How to Study in Turkey for International Students

As a transcontinental country sprawling across two continents, Turkey is as diverse in culture as it is in geography. It is one of the most affordable countries in the European continent for international students as it offers significant discounts on accommodation fees and transportation. Turkey is also known for its hospitality, establishing itself as a top destination for international students looking to pursue higher education in a friendly, inclusive, and multicultural environment at a very affordable price.

When it comes to the choices that are available, Turkey currently has 173 universities, from which 104 universities are a part of the public sector and 69 universities are private institutions.

Suppose you’re not just looking for any school but a well-performing school. In that case, the top universities in Turkey you should definitely check out are Cankaya University, Middle East Technical University, and Koc University.

Being able to study in Turkey as an international student starts with planning ahead of time, as the process of researching your institution, filling out forms, and completing your paperwork can take a vast amount of time. In this article, you will find out the application process to study in Turkey, along with information on tuition, language requirements, and visa applications. So, let’s dig in!

1. Cost of Studying in Turkey

When choosing a university, you also need to consider the tuition fees and your budget. Before applying to a university in Turkey, it’s best to have a general knowledge of the tuition fees there. The annual tuition fees for international undergraduate students range from 247 TRY to 784,200 TRY, while for master’s degree studies, the yearly tuition fees are between 0 TRY and 688,200 TRY.

Cost of Studying in Public Universities in Turkey

To give you an idea of how much it costs to study in Turkey, here are the tuition fees in these public and private universities:

Institution Bachelor’s International Tuition Fee Master’s International Tuition Fee
Hitit University 5,500 TRY - 10,000 TRY 8,000 TRY - 10,000 TRY
Kastamonu University 3,444 TRY - 6,896 TRY 3,444 TRY - 6,896 TRY
Eskisehir Osmangazi University 7,500 TRY - 20,000 TRY
Sakarya University 9,384 TRY - 29,900 TRY 9,000 TRY
Akdeniz University 12,800 TRY - 16,600 TRY 20,000 TRY
Izmir Bakircay University 6,682 TRY - 9,948 TRY
Erzurum Technical University 3,700 TRY - 5,500 TRY
Konya Food and Agriculture University 253,400 TRY 253,400 TRY
University of Health Sciences 2,232 TRY - 9,143 TRY
Nigde Omer Halisdemir University 2,784 TRY 2,784 TRY - 5,060 TRY
Erzincan Binali Yildirim University 6,000 TRY - 30,000 TRY 4,000 TRY
Istanbul Medeniyet University 2,453 TRY - 4,597 TRY 1,200 TRY
Bursa Technical University 8,000 TRY - 15,000 TRY 6,000 TRY
Karabuk University 7,500 TRY - 11,300 TRY
Cukurova University 4,692 TRY - 20,900 TRY 3,750 TRY - 5,625 TRY
Yildiz Technical University 2,090 TRY - 4,183 TRY 1,670 TRY
Istanbul Technical University 31,400 TRY - 69,500 TRY 6,500 TRY - 132,000 TRY
Usak University 1,200 TRY - 1,800 TRY 920 TRY
Abdullah Gul University 9,100 TRY - 13,500 TRY 6,800 TRY
Aksaray University 4,000 TRY - 7,500 TRY 4,000 TRY
Manisa Celal Bayar University 4,080 TRY - 8,400 TRY 11,400 TRY
Bartin University 6,000 TRY - 8,000 TRY
Karadeniz Technical University 3,678 TRY - 10,100 TRY
Kirikkale University 3,400 TRY - 6,900 TRY
Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University 23,300 TRY - 28,000 TRY
Adnan Menderes University 7,400 TRY - 20,800 TRY
Izmir Institute of Technology 568 TRY - 774 TRY
Social Sciences University of Ankara 6,000 TRY 6,000 TRY - 9,000 TRY
Gazi University 3,678 TRY - 18,800 TRY
Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University 464 TRY - 1,883 TRY
Mugla Sitki Kocman University 247 TRY - 768 TRY 335 TRY - 4,500 TRY
Erciyes University 11,000 TRY - 19,000 TRY 7,500 TRY
Dokuz Eylul University 6,500 TRY - 21,000 TRY
Igdir University 1,389 TRY - 1,890 TRY 10,000 TRY - 15,000 TRY
Bogazici University 28,600 TRY - 57,100 TRY 14,300 TRY
Anadolu University 11,300 TRY - 37,500 TRY 5,500 TRY
Ege University 3,446 TRY - 15,300 TRY 2,753 TRY
Hacettepe University 69,000 TRY - 153,000 TRY 3,096 TRY
Ankara University 20,000 TRY - 67,500 TRY 20,000 TRY - 67,500 TRY
Middle East Technical University 6,000 TRY - 10,000 TRY 5,000 TRY

Cost of Studying in Private Universities in Turkey

Institution Bachelor’s International Tuition Fee Master’s International Tuition Fee
Fatih Sultan Mehmet University 75,200 TRY - 112,700 TRY 112,700 TRY - 150,300 TRY
Ibn Haldun University 225,200 TRY
Istanbul Kent University 42,300 TRY - 61,100 TRY 37,600 TRY - 244,200 TRY
Cankaya University 110,900 TRY 67,500 TRY
Baskent University 126,000 TRY - 160,000 TRY 126,000 TRY - 160,000 TRY
Cankiri Karatekin University 15,000 TRY - 30,000 TRY 15,000 TRY - 25,000 TRY
Yasar University 102,300 TRY 116,700 TRY
Toros University 14,300 TRY - 58,700 TRY
Istanbul Rumeli University 75,200 TRY 56,400 TRY - 94,000 TRY
Yuksek Ihtisas University 46,900 TRY 56,300 TRY
Sanko University 25,500 TRY - 28,500 TRY 8,750 TRY - 9,250 TRY
MEF University 56,600 TRY - 69,500 TRY
Nuh Naci Yazgan University 22,300 TRY - 25,500 TRY
Alanya Hamd Emin Pasa University 82,600 TRY - 103,300 TRY
Bezmialem Vakif University 60,000 TRY - 187,800 TRY
Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University 75,100 TRY - 187,700 TRY 75,100 TRY - 93,900 TRY
Biruni University 75,100 TRY - 225,300 TRY
Beykoz University 65,700 TRY - 75,100 TRY 37,600 TRY - 56,300 TRY
KTO Karatay University 103,100 TRY - 224,900 TRY 56,300 TRY - 75,100 TRY
Istanbul Topkapi University 169,000 TRY
Fenerbahce University 56,300 TRY - 75,100 TRY
Istanbul Medipol University 58,700 TRY - 169,500 TRY
Beykent University 92,000 TRY - 110,800 TRY 84,500 TRY - 112,700 TRY
Turkish Aeronautical Association University 150,200 TRY
Istinye University 86,600 TRY - 222,600 TRY 45,600 TRY - 50,700 TRY
Cag University 28,000 TRY
Altinbas University 159,300 TRY 64,700 TRY
Istanbul Ticaret University 75,000 TRY - 93,700 TRY 56,200 TRY - 93,700 TRY
Istanbul Gedik University 56,200 TRY - 112,400 TRY 52,500 TRY - 65,600 TRY
Dogus University 53,900 TRY - 75,400 TRY 19,300 TRY - 31,200 TRY
Maltepe University 74,700 TRY - 93,300 TRY 85,900 TRY
Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University 4,000 TRY - 8,000 TRY 10,000 TRY
Izmir University Of Economics 149,300 TRY 70,000 TRY
TOBB University of Economics and Technology 223,800 TRY
Ozyegin University 225,100 TRY - 300,100 TRY 186,600 TRY - 349,800 TRY
Uskudar University 59,700 TRY - 72,800 TRY 27,100 TRY - 56,000 TRY
Isik University 134,500 TRY - 179,300 TRY 84,100 TRY - 107,800 TRY
Halic University 75,000 TRY 47,000 TRY - 56,000 TRY
Atilim University 183,000 TRY 121,400 TRY - 160,600 TRY
Istanbul Kultur University 79,300 TRY - 117,400 TRY 46,700 TRY - 112,000 TRY
Istanbul Zaim University 107,700 TRY 56,200 TRY - 74,900 TRY
Nisantasi University 50,600 TRY - 93,700 TRY 54,300 TRY - 234,100 TRY
Acibadem University 112,500 TRY - 281,300 TRY
Sabanci University 784,200 TRY 688,200 TRY
Istanbul Aydin University 74,700 TRY - 112,500 TRY 46,900 TRY - 79,700 TRY
Bahcesehir University 103,200 TRY - 147,400 TRY 223,900 TRY
Yeditepe University 158,500 TRY - 270,400 TRY 55,900 TRY - 93,200 TRY
Istanbul 29 Mayis University 6,000 TRY - 7,500 TRY
Istanbul Bilgi University 151,000 TRY - 181,200 TRY 60,000 TRY - 165,000 TRY
Bilkent University 274,000 TRY 270,300 TRY
Koc University 363,600 TRY 0 TRY - 456,800 TRY

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Besides tuition fees, you also need to consider other expenses like books, accommodation, and living expenses.

2. Requirements to Study in Turkey for International Students

Once you have an idea of how much tuition fees are to study in Turkey, it’s time to consider preparing the paperwork to apply to those universities. Academic institutions have varying admission requirements, but the ones you should always prepare in advance are your academic records, such as a transcript of records or diploma from a previous academic level, and travel documents, such as your passport and visa.

Some institutions that offer master’s programs might also ask for a statement of purpose, a curriculum vitae or résumé, and letters of recommendation. There are also degree programs where you need to take an admissions test before you can apply. Besides these, universities might also require you to submit proof of language proficiency.

In Turkey, English and Turkish are the languages of instruction. If you’re looking to study in any of the academic institutions here, you might need to prove language proficiency by taking standardized tests, such as TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo for English. Depending on the institution and the language of instruction for your program, you might also have to prove your language proficiency by submitting TYS for Turkish.

To give you an idea, here are some universities in Turkey and their required minimum scores for each program level.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet University

Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree

Ibn Haldun University

Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree

Istanbul Kent University

Bachelor’s degree

Master’s degree

Typically, you can find information about language requirements on the admissions requirements page of the university. You can also check out if the university has a dedicated language requirements page for international students.

Application Procedure to Study in Turkey

The specific admission process may vary depending on the university. The good news is that most institutions in Turkey have online applications available on their websites, like Cankaya University and Middle East Technical University. To help you with this, we also compiled the official websites and admission pages of some of the top institutions in Turkey.

Cankaya University

Middle East Technical University

Koc University

Make sure to gather all the information you need for the admission process. As you apply to these institutions, expect that they may ask for additional requirements depending on your nationality, degree, or program. So, it’s best to keep your lines active.

After completing your academic and language requirements, it’s time to apply!

The admission process in Turkey differs from one university to another, so it’s best to contact your chosen school beforehand. Please note that the admission process for international students may take some time, so be sure to know the application dates and apply early.

The application process may take weeks or months, depending on your timing, nationality, degree, and other factors. To make the most of your application, make sure to completely follow the admission steps and submit the necessary requirements to ensure that you’ll be accepted to your chosen university in Turkey.

The key to being admitted to your chosen school will depend on your punctuality and the quality of your application. So make sure to complete the requirements beforehand and follow the steps in applying. After this, you’ll wait for a week or a month for the results.

4. Visa Application for International Students in Turkey

Now that you’re accepted into your chosen institution, it’s time to apply for a student visa in Turkey. A student visa is an essential document for studying abroad. It’s an important government document that you need to present before going to Turkey as an international student.

In this section, let’s briefly discuss the requirements needed and how you can apply for a student visa in Turkey. If you’re going to stay here for your studies, you will need to obtain a Student Visa.

To start your student visa application in Turkey, you will need to present the following:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Biometric photos adhering the Turkish foreign ministry's visa photo requirements
  3. A letter of acceptance from the academic institution
  4. Copies of all your diplomas, academic transcripts, and certificates
  5. Proof of Financial means including a letter of sponsorship, bank statements, and letters of scholarship (when applicable)
  6. Proof of flight booking and travel insurance
  7. Proof of payment of tuition fees
  8. Proof of accommodation

Kindly take note that these requirements may vary depending on your nationality. So, please expect that may ask for additional requirements. Moreover, you will be required to pay a student visa application fee. The visa application fee in Turkey is 2,542.20 Turkish Lira for Multiple Entry, 758.90 Turkish Lira for Single Entry.

After preparing your requirements and application fees, it’s time to apply for a student visa! The first steps in getting your student visa are:

  1. Complete a visa form
  2. Collect a number of documents
  3. Attend your visa interview

For more information regarding the specific steps in applying for a student visa, visit or contact the nearest embassy or consulate in your home country. They are the ones responsible for processing your student visa application.

That’s it! After getting your student visa, you can now officially study in Turkey. Make sure to book a flight early, before your classes start, so that you’ll have ample time to explore and familiarize yourself in your new place!