in 1995.

45. Dongyang University

Dongyang University is a comparatively new University established in 1994 in Yeongju. It has another campus in Dongducheon. Yeongju campus represents railroad University as the main University, and Dongducheon campus represents art university as the main.

46. Duksung Womens University

Located in Seoul. Duksung Women's University was established in 1920. This university has received many distinctions for its quality performance. They have programs offered for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. As they continue providing education, they aim to be one of the bests in the country.

47. Ewha Womans University

Founded in 1886 and opened a year later in Seoul, Ewha Womans University has been known as the best women's university in Korea. Widely recognized for its academic excellence and contribution to women's education, the school's motto of "Truth, Goodness, Beauty" embodies Ewha's commitment to being a servant of society. Overall, the Ewha Womans University is a great place for young women from all over the world who are eager to pursue their education in a dynamic state of Korea that offers a beautiful campus and friendly environment.

48. Far East University, Korea

Far East University is a private school in Gamgok-myeon, South Korea. It has sister universities worldwide, such as in the Philippines, Japan, China, Thailand, the USA, and other countries. Thus, there are many opportunities for exchange study and other study abroad programs. Many other educational programs, like 1st-KDUniv, are available for interested students.

49. Gachon University

Gachon University is a 4-year private university located in Incheon and was founded in 1939. There are medical, pharmaceutical, and oriental medicine universities in the metropolitan area, which can be provided in all medical fields within the university, and it is one of the universities with a high reputation and high application rate. As a characteristic of the school, there is 'Gachonje', an autumn festival, and the school has a lawn, so students can set up a tent and enjoy glamping.

50. Gangneung-Wonju National University

Known to be one of the country's top research institutions, Gangneung-Wonju National University aims to contribute to society through academic excellence and research. They offer many different programs that cater to students' varying interests through numerous departments and schools. The Gangneung-Wonju National University is also a global institution, partnering with many universities across the world.

51. Geumgang University

Geumgang University is a Korean institution that highly focuses on Buddhism and humanities. As they specialize in the field, they aim to produce creative professionals in the field that can help society. They have a high number of students taking a program abroad because of their excellent courses.

52. Gimcheon University

Gimcheon University has the vision of providing a place where students can follow their dreams. With many different fields of study, the university is determined to provide the best education it can to help prepare its students to face the world and life. They want to teach their students to find what they want in life and chase their dreams to the fullest.

53. Gongju National University of Education

The Gongju National University of Education is one of South Korea's educational institutions. This university takes pride in producing excellent teachers in the field. For the past years, they have strengthened the quality of their training with the aim of helping new teachers in the field.

54. Gwangju Catholic University

Gwangju Catholic University is a private educational institution in South Korea. To be more specific, it is located in South Jeolla's city of Naju. Furthermore, since its establishment in 1962, it has offered study programs focused on arts, design, and humanities to students at the tertiary level.

55. Gwangju National University of Education

Gwangju National University of Education offers numerous programs related to education. The majority of its courses are geared towards elementary education. This institution was established in 1923 and may also be known as Kwangju National University of Education.

56. Gwangju University

Gwangju University is a top institution with different colleges offering various outstanding programs. As a global institution, Gwangju has partnered with numerous universities across the globe. Gwangju also has extracurricular activities for students, such as a music festival every October.

57. Gyeongin National University of Education

Founded in 1946, the Gyeongin National University of Education is an institution that specializes in elementary teacher training. They take pride as one of South Korea's best providers of teachers. More than that, they also have a wide range of academic departments open to both local and international students.

58. Gyeongju University

Gyeongju University aims to equip its students with the necessary knowledge and skills for them to become future leaders of modern society. They offer various programs that center on tourism, art, and health & wellness. As a global institution, Gyeongju also offers study abroad programs and has partnered with numerous institutions overseas.

59. Gyeongsang National University

Gyeongsang National University was merged with Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology last 2021. This national university is well known for its academic programs offered for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. They have a wide range of local and international connections, and students on the campus are exposed to various learning and working opportunities.

60. Halla University

Halla University is a private institution in Wonju, South Korea. Its history goes as far back as 1990, when the Wonju Technical College was approved. The university is composed of 3 colleges and a graduate school for industrial information.

61. Hallym University

Hallym University, meaning a forest of outstanding talents, was established in 1982 by Doctor Yoon duk seon. There are not many students at Hallim University compared to other comprehensive universities, but the ratio of professors to students is around 1:30, the highest among Korean universities. Traditionally, medical schools and nursing colleges are famous, and Hallym University Medical Center, which has a longer history than Hallym University, is also under its wing. In the humanities department, psychology and advertising, and public relations departments are famous, and despite being a local school, the application rate of students is high.

62. Hanbat National University

Located in Daejeon Metropolitan City, the Hanbat National University offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. For years, they have been one of the leading institutions in the region. As they move forward, they aim to produce world-class graduates in the fields.

63. Handong Global University

Handong Global University (HGU) is an outstanding Christian institution in the beautiful city of Pohang. HGU takes pride in being able to offer students flexibility, as they are among the pioneer universities in the country to have admissions with undeclared majors. Though a small university, HGU welcomes students from all over the world.

64. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

An internationally recognized university, the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies offers a wide range of majors in foreign languages. They have received recognition for their outstanding academic performance and have positions in several global rankings. Today, they have a growing population of more than 20,000 students.

65. Hankyong National University

Hankyong National University (HKNU) is among the outstanding institutions in South Korea. This university is especially known for its STEM courses such as computer engineering and biotechnology. HKNU aims to give significant contributions to society by nurturing talented leaders of the future.

66. Hanlyo University

Hanlyo University is a private institution established in 1994 and it is located in Gwangyang, South Jeolla. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs where international students are also welcome to apply. The school has earned places in rankings among universities all over the world, which is telling of its good quality in service and teaching.

67. Hannam University

Hannam University is a private university established by William Linton in 1956. Hannam University has the same ideology and the purpose of establishment as Soongsil University, so It was once integrated with Soongsil University and was once treated as Soongdil University's Daejeon Campus. But the treat was not so good, so it was divided once again. Hannam University has the highest accessibility in Daejeon University.

68. Hansei University

For more than 69 years, Hansei University continues to provide quality education to local and international students. It is a private Christian university that offers a wide range of programs. They also received many achievements for their excellent education.

69. Hanseo University

Hanseo University is a private university in Seosan. It was founded in 1992 and made its first appearance as a university that provides education programs based on the aeronautical and mechanical engineering industry. Hanseo University is also one of the leading universities in Korea that offer aeronautical-related programs. Hanseo University has always been famous for producing high-quality graduates. It is well-known for its practical and innovative education program, which turns out efficient students in the job market. Igniting students' passion for knowledge and encouraging their participation in creative projects are some of the distinctive characteristics of the school's educational philosophy, namely "creativity, confidence, and contribution".

70. Hanshin University

Hanshin University was established in 1940 as the Chosun Theological Seminary. As the school is old, the student council has a long history, and Hanshin University's student council has the longest history among student councils nationwide, marking the 75th anniversary as of 2021. Hanshin University's denomination is Christian, and the overall atmosphere of the school is also progressive by its very progressive foundation.

71. Hansung University

Hansung University is a private, non-profit institution of higher learning located in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in 1972. Hansung provides quality education with its motto, "Truth and Virtue". The university is focused on excellence in the liberal arts and science and the development of creative talents; and engages in practical education for professional careers. Hansung University welcomes international students from different countries to study the Korean language, literature, culture, and film.

72. Hanyang University

Hanyang University is a private research and teaching institution dedicated to advancing human knowledge and values. It aims to create an environment in which people can develop their potential and contribute to the development of culture, industry, and the arts. The university provides a wide range of disciplines in engineering, liberal arts, sciences, education, and humanities.

73. Holy City University

Holy City University is a private academic institution. It's campus is located in Cheonan, South Korea. It welcomes local and international students alike and offers multiple study options.

74. Hongik University

Hongik University is a university with Dangun's Hongik Humanity as its founding ideology and industry-academia as its educational ideology. Hongik University was originally famous as an art college, and is a university that aims to meet industry and art, with practical departments such as art college, architecture college, engineering college, business school, and law school. Hongik University's nearby downtown area is called Hongdae, one of Seoul's top three downtown areas, and is a place where various young people walk around the streets showing off their colorful fashion and art. Perhaps because it is located in the main downtown area of Seoul, there are many students who produce musicians frequently and are full of talent even though there is no music university. Therefore, in 2020, the school officially added practical music majors to the undergraduate department.

75. Hoseo University

Established in 1978, Hoseo University is a private Christian university. They have a wide range of programs for undergraduate and graduate students. They provide quality education to local and international students, and they aim to produce the best graduates in the field.

76. Howon University

A four-year educational institution, Howon University is highly regarded for its high employment rate. They received several recognitions and awards from the government for their quality education as they produce excellent graduates in the field. For the past years, they have continued to develop their curriculum and programs to adjust to the needs of the 21st century.

77. Hyupsung University

Hyupsung University is a small, private, Christian institution that aspires to be one of the world's leading universities. Students enjoy generous scholarships and high-quality training, facilities, and resources. It is composed of five colleges and five graduate schools.

78. Incheon Catholic University

A young Christian University, the Incheon Catholic University aims to mold students with creative and innovative skills. This university offers many programs and majors in Arts and Humanism. They cultivate these students as they foster quality learning in the field.

79. Incheon National University

Incheon National University opened as the Incheon National University of Technology in 1979, expressing its dynamic will to play a role in revitalizing and inspiring students with the slogan "University that wakes you up," and emphasizing efficient communication. Incheon National University has signed sister college agreements with 265 universities in 48 countries, including the United States, Japan, and China. Songdo Campus is a coastal region, so it is quite hot in summer, quite cold in winter, and very windy, so it is recommended to be careful.

80. Inha University

Established in 1954, Inha University is a highly recognized research university in South Korea. This institution is home to more than 20,000 students, and currently, they have a growing international student population. They offer many scholarships and awards for local and international students.

81. Inje University

First founded by a hospital in 1945, Inje University's studies are focus on medicine and humanitarian works. Their focus is to help rescue the world through humanitarian and medical assistance. Their desires educationally, include helping their students learn to value and respect each and every individual and learn to use their talents to better the world around them.

82. International University of Korea

The International University of Korea in Jinju was established in 1977. It is a relatively small and private institution. The university has several facilities and offers various courses through its departments and colleges.

83. Jeju International University

Jeju International University is a private institution in Jeju, South Korea. The university is working hard to become a specialist in aviation education. Being a relatively small school, students experience customized guidance from instructors.

84. Jeju National University

Jeju National University was established in 1952 on Jeju Island. Truth, justice, and creation are lessons, and the goal of universities is to be faithful to the basics and prepare for the future. It is the largest and four-year national university on Jeju Island. Jeju National University's talent award is a global leader who communicates, challenges, and embraces. Jeju National University was a Jeju graduate school established by educational figures and scholars on Jeju Island at its establishment. It has since changed to a comprehensive university.

85. Jeonbuk National University

Founded in 1947, the Jeonbuk National University has a consistent position in national and global rankings, proving its outstanding academic performance and research. They have a wide range of courses offered to local and international students. They also have a high student satisfaction rate in the country.

86. Jeonju National University of Education

The Jeonju National University of Education is an ideal institution for teacher aspirants. Solely concentrating on the area of education, the university offers various specialized academic programs such as majors in math, social science, computer, Korean language, and science. The school’s priority is to provide quality education for future lecturers and teachers. The fundamental goal of the institution is to generate teachers that possess core capabilities and skills accompanied by good ethics and principles.

87. Jeonju University

Jeonju University offers a wide range of programs for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. For the past years, they have been recognized for their welcoming environment and high employment rates of graduates. They are dedicated to giving high-quality learning by providing innovative education.

88. Joongang Sangha University

Joongang Sangha University is a private institute for tertiary education. It is situated in Gyeonggi province's vibrant city of Gunpo. Adding to this, the center of learning is known for being closely affiliated with Buddhism.

89. Jungwon University

Jungwon University is a small, private, young institution in Goesan-gun, South Korea. It was established last 2009 only. The university has four colleges, including a college of aviation, which offers several programs through many departments. It also has a Faculty of Sport and Graduate School.

90. Kangnam University

Kangnam University is an outstanding Korean institution rooted in the values of service, creativity, and harmony. They aim to produce talented graduates through their various programs and majors. Kangnam also offers various services and facilities on-campus to ensure that students receive adequate support during their studies.

91. Kangwon National University

Kangwon National University was established in 1947 in Chuncheon, first as a Chuncheon agricultural University, and has another campus in Samcheok and Dogye. Kangwon National University is a Base national University ranking 25th out of 400 universities nationwide and ranked 1,000-1200th in the world rankings based on QS. Its mascot is a bear that symbols Kangwon National University is Kangwon's main University.

92. Kaya University

Founded in 1992, Kaya University is one of the private institutions in the country that provides quality education. This young university offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. They have a vibrant campus for both local and international students as they foster excellence and diversion on the campus.

93. Keimyung University

Keimyung University is another one of Korea's outstanding Christian universities. It has many programs available, offered by various academic colleges. Keimyung also boasts of exciting on-campus facilities, including the Keimyung Culture Village, where students can learn more about Korean culture and traditions.

94. Kkottongnae University

Kkottongnae University, also known as Catholic Kkottongnae University, is a small, private, and religious institution. It offers a limited number of courses for both undergraduate and graduate levels. Through its teachings, the university hopes to emphasize respect for human dignity, as well as faith, hope, and love.

95. Kongju National University

Kongju National University is among Korea's leading national universities, offering a vast number of degrees and programs with its various colleges and graduate schools. The institution boasts of different facilities that enhance the campus experience, too. As a global university, Kongju has also made several partnerships and exchange agreements with other institutions in different countries.

96. Konkuk University

Situated in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, Konkuk University is a prestigious institution of higher education that has made significant contributions to the country's economic and cultural development. Konkuk University's vision is to excel in teaching, research, and service and be recognized as one of the leading universities in Korea and worldwide. This university values each person as an individual, create a nurturing environment for all, and nurtures virtuous people who are competitive in the domestic and overseas workplace.

97. Konyang University

Located in South Korea, Konyang University has been an ideal educational institution since 1991. From the beginning of its foundation, it has developed rapidly into a coeducational college that provides an outstanding education for students. The mission of Konyang University is to provide students with the most delicate foundation of academic knowledge, honesty, integrity, leadership, teamwork, and creativity to become successful leaders to contribute to society. Konyang University is always looking for ways to make education even more accessible. In addition to the university's scholarships and financial aid, it is dedicated to increasing the number of international students who study in the international program. Konyang University is located in the city of Nonsan, one of South Korea's most populated metropolitan cities and a gateway to the country.

98. Kookmin University

Kookmin University was established in Seoul in 1946 based on the goal of fostering the human resources necessary for an independent country by inheriting the spirit of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. In 1946, a maritime corporation named Shin Ik-hee named the school Kookmin University because they wanted the university to be for the people with an independent spirit, grieving over the failure of an independent state under the U.S. military government. It emphasizes pragmatism and convergence studies, and therefore, it is a very free atmosphere for double or multi-major majors. The professors' research is also very free, so each professor's subjectivity is clear, so it is an atmosphere where students can study various aspects.

99. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, also known as KAIST, opened its doors in 1971 and has served as a center for both education and research, with the objective of training world-class engineers and scientists. The KAIST mission of "creating more science and knowledge than we create" is practiced through an open environment that stimulates intelligence and creativity. Students, professors, and staff members at KAIST believe that science and technology are the power sources for human development, growth, and prosperity.

100. Korea Aerospace University

Korea Aerospace University (KAU) offers some of Korea's best engineering programs, significantly contributing to the country's aerospace industry. KAU also has excellent centers and laboratories for research.

101. Korea Baptist Theological University

The Korea Baptist Theological University (KBTUS) aims to foster academically excellent achievers who embody Chrisitan values. Undergraduate programs at this institution concentrate on theology and social welfare, among others. KBTUS also strives to become a highly globalized institution.

102. Korea Christian University

Korea Christian University is among the many Christian institutions in the country. This institution concentrates on the social sciences and humanities, offering competitive programs for its students.

103. Korea Maritime and Ocean University

Korea Maritime and Ocean University, KMOU, is a university completely dedicated to maritime work and ocean research. KMOU was founded in 1945. When it was first founded, it was established to be Merchant Ship School and is the Korean government's first national university ever to be founded by the government.

104. Korea National Sport University

Korea National Sport University is an institution that is dedicated to producing graduates in the field of sports, physical education, and coaching. It first started as a training ground for local athletes in South Korea and eventually flourished to provide specialized and more diverse study programs in the field of sports. At present, the university also welcomes international students on its campus.

105. Korea National University of Arts

Korea National University of Arts is a music school for talented students interested in studying music. The University was founded in 1993 and is listed as one of the world's best schools for music. The University has several programs available for vocal, instrumental, composition, conducting, and musicology.

106. Korea National University of Education

Specializing in educational training, the Korea National University of Education is a highly recognized institution in the country. It was founded in 1984, and currently, they have four colleges for undergraduate students. As they continuously grow, this national university aims to produce more graduates in the field.

107. Korea National University of Transportation

The Korea National University of Transportation, also known as KNUT, takes pride in being the only institution in the country specializing in transportation. Programs at KNUT, however, are varied to suit students' different interests. Majors range from engineering and railroad sciences to health sciences and the liberal arts.

108. Korea Nazarene University

A Christian University, the Korea Nazarene University takes pride in providing rehabilitation welfare education. For the past years, they have aimed to mold their students with quality education as they foster spirituality in them. They offer bachelor's and master's degrees to local and international students.

109. Korea Polytechnic University

Korea Polytechnic University (KPU) takes pride in being a "university-industry convergence" institution. In this way, students are exposed to real-world companies and their practices while learning about important concepts and theories in the classroom.

110. Korea University

Korea University is a national, leading research-oriented university located in Seoul, South Korea. The university has made pioneering contributions to the nation through its advanced research and academic programs, remarkable alumni, and dedicated staff. Students at Korea University are trained to become globally aware leaders and entrepreneurs.

111. Korea University of Technology and Education

Korea University of Technology and Education (KOREATECH) is a co-educational private university established in 1991. KOREATECH's focus is to provide undergraduate students with a practical education that would assist them in finding rewarding careers as rapidly as possible upon graduation. This university was established to provide the best education for young people who want to become successful engineers. To meet competitiveness in the advent of technology and the information technology industry, the university expanded the effective programs related to technology. As of 2020, it established the 'department of future technology' specialized in AI and Big Data. KOREATECH prides itself on the high proportion of graduates who secure employment after graduation. Recently, the university has been ranked 1st in job placement rankings with a rate of 84.7% among 4-year universities.

112. Korean Bible University

Established in 1952, Korean Bible University is a Christian educational institution located in Seoul, South Korea. This university cultivates its students by providing excellent programs, a student-friendly environment, and a global perspective on learning. They also received several recognitions for their high-quality student service.

113. Kosin University

Kosin University is a Christian institution that was established back in 1946 and it is located in Busan. Its main campus is in Yeongdo, while there are also campuses in Songdo and Cheonan. They offer a variety of both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for different fields, such as arts, humanities, theology, and medicine. The school aims to deliver quality education and service while implementing Christian principles.

114. Kumoh National University of Technology

The Kumoh National University of Technology in Korea is one of the leading universities in Korea. It's a national university governed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. The Kumoh National University of Technology is a national university founded to foster highly sophisticated science and technology in multi-dimensional aspects, including electronics and information engineering, computer, communication (telecommunication), electronic engineering, and automotive. The university has produced many outstanding researchers and engineers as the leading specialists and technicians in industry and research institutes. The university takes pride in its dynamic educational system with strong industry ties and research competence and its extensive networks both within and outside the Kumoh community.

115. Kunsan National University

Founded in 1947, the Kunsan National University offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. For the past decades, this university has built its reputation in providing internationally recognized programs. They are continuously growing in the field as they become one of South Korea’s prestigious universities.

116. Kwangju Women’s University

Kwangju Women's University is an excellent Korean institution that aims to nurture and produce talented women graduates who have a passion for serving society. The institution concentrates on practical disciplines. Different courses are offered for students through various departments such as the Department of Korean Education and the Department of Counseling & Psychology.

117. Kwangshin University

Kwangshin University, founded in 1954, is among the private institutions for higher education in Gwangju, South Korea. The university has more than 1,000 students and 150 academic staff. Its academic mission centers on providing education that puts faith into practice while cultivating global leaders.

118. Kwangwoon University

Kwangwoon University is an excellent research university in South Korea. It is also known to be one of the country's top technology and engineering institutions. Kwangwoon aims to produce diligent and self-reliant graduates through its outstanding programs.

119. Kyonggi University

Kyonggi University is built with ten colleges, covering a wide range of academic disciplines. This private university provides a good environment for its local and international students. Additionally, they have a lot of university partnerships for more learning and employment opportunities.

120. Kyung Hee University

Located in South Korea, Kyung Hee University is one of the leading universities in the country. With a mission to nurture the next generation of global leaders, KHU has been growing strong for 72 years and strives to help students reach their full potential both inside and outside the classroom. It has been offering diverse academic backgrounds that nurture critical thinking and cultivate civic-mindedness and specialized practical training of professional skills to serve the nation's development.

121. Kyungdong University

Kyungdong University is a multi-campus institution in South Korea. This university received numerous achievements and awards for its outstanding performance in teaching. For the past years, they have taken pride in having the highest employment rate in the country, as they offer a strong foundation in employment-oriented education.

122. Kyungnam University

Kyungnam University is the oldest private university in Gyeongsangnam-do, founded in 1946 by Shin Ik-hee, a member of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea. At the time of its establishment, it was opened as the Kookmin University Hall, and it was only promoted to a general university in 1982. Since it was established with the will of Kim Gu and Syngman Rhee in the process of establishment, it received full support from the state, so even though it is a private university, the local name Gyeongnam is used as the school name. As such a historic university, the idea that all efforts in academic research should ultimately be linked to saving the nation and the people is a lesson.

123. Kyungpook National University

Kyungpook National University, founded in 1946 and located in Daegu, is one of the leading universities in South Korea. This university promotes the growth of interdisciplinary subjects by fostering collaboration among departments and faculties. KNU has many academic divisions, including natural sciences, social science, engineering, medical and health sciences, education, and fine arts. Moreover, it fosters creativity and originality by providing several opportunities such as student clubs, research activities, and forums.

124. Kyungsung University

Kyungsung University is a private university established in 1955 by a pastor named Kim gilchang. Kyungsung University has the most frequent relocation among universities in Busan, and it is a school with many twists and turns, with the student movement in Busan taking the lead in 1986. Gyeongseong, the school name, is not related to Gyeongseong, one of the several names of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

125. Kyungwoon University

Kyungwoon University is a private university located in Gumi, South Korea. Founded in 1997, the university is now home to more than 4,000 students. Through its bachelor's and master's courses, the university delivers high-quality education and nurture talents ready for the rigorous search for truth.

126. Luther University

Luther University is among the private universities in Yongin City in South Korea. It was established in 1966 in its former name, Luther Theological Academy, both as a church and an academic institution. The university has nearly 500 students and offers bachelor's and master's degree programs.

127. Mokpo Catholic University

Mokpo Catholic University is a private university located in Mokpo, South Korea. It offers undergraduate courses and is home to more than 560 students. The university has a learning environment that offers positive self-discovery and self-directed nurturing.

128. Mokpo National Maritime University

Mokpo National Maritime University is an industry-specific university that offers marine-related study programs. It was established in 1950 to increase qualified professionals and specialists in the maritime sector. The local government supports this national university where a portion of tuition fees and training is funded. The quality of education is of high standards, with study programs acknowledged internationally.

129. Mokpo National University

Mokpo National University (MNU) is a national university established in 1946 and located in Mokpo, South Korea. The school's primary purpose is to provide higher education for students living in the southwest coastal region. Mokpo National University is a place where students worldwide can enjoy high-quality education and cultural experience. It offers international students an exciting opportunity to complete an undergraduate or graduate degree. The university is a center for further education and research where students can pursue their studies of philosophy, psychology, modern language, literature, and business administration.

130. Mokwon University

Located in downtown Seoul, Mokwon University is the hub of Korean education. Since its foundation in 1954, Mokwon University has produced thousands of excellent graduates in various fields. Many of them are making enormous contributions to their companies and industry. As a result, the university's reputation is growing rapidly, including its employment ratio among graduates within a year after receiving degrees. The university is committed to shaping the aspiration and life of its students to contribute to society and foster global leaders. Mokwon University aims to positively impact the next generation and thus promote a new era through its efforts to educate and train brilliant leaders who can carry forward its vision.

131. Myongji University

A private Christian university, Myongji University, was established in 1948. This institution is highly recognized for its engineering and science-related programs. Currently, they offer a wide range of programs in different degrees for local and international students.

132. Nambu University

Nambu University is one of the youngest higher education institutions in South Korea. Nambu University has come so far in such a short time. Since its foundation in 1998, it has grown from a small school with only 50 students to become one of the fastest-growing top research institutions in Korea and an international campus where students worldwide enjoy campus life and pursue their dreams. Nambu University boasts its academic strength with three colleges, Humanities and Social Science, Natural Science and Engineering, and Physical Education and Sport Science. It has been educating students seeking to get a degree and eventually moving on to big firms to supply the needs of educated workers needed to run a country.

133. Namseoul University

A young university, Namseoul University is home to more than 15,000 students. Currently, they offer different majors in the field of business, engineering, education, and healthcare. Fo the following years, their goal is to contribute to the development of society. They aim to produce creative and innovative leaders in the field.

134. Pai Chai University

Considered one of South Korea’s oldest educational institutions, Pai Chai University continues its legacy in providing quality higher education. For more than 137 years, this institution has produced graduates in various fields. Today, they have been recognized locally and globally for their outstanding performance in research and education.

135. Pohang University of Science and Technology

Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH) is a private research university in Pohang, South Korea. It is located in the city of Pohang, which is the second-largest city in the North Gyeongsang province. The core technology-focused research areas of POSTECH include nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, ocean science engineering, and material science engineering. The reputation of POSTECH as a research-oriented university has been cultivated through its long-term commitment to academic excellence since it was established. It continues to strive for a competitive edge and innovative achievements as one of the world’s most competitive private research universities in Asia.

136. Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary

The Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary (PUTS) aims to nurture future leaders and ministers of the church whose mission is to serve God and society. They offer comprehensive programs in theology and Christian education, as well as facilities and services that give students an enhanced learning environment. PUTS has also partnered with several institutions across the world, enabling its students to participate in exchange program opportunities.

137. Pukyong National University

Pukyong National University (PKNU) is a leading national research and creative university with diverse disciplines and strong capacities, located in Busan, South Korea. Established in 1996, it has produced many distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions to the nation's growth. The university's commitment to global citizenship is showcased by its international programs, including an international summer school, a foreign language training program for elementary school teachers, and several institutes that promote international studies.

138. Pusan National University

Pusan National University (PNU) is a competitive national university located in Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea. Since its establishment, the university has made significant contributions to the nation's academic and cultural growth. PNU is today a highly regarded research university that seeks to become a global center of excellence in higher education. As of 2022, PNU has been ranked as 'One of Top 1000 Universities' by the Times Higher Education Supplement (THE) on World University Rankings, based on the assessment of teaching, research, citation, industry income, and international outlook.

139. Pyeongtaek University

Pyeongtaek University is a private university in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. Although established in 1981, its history goes further to 1912, making it one of South Korea's oldest universities. The institution offers many undergraduate and graduate programs through its four colleges and six graduate schools. It also has several international partner universities.

140. Sahmyook University

Celebrating its 116th year, Sahmyook University takes pride in providing liberal arts education. They have a wide range of programs offered to local and international students. As they build their reputation in the industry, they gain many university partnerships abroad.

141. Sangji University

Founded in 1974, Sangji University is a private institution that has more than 7,000 students. They have several colleges that offers various programs for undergraduate and graduate students. As they continue providing education, Sangji University is recognized for its quality service.

142. Sangmyung University

Formerly a women's college, Sangmyung University is an excellent university in Seoul. They offer numerous programs through different colleges and faculties.

143. Sehan University

Sehan University takes pride as one of South Jeolla's best universities. This university offers 26 undergraduate programs and they also have a few master's and doctorate programs. They aim to mold their students to be a creative, and competent graduate in their chosen fields. For the past years, they were recognized for their excellence in teaching.

144. Sejong University

Sejong University was established in 1940 first as the Seoul Metropolitan Women's Normal University. After, It was reorganized into a coeducational school and changed its name to 'Sejong University' originating from the king Sejong of the Joseon dynasty. The founding ideology of the school is the spirit of affection, the spirit of Christianity, and the spirit of Hunmin, and the school wants to foster creative intellectuals based on these thoughts.

145. Semyung University

Semyung University is established in Jecheon, Korea, and has been operating since the year 1990. Semyung University is located in a good location which makes it easy for students to get to school from anywhere in the country. The location of the university also offers unique opportunities to the students such as cultural and social activities with friends from different cultures and backgrounds.

146. Seokyeong University

Seokyeong University is a small private institution located in Seoul. This institution has been running since 1947, and they are of the top 100 universities in the country. They have four colleges specializing in Arts, Humanities, Social Science, and Engineering.

147. Seoul Christian University

Seoul Christian University is a private institution that welcomes local and international students alike. It offers a wide range of study options at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The campus is home to excellent facilities, including a library, sports amenities, and performance halls.

148. Seoul Jangsin University

One of the few institutions in South Korea that offer academic programs fully concentrating on theology, social welfare, and church music is Seoul Jangsin University.  The school’s curriculum is specifically designed and aligned with the Presbyterian Church of Korea and its beliefs. It is perfect for students who aspire to be ministers, church leaders, and pastors.

149. Seoul National University

Seoul National University is a public institution located in Seoul, South Korea. The university aims to discover the talents and potentials of the students and to foster the skills and values that embody the mission and vision of the institution.

150. Seoul National University of Education

The Seoul National University of Education is one of South Korea's top education schools. It specializes in the training of the country's future elementary educators. They aim to equip their students with the necessary skills and values integral to being the next teachers.

151. Seoul National University of Science and Technology

Seoul National University of Science and Technology, or SeoulTech, is one of South Korea’s top-performing universities. This institution is highly recognized for its research initiatives and results, and they were acknowledged for their contribution. Today, they offer a vibrant campus and modernized facilities for their local and international students.

152. Seoul Theological University

Established in 1911, Seoul Theological University is an Evangelical university in South Korea. They offer a well-rounded education in various programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. They aim to produce quality graduates with high spirituality who can serve the nation.

153. Seoul Womens University

Established in 1961 as a school for educating women about traditional virtues, it is the top women's university in Korea and has educated numerous distinguished alumnae. Seoul Women's University (Women's University) has developed into an autonomous institute of national prominence, fostering female leaders who will be able to contribute remarkably to Korea and the world. The university provides a rich, multi-faceted educational experience at the undergraduate and graduate levels, offering various majors in traditional and applied fields. Seoul Women's University was founded to provide opportunity and the highest quality liberal arts education to young women. It gained an early reputation for its high standards, excellence in academic research, and progressive pedagogical methods.

154. Seowon University

Seowon University in Cheongju aspires to create future leaders and model students through its ideals of veritas, justice, and love. Since 1968, it has produced excellent and high-quality graduates and continues to do so by supporting programs and opportunities that hone students' skills. Examples of such are its exchange programs, which help connect young dreamers to the international world and develop their skills to be at par.

155. Shingyeong University

Shingyeong University is a private center of learning. Furthermore, it is located in Gyeonggi province's historically rich city of Hwaseong. It offers a variety of study programs for tertiary students and it is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Korea.

156. Silla University

Silla University is a global institution, with multiple university partnerships across the globe. They offer various majors for students through their wide variety of colleges and departments. Silla University aims to nurture competent leaders for the community.

157. Sogang University

Located in Seoul, South Korea, Sogang University is one of the best and oldest Catholic and Jesuit Institutions. The university is famous for its teachings on the Catholic beliefs and values and develops the students the sense of respect and human dignity.

158. Sookmyung Women’s University

Sookmyung Women's University is among the top women's institutions in Korea. It was established to address the country's need for women's higher education. Many different programs in various fields are offered by this premier institution.

159. Soonchunhyang University

Soonchunhyang University is a highly acknowledged university in South Korea. This private institution received numerous recognitions for its excellent performance in the field. They are known for their quality education and research in the medical field.

160. Soongsil University

Soongsil University was established in 1897 in Pyeongyang but moved to Seoul after the division of Korea. Soongsil University is a private Protestant university, and its education goal is 'truth and service'. It sets a goal to foster converged human resources.

161. Sun Moon University

A premier institution in South Korea, Sun Moon University aims to mod future servant-leaders of the community. They offer excellent programs through their wide variety of colleges and departments. Sun Moon also has top-notch facilities that support campus life.

162. Sunchon National University

Celebrating its 87th year in providing quality education to local and international students, Sunchon National University is one of South Korea’s pride. For the past years, they have been recognized for their outstanding performance in research and education. Today, they continue to provide a wide range of programs for both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

163. Sungkonghoe University

Sungkonghoe University is a historical university that opened in Incheon in 1914. Anglican Church, the name of the university, is the name of a Protestant denomination, but it is said that it is safe to say that it is just a general university because its religious color is light now. The Anglican University considers human rights and peace as its central ideology, and the Department of Social Sciences is said to be the main department in the school. Since it was a historic school that opened very early, the university suffered from a short closure in the Japanese colonial era.

164. Sungkyul University

Sungkyul University is a Christian institution founded in 1965. This private university fosters excellence in the academic field while establishing its Christian values and culture. As they move forward, they aim to produce innovative education for local and international students.

165. Sungkyunkwan University

Sungkyunkwan University, an international standard university located in Seoul, Korea, is one of the most distinguished universities in Korea and is famous for its unique learning theories. For over eight decades since its foundation, it has been a premier institution for studies in humanities and social sciences, producing leaders of crucial talent who have contributed to the progress and prosperity of Korea.

166. Sungshin Women’s University

Sungshin Women's University is a top institution in Korea, aiming to produce women leaders for the community. They offer various undergraduate programs students with different interests can choose from. Sungshin also has excellent facilities, such as the Student Union S², a whole building dedicated to different student activities and clubs.

167. Suwon Catholic University

Founded in 1984, Suwon Catholic University is a private institution of higher education in Hwaseong City, South Korea. The university was built in celebration of Pope John Paul's visit to the country in the same year, which is also the 200th anniversary of the Catholic Church's foundation in Korea. It has nearly two hundred students, providing them with intellectual and spiritual education.

168. The Catholic University of Korea

Catholic University is a 4-year Catholic private university with three campuses in Jongno-gu, Seoul, Seocho-gu, and Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. Founded in 1855, it is the second-oldest educational institution in Korea and is famous for its medical fields such as medical school, nursing school, and pharmacy. The Catholic University of Korea has a whole educational ethos, taking 'truth, love, and service' as its educational end. In addition, Catholic University has a dual major system that allows students to take the initiative in choosing a major and think about their careers.

169. Tongmyong University

Tongmyong University is a private university in Busan that provides a wide selection of academic programs in engineering, artificial intelligence, business administration, humanities, social sciences, education, and multidisciplinary studies. The university was founded in 1977 and was formerly known as Tongmyong Institute of Culture and Education. With its rich history, the university has thrived to become one of the well-respected institutions in Busan.

170. U1 University

According to EduRank, U1 University is the best university in Yeongdong-gun, South Korea. Their great campus and research performance, among many things, have allowed them to attain such a ranking. The institution offers several programs, some of which are unique, like the Hotel Tourism and Flight English.

171. Uiduk University

A young, private university, Uiduk University is an education-oriented institution that offers a wide range of programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. They aim to produce creative and innovative graduates in their respective fields. As a result of their outstanding performance in the academe, they receive several recognitions from the country.

172. Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology

Focused on science and technology, the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology is a public institution established in 2007. It is located in Ulsan, South Korea’s largest industrial city. This young university aims to be a global leader in research and currently has a broad range of programs.

173. University of Science and Technology Korea

A government-funded university, the University of Science and Technology Korea is highly recognized for its contribution to research. They offer master's and doctorate programs to both local and international students. They have an outstanding reputation for producing research projects.

174. University of Seoul

The University of Seoul is currently the only public university in South Korea that operates on a budget of Seoul. Due to the smooth financial support of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, it has realized the lowest tuition in the country, the student loan utilization rate is very low and the tuition burden on college students is very low, so students are very satisfied with tuition and scholarships. The University of Seoul is located in the center of Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, and has the great advantage of being a flat campus, the school site is large and the building is quite aesthetic.

175. University of Suwon

Established in 1977, The University of Suwon provides an outstanding education in various academic fields. This university strives to be one of the best private institutions in the country. As they move with the changes in society, they continue to develop their educational system to provide better learning to students.

176. University of Ulsan

Ulsan University was opened as Ulsan Institute of Technology in 1970 and was promoted to a general university in 1985. Despite being a private university, Ulsan University uses its local name Ulsan as its school name thanks to the full support of the state and is the only four-year comprehensive private university in Ulsan Metropolitan City. Ulsan University is a large university with more than 12,000 students and was founded by Hyundai founder Chung Ju-young, a large company.

177. Wonkwang University

Wonkwang University is a religious institution that aims to mold students that excel academically while being selfless members of the community. Students can choose from the many different programs at Wonkwang based on their interests. Wonkwang also holds public lectures in different areas of study in the hopes of sharing their knowledge with the general community.

178. Woosong University

Woosong University is a fledgling university established in 1994. At first, it was a university for employment and its name was the Chungking University of Technology, but in 2008, it was integrated with Woosong University of Technology and reorganized from an industrial university to a general university. Woosong University is a very good university for employment, with a graduate employment rate of about 70% and the highest employment rate for three consecutive years.

179. Woosuk University

Through its various departments and faculties, Woosuk University strives to foster outstanding future professionals. Woosuk is especially known for its expertise in the health sciences. They also offer competitive programs in food science and sports science, among others.

180. Yeungnam University

Yeungnam University (YU) is an outstanding institution that offers a vast number of programs under different schools and departments. YU boasts of being home to many research centers and institutes, making it one of the forerunners of research in the country. It also has various facilities and programs that help enrich students' academic experience.

181. Yewon Arts University

Yewon Arts University is a private institution known for offering specialized courses in the arts. Some of its most popular courses include painting, animation, and dance. The university is also known for having excellent broadcast facilities, sports amenities, and a library with an extensive collection.

182. Yong In University

A comprehensive private institution, Yong In University offers various programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. They have produced more than 36,000 graduates in the field. They have a reputation in sports, culture, and arts.

183. Yonsei University

Yonsei University is located in Seoul, Korea. The institution was founded in 1885, making it the oldest institution of higher education in Korea. It is among the best private research universities in Korea, with strong and diverse academic programs, intensive language programs, extensive research in various fields, global exchange opportunities, and a deep commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience for its students.

184. Youngnam Theological University and Seminary

Youngnam Theological University and Seminary, founded in 1954, is a private university located in Gyeongsan, South Korea. The institution is known for its affiliation with the Presbyterian Church of Korea, providing both academic degree programs and theological training to students. With more than 1,000 students, the university delivers education grounded in holistic Christian values.