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VetAgro Sup is a university that specializes in the areas of engineering, agriculture, public health, and veterinary medicine. It offers two bachelor’s degrees and multiple master’s degrees that are accredited in the European Union and focus on global health in order to address the issues of today’s world. It also has partnerships with other French universities to broaden its academic offer and conducts research at different centers and clinics.

VetAgro Sup Overview

  • Founded: 2010
  • Location: Lyon, France
  • Type: Public
  • Total Enrollment: 1,200 students
  • VetAgro Sup Website

VetAgro Sup Admissions

In this section, we will go over the admissions at VetAgro Sup. To apply to VetAgro Sup, it is essential that you follow the application procedure found in these pages:

English Language Requirements

Students studying at VetAgro Sup in English medium should meet one of these English language requirements:

  • Minimum IELTS Score for Masters: 5.5
  • Minimum TOEFL Score for Masters: 87
  • Minimum CEFR Score for Masters: B2

Language Requirements Pages

If you are interested, take a look at these language requirements pages for more information on language requirements at VetAgro Sup:

Master's Tuition Fees

The master's tuition fee at VetAgro Sup is from 1,243 EUR to 8,800 EUR per year for domestic students and from 1,243 EUR to 8,800 EUR per year for international students.

Tuition Fee Pages

Here are the official tuition fee pages where we got the information from. Check out these pages for more information on tuition fee of VetAgro Sup:


Here are the world rankings of VetAgro Sup from reputable ranking sources:

  • EduRank: #8170 in the World
  • UniRank: #3131 in the World

Master's Courses

Here are some of the Master's courses at VetAgro Sup that are being offered:

  • Biodiversity Ecology Evolution
  • Drug Sciences
  • Food Identity
  • Global Quality in European Livestock Production
  • Integrative Biodiversity and Physiology
  • Management of Collective Action in Veterinary Public Health
  • Territorial Management and Local Development

You can take a look at complete list of master's courses at VetAgro Sup in the Master's Courses Page