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Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University is a public institution for higher education that offers a wide range of courses but is mostly known for its programs in maritime and mining engineering. It strives to conduct its academic and research programs in such a way that meets international standards. The university is also an active member of international associations to provide opportunities for international mobility to its students and faculty.

Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Overview

Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University Admissions

In this section, we will go over the admissions at Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University. To apply to Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University, it is essential that you follow the application procedure found in these pages:

Turkish Language Requirements

If you wish to study at Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University in Turkish, you should meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Minimum TYS Score for Bachelors: C1
  • Minimum TYS Score for Masters: C1
  • Language Requirements Pages

    If you are interested, take a look at these language requirements pages for more information on language requirements at Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University:


    Here are the world rankings of Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University from reputable ranking sources:

    • Times Higher Education: #1501 in the World
    • USNews: #1978 in the World

    Bachelor's Courses

    Here are some of the bachelor's courses at Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University that are being offered:

    • Archaeology
    • Computer Engineering
    • Dentistry
    • Logistics Management
    • Maritime Business Administration
    • Mining Engineering
    • Pharmacy

    You can take a look at complete list of bachelor's courses at Zonguldak Bulent Ecevit University in the Bachelor's Courses Page