All 230 Colleges and Universities in France

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in France? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in France.

In our database, there are a total of 230 institutions in France including Adventist University of France, Agrocampus Ouest, and AgroParisTech . Out of those institutions, 146 are public and 84 are private. Some of the public institutions are Agrocampus Ouest, AgroParisTech, and Aix-Marseille University. Some examples of private universities in France are Adventist University of France, American University of Paris, and Audencia Business School.

In these universities and colleges in France, the total number of students is 2,159,179, and the total number of international students is 183,757.

1. Adventist University of France

The Adventist University of France is a private institution located in Collonges-sous-Salève, France. It has four schools: the Adventist Theology Faculty, Institute of French as a Foreign Language (IFLE), Human Sciences Institute, and Ensemble Scolaire Maurice-Tiéche. The university offers a higher degree program in Christian Counseling and French language courses.  

2. Agrocampus Ouest

Agrocampus Ouest is a higher education institution in France. There are campuses in Angers and Rennes. It was established in 2008 as a result of the merger of Agrocampus Rennes and the Institut National d'Horticulture et de Paysage. The institution primarily trains agricultural sciences engineers and research scientists at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. It is overseen by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

3. AgroParisTech

The Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences, or simply AgroParisTech is one of the public universities in France. Founded in 2007, the university offers degree programs in Agronomy, Life Sciences, and Engineering. It is home to around 2,300 students, with 16% international enrollment.

4. Aix-Marseille University

The Aix-Marseille University is one of the oldest universities in France. It offers excellent programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and has produced several notable graduates in the fields of law, science, and arts. The university offers programs in both English and French language, making it a top choice for many international students.

5. American University of Paris

One of the oldest American educational institutions in Europe and Paris, the American University of Paris has established its reputation as one of the leading providers of American-style education. They take pride in offering globally recognized programs such as arts, computer science, law, and more. They aim to produce highly qualified graduates in the field as they foster a student-centered experience for everyone.

6. Artois University

Artois University, or Université d'Artois in French, has several campuses situated in Northern France. The university offers multidisciplinary programs in literature, foreign languages, human sciences, and social sciences, to name a few. Although still considered a young university, it has transformed the lives of countless students. The institute has significantly contributed to society by generating eligible professionals and experts in various industry sectors.

7. Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology

Arts et Métiers Institute of Technology is an internationally renowned institution that specializes in engineering and technology and is committed to training excellent professionals that will make important breakthroughs in the future. It has 8 campuses throughout France, 15 research laboratories, and 2 institutes that conduct studies related to the environment and virtual reality. This university focuses on giving students enough work experience in order to prepare them for the challenges of their careers. That's why all programs have two mandatory internships, and different work fairs are regularly held with business partners. It also has an incubator where professionals support and help develop the student's entrepreneurial projects.

8. Audencia Business School

Audencia Business School is a high-quality institution that provides courses useful in the business field. It is equipped with well-adept instructors and lecturers with a deep industry background. The school continues to attract international students with its academic exchange programs and foreign collaborations in numerous research conferences. Audencia Business School is among the only 0.5% of business schools accredited by the top three global accreditations (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB).

9. Avignon University

Avignon University is rich in culture and heritage. Over the years, it has been successful in its mission of being one of the most active research institutions in the country. The university is equipped with essential tools and resources in order to support the students' journey and provide them with the guidance they deserve.

10. Bachelor EGC

École de Gestion et de Commerce d'Occitanie, also known as Bachelor EGC, is a business school in Rodez, France. The school offers programs in a variety of management-related fields. EGC has four campuses with a solid reputation among French companies. They also have a large number of partners and internship opportunities.

11. Bordeaux INP

Bordeaux INP, also known as Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux, specializes in technology and engineering courses. These courses, intended for graduate students and aspiring engineering specialists, are highly specialized for specific fields, like telecommunications, electronics, and more. The institution also has strong ties with other universities. It is part of elite networks, such as Groupe INP, an alliance of French engineering graduate schools. Courses are also offered with partner schools.

12. Bordeaux Montaigne University

Known as one of the largest universities in Europe, the Bordeaux Montaigne University has a 235-hectare campus that holds several facilities for teaching, research, and student accommodations, as well as large green open spaces for sports, concerts, exhibits, and other events. The university offers over 100 academic programs in different fields of literature, arts, and humanities. Thanks to its vast international network, students and teachers at the university are provided with the opportunity to spend time abroad to study, train, and acquire new skills and international experience.

13. Bordeaux Sciences Agro

Bordeaux Sciences Agro is a French engineering college in Bordeaux, France. It was the first national agricultural engineering school, founded in 1963, and welcomes over 600 students every year. The school focuses on viticulture and forestry. The most prestigious programs it offers are in the discipline of Vineyard and Winery Management.

14. Brest Business School

Brest Business School is a world-class research and teaching institution. It is known for its vibrant academic engagement and excellence center. BBS is a school of management that helps the economic growth of its region and territories by qualifying multicultural leaders with a solid entrepreneurial spirit to face the planet's complex global challenges and create economic and social value.

15. Brest National School of Engineering

Brest National Engineering School is a French grande école located in Plouzané, France. The school provides programs that lead to Master's degrees and the French "Diplôme d'Ingénieur," which is equivalent to an international engineering degree. This school is part of the ENI group and offers engineering training in electronics, computer engineering, and mechatronics.

16. Burgundy School of Business

Burgundy School of Business is a specialized, private institution based in Dijon, France. It is known as École supérieure de commerce de Dijon-Bourgogne in French and focuses on business, management, and other related programs. Some of its unique and highly-specialized courses are centered on the wine business, AI, and green technology. As a prominent business school, BSB ranks well, placing 101st in the World University Rankings for Masters in Management. It welcomes international students, which comprise a significant portion of its population.

17. Catholic University of Lille

The Catholic University of Lille is complete with the necessary tools and resources in order to equip an individual with the skillset and wisdom that he would need in the real world. As a Catholic university, it aims to integrate Catholic teachings into its curriculum by training students to become empathetic and compassionate with one another. The university hopes to create a learning environment composed of intelligent individuals with good hearts.

18. Catholic University of Paris

The Catholic University of Paris is a liberal arts institution that strives for educating professionals that will have an open and global approach in their respective areas. Since this is a Catholic university, it's known for its multiple religion-related programs but also offers degrees in the areas of humanities and social sciences across 6 faculties. It's also famous for its research projects, especially the ones developed in the unique Religion, Culture, and Society research center.

19. Catholic University of the West

The Catholic University of the West was established in 1875 and is known as one of the western region's oldest universities. In addition to high-quality education and research, the university is also committed to providing personalized support to help each student realize their potential and fulfill their academic and career goals. It also provides collaborative workspaces where students and faculty can work together on different projects and experiments to promote engagement, creativity, and exchange of knowledge.

20. Catholic University of Toulouse

The Catholic University of Toulouse was founded in 1877. The university has a strong heritage, which is why it is categorized as a historical monument and is known for its humanities, social sciences, and law courses. It aims to provide high-quality education, allowing students to indulge in the university's laboratories, auditoriums, and museums, among others.

21. Central School of Lyon

The Central School of Lyon is a public institution in Lyon, France committed to provide strong theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge in different areas of science and engineering. Several internships, laboratory work, research work, industry projects, as well as courses in social sciences are integrated into the university's programs to make students well-rounded and adaptable individuals when they enter the professional world. The university also has numerous collaborative partnerships with several businesses and universities from around the world. 

22. Centrale Lille

Centrale Lille, also known as École Centrale de Lille, is intended for graduate-level engineering students. It is a member of an engineering graduate school alliance called Centrale Graduate Schools. Among the best worldwide, the school placed 351st in the QS World Ranking for Mechanical Engineering. It was also ranked 52nd among French universities in the US News rankings. Various degrees can be earned at Centrale Lille, such as master's, specialized master's, and Ph.D.

23. Centrale Marseille

The École Centrale de Marseille is a public graduate school specializing in engineering. It was formed in 2006 as a result of the merger of several engineering schools. Centrale Marseille is a member of the Centrale Graduate Schools, a Grande Écoles alliance, as well as the Top Industrial Managers for Europe Network (TIME).

24. CentraleSupélec, Paris-Saclay University

CentraleSupélec came into life after the merger of two former scientific institutions with the help of Paris-Saclay University. It aims at creating innovative engineering programs and educating brilliant professionals that can address the needs of today's technological world. CentraleSupélec is known for its internationalization since not only has a large percentage of international students but also collaborates with a large number of universities abroad, and its faculty is made up of specialists from all over the world. Research is also significant for this university, which is why it has four international laboratories, a research institute, and 18 national laboratories on its three campuses.

25. Cergy-Pontoise University

Cergy-Pontoise University is committed to keeping up with societal transitions through an innovative learning approach and research-focused curriculum. The university aims to solve the world's complexity through academic excellence and the training of highly intellectual learners. It seeks to maintain its firm internationalization to continue collaborating with numerous educational institutions.

26. CESI Graduate School of Engineering

CESI Graduate School of Engineering is considered one of the best schools in the country that specializes in engineering courses. The institution is equipped with the necessary tools and resources to help students possess the skills needed for the current industry state. More than its strong foreign relations, the school ensures that they only teach relevant information in order to make students up-to-date with the recent changes in the industry.

27. Chimie ParisTech

The École nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris, also known as Chimie ParisTech, is an engineering school located in Paris, France. It was established in 1896 by chemist Charles Friedel and is now one of France's most prestigious and selective chemical engineering colleges. The institution offers an engineering cycle program as well as Master of Science and Technology degrees.

28. Claude Bernard University Lyon 1

Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 is an expert when it comes to courses related to physics, chemistry, and mathematics, among others. The university is known for its exceptional research activities, which is why it has gained a lot of active international applicants in its exchange program. It is committed to supporting and creating a learning environment where respect flourishes and students can freely advocate for their passion for education.

29. Côte d’Azur University

In 2020, the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and the community of establishments that make up Côte d'Azur University merged together and became a single university. The Côte d'Azur University is called an experimental university because of its innovative approach to education and research. The university is also internationally recognized as one of the top 10 research universities in France.

30. CPE Lyon

CPE Lyon is a private, state-approved academy of engineering. It has numerous links with other educational institutions, allowing students to collaborate with other like-minded individuals. CPE Lyon is an organization associated with the University of Lyon, a world-class academic site of excellence. It is a French school that specializes in Chemistry, Engineering, Digital sciences, and Intelligent Systems courses.

31. CY Tech

CY Tech is a technical university founded in 1983 and located in Cergy, France. The school offers one Bachelors's and multiple Masters programs. These programs cover various fields of study like Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering, and Data Science. Around 4000 students study these programs, and more than 300 faculty members teach them. The student body is also scattered among 3 campuses in Cergy-Pontoise, Pau, and Saint-Germain-en-Laye. More than its extensive reach, it is partnered with 85 universities, which proves it is an excellent university.

32. EBI – The School of Industrial Biology

École de Biologie Industrielle, or EBI - The School of Industrial Biology, is a school founded in 1992 and located in Clergy, France. It is a school that offers engineering post-baccalaureate, bachelor's degrees, and specialized master’s programs. Over 3000 hours are spent by 40 permanent teachers and 150 academic speakers tending to their students. Students are also taught about different industries of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and the environment in France. In these industries, EBI alumni uphold the school's core values, such as commitment, trust, and responsibility.

33. ECAM Lyon

The École Catholique des Arts et Métiers (ECAM Lyon) is an engineering school located in Lyon, France. It began as a non-profit school in Reims in 1900 but was relocated to Lyon in 1946. The institute provides five engineering programs as well as a specialized Master's degree program. ECAM's goal as a member of the international network of Lasalliennes universities is to foster students' intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual development.

34. ECAM Rennes

ECAM Rennes was founded in 1991 located in Rennes, France. As of now, General Engineering and Industrial Engineering Masters programs are offered by the school. Masters students of ECAM Rennes also follow the motto "science in the service of mankind." With this belief, welcoming and exceptional student clubs and activities fill its 170-hectare campus. Housing is also another service students can enjoy in ECAM Rennes.

35. ECAM Strasbourg-Europe

ECAM Strasbourg-Europe was founded in 2009 as part of the ICAM group. It is a school that offers business and engineering post-baccalaureate and specialized master's programs. Trainee students embrace the motto "Heart, Mind, and Future" that embodies the ECAM Strasbourg-Europe student life. Over 20 sporting activities and eight student organizations let the youth express themselves creatively.


ECAM-EPMI is a graduate school for engineering students and was founded in 1992. Over 80 student residences are present in the nearby university town Cergy-Pontoise. Aside from available housing, student services like campus cafeterias, restaurants, and recreational spaces are also available. It is also a member of a French national institution called Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).

37. ECE Paris

École centrale d'électronique (ECE) is an engineering school and a part of OMNES education, an institution with several schools worldwide. It has three campuses across France located in the cities of Paris, Lyon, and Bordeaux. Bachelor's, engineering, master's, and exchange programs are offered through these locations. ECE specializes in IT studies, including IT systems, finance, and networks. Thus, most of the school's programs center on this discipline.

38. École Centrale de Nantes

Also known as Centrale Nantes, the École Centrale de Nantes specializes in scientific and engineering education. It strives to train professionals who will apply their knowledge and abilities to better society and solve environmental issues. Its programs focus on providing international experience and fostering innovation. The former is done through cooperation programs with other countries and mandatory international internships; the latter is encouraged in their research centers and in the Business Incubator, which is a space where student startup projects are supported, developed, and improved.

39. École d’Ingénieurs de Purpan

École d'ingénieurs de Purpan is a private graduate engineering school in Toulouse, France. It was founded in 1919 by Jesuit farmers and is part of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse Schools. Purpan offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. Academic activities and research are conducted primarily in French and English.

40. École de Commerce de Valence

École de Commerce de Valence is a business school in Valence, France. It was founded in 1994. This private school offers several programs in business and management, each one helping students learn technical skills for successful professional integration.

41. École de Management Léonard de Vinci

École de Management Léonard de Vinci, or EMLV, is a business school founded in 1995 and offers post-baccalaureate and master's programs. An array of business-related programs are available such as Master in Supply Chain Management, International Business, and Business Analytics to name a few. Masters programs offered are top-notch with national organizations highly ranking EMLV among French. Other universities in France also recognize the school, engaging partnerships with EMLV to enhance their service.

42. Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Ecole des Ponts ParisTech is an active research institution internationally known for its excellence in offering science, engineering, and technology programs. The school prepares students for their dream careers by giving them the opportunity to use advanced equipment and explore the world through academic exchanges. It seeks to produce excellent graduates with a passion for the scientific discipline.

43. École nationale d’ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne

Top-quality education and hands-on training are some of the academic aspects École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE) has to offer. The institution offers specialized courses in civil, mechanical, and physical engineering. Over the years, ENISE has only intended to provide the finest higher education to its students. And determined to become the leading engineering institution in France, it has partnered with Centrale Lyon, one of the renowned institutions in the country. In 2021, it was officially announced that ENISE had become an affiliate school of Centrale Lyon. The amalgamation of these two schools will expand to more diverse programs and unique learning approaches.

44. École nationale de la météorologie

École Nationale de la Météorologie is an Engineering and Sciences school founded in 1948 and located in Toulouse, France. It offers baccalaureate, post-baccalaureate, and specialized-masters programs. Membership with regional organizations such as Toulouse Institute of Technology, Ministry of Ecological Transition, and Conference of Grandes Écoles prove its reputable education. In addition, it is also a member of the World Meteorological Organization. Therefore, excellent engineers and technicians graduate from the 400 students that annually enroll in the school.

45. École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille

The École nationale supérieure de chimie de Lille (ENSCL) is a French public university located in Lille. The university offers engineering and research programs in Sustainable Chemistry, Formulation Chemistry, Materials Science, and Metallurgy. Master’s and Doctoral degrees are available at ENSCL through a joint program with the Science and Technology department of the University of Lille.

46. Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier

The École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier (ENSCM) is a Grandes Ecoles in Montpellier, France. It began as the Chemistry Institute in 1889. The ENSCM offers advanced training to engineers and chemistry researchers. Students can pursue the Diplôme d'ingénieur de l'ENSCM and International Master's degrees, which are designed for international applicants.

47. École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes

The École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes (ENSCR) is a French public university located in Rennes. It was established in 1919. The school is a national engineering school that provides work-study programs and Master's degree programs in a variety of engineering fields. Internships and study abroad programs are available for students interested in unique opportunities to learn about other cultures.

48. École Nationale Supérieure de l’Electronique et de ses Applications

Located near the City of Love, École Nationale Supérieure de l'Electronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA) is indeed the best place to go for aspiring engineers and computer scientists. The institution provides graduate programs in the said fields and is complete with research facilities and centers to support the students' learning. ENSEA has international links with various educational institutions worldwide, allowing students to study abroad and explore wider horizons.

49. École Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l’alimentation de Nantes-Atlantique

École Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l'alimentation de Nantes-Atlantique is simply known as Oniris or Oniris Nantes. Its French name may translate to Nantes-Atlantic National College of Veterinary Medicine, Food Science, and Engineering. However, some sites may refer to it as the National School of Engineering in Agricultural and Food Industries. The programs at Oniris focus on two disciplines: engineering and veterinary medicine (among the few to train future vet surgeons in France). It offers select English-taught courses for master's degree students.

50. École Normale Supérieure

École Normale Supérieure in Paris is at the forefront of providing breakthrough innovations that will help the community to prosper in the coming years. The institution has strong relations with numerous enterprises and industry leaders, allowing it to invest significantly in research and development. It seeks to train intelligent students with a passion for science and technology.

51. École Polytechnique

École Polytechnique is among the five prestigious academic institutions in Paris, France that constitute the Polytechnic Institute of Paris. École Polytechnique is well-known for its modern facilities, competitive research, and world-class education in different fields of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. The university also provides courses that enhance students' core skills to make them well-rounded individuals that are sought after by employers around the world.

52. École Supérieure du Bois

École Supérieure du Bois is a private educational and research institution in Nantes, France, with a strong commitment to sustainability. It offers training programs on the design and production of different goods using wood and other bio-sourced materials. Students at the university also participate in several mobility programs to gain an international perspective and acquire new technical and social skills.

53. EDC Paris Business School

EDC Paris Business School is a well-known business and management school that started in 1950. Acknowledged by students for more than 20 years, it delivers training to more than 100,000 students of all nationalities on three continents. It is one of the oldest private institutions in the country.

54. EDHEC Business School

EDHEC Business School is a private institution for business higher education that is among the 1% that has received triple accreditation from 3 of the world'a most prominent accrediting bodies: the AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. While its main campus is located in Lille, the university has two other campuses in France, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Singapore. It is the mission of EDHEC Business School to reinvent the global business landscape by fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, engagement, and authenticity.

55. EFREI Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies

The EFREI Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies is a private institution in France founded in 1936. It has around 3,200 students across its undergraduate and master's degree programs. The institution offers courses in Engineering, along with Computer Science and Digital Technology.

56. EHESP School of Public Health

EHESP School of Public Health is the first school in Europe to receive accreditation from an elite international body called the Agency for Health Education Accreditation, making it an international leader for education, research, and training in public healthcare. Programs at the university are geared towards imparting not only knowledge and skills to future healthcare professionals but also ethical and moral values that would promote the general interest of society. Students also get to take part in conducting innovative research at the school's state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories. 


  • City: La Rochelle
  • Total Enrollment: 1500
  • EIGSI Page

École d'Ingénieurs Généralistes La Rochelle, or EIGSI, is an Engineering school founded in 1901 and located in La Rochelle, France. The school offers a General Engineering program, Global Engineering Program, and Masters in Engineering Business Management program. Studying in EIGSI can last from one semester to 5 academic years, depending on the chosen program. Around 1,500 students participate in these programs on 2 campuses.

58. EM Normandie

The École de Management de Normandie (EM Normandie) is a business school in Caen, France. There are also campuses in Dublin, Le Havre, Oxford, and Paris. It was founded in 1971 and is one of the country's oldest business schools. The school offers business degrees at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate levels.

59. EMLYON Business School

EMLYON Business School is a top-notch institution when it comes to the business and economics field. It seeks to prepare students for their future careers by exposing them to actual industry work. It also partners with numerous universities and companies in order to heighten its external relations and level up the research activity of students.

60. Engineering School of the City of Paris

Founded in 1959 to enlighten the junior civil servants for the City of Paris, EIVP nowadays also illuminates young professionals in the private sector. They must deal with the educational disciplines linked to cities: building, urbanism, transportation, and surroundings. EIVP students are picked through an exacting, highly competitive process and are exceptionally well-trained students who join the school every year.

61. ENS Lyon

ENS Lyon is a small public university in the city of Lyon, France, which ranks among the top academic institutions in the country. The university believes in the importance of research in providing high-quality education. ENS Lyon also has a vast international network of universities, companies, and research institutions to encourage student and faculty mobility and participate in collaborative research projects. 

62. ENS Paris-Saclay

ENS Paris-Saclay is an institution with a great focus on science and research. It aims to uphold its mission of offering exceptional education that will develop both the minds and skills of the students. The range of programs ENS Paris-Saclay provides showcases its utmost scientific field expertise, along with its numerous research centers and facilities.

63. ENS Rennes

ENS Rennes is the best training ground for students with a passion for the scientific field. The institution is complete with the necessary tools and equipment to enhance the students' curiosity and innovative skills. It is also known for its strong internationalization, allowing students to participate in exchange programs and explore the world with academic excellence.

64. ENSAE ParisTech

ENSAE ParisTech is a Grande école university in Palaiseau, France, specializing in statistics, data science, and machine learning. It was founded in 1942 and is one of the country's top economics and statistics schools. Every year, ENSAE Paris awards approximately 170 engineering degrees. It also offers extensive Master's degree programs.

65. ENSTA Bretagne

ENSTA Bretagne is a graduate and postgraduate school that offers courses that rely on the science and technology field. The school offers state-of-the-art laboratories and training centers that assist the students' undertaking and learning process. It seeks to maintain a learning environment where everyone gets the opportunity to achieve their dreams with proper supervision from the faculty and with good quality education.

66. ENSTA Paris

ENSTA Paris is one of the best schools when it comes to engineering courses. Every year, the school produces more than 100 engineering graduates with skills and knowledge that are useful to the industry. The institution aims not just to fuel the students with theory but also to incorporate practical learning into their curriculum in order to boost their competency and work ethics.

67. EPF School of Engineering

Launched in 1925, the EPF, previously the École Polytechnique Féminine, was one of the first Grandes Écoles in France to train women as engineers. Since then, the school has reinvented itself to equip more than 12,000 innovative, daring, and committed graduates in all industry and services sectors. EPF also plays a pioneering role in promoting diversity, and equal opportunity in higher education, focused on academic excellence, professional training, and innovative teaching methods.

68. EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science

EPITA School of Engineering and Computer Science is an educational institution that concentrates on giving high-quality education and training in the fields of engineering and computer science. It is complete with the essential equipment and resources to produce graduates who know how the current industry works. It aims to maintain a competitive and productive learning environment where students prosper and achieve their academic goals.

69. ESAIP École d’Ingénieurs

ESAIP is a Lasallian institution of higher education in Angers, France. It was created in 1987. The school trains engineers in two specialties: digital technology and risk management in the environment. The goal of ESAIP is to train students to be engineers and managers to be capable of innovation, initiative, and responsibility.

70. ESC Amiens School of Management

École Supérieure de Commerce d'Amiens, or simply ESC Amiens, is a business school in France founded in 1942. The school offers Bachelor's, Grande Ecole, and Master's level programs in the field of business. These programs are world-class level, as proven by international partnerships. Additionally, International and local students also enjoy the 4,000-meter square campus. Various services like student quarters, student organizations, libraries, and restaurants fill up this campus.

71. ESCE International Business School

The Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur, also known as ESCE International Business School, is a business school in Paris, France. It is a member of the Grandes Ecoles Conference. ESCE's curriculum differs from that of other business schools in that it emphasizes the market economy as well as environmental and social responsibility. Students are also taught using cutting-edge technology and hands-on learning.

72. ESCP Business School

ESCP Business School is a trusted educational institution when it comes to courses related to finance, economics, and business. It has wide internationalization, which is why it has several campuses all over Europe. The school closely connects with various industry leaders and enterprises in order to offer more career opportunities for its graduates.

73. ESEO

  • City: Angers
  • Total Enrollment: 1500
  • ESEO Page

École supérieure d'électronique de l'Ouest, or ESEO, is a private engineering school founded in 1956, and located in Angers, France. The school has 3 campuses in Angers, Paris-Vélizy, and Dijon. 15 majors in computer and electronics and a Bachelor's program in Digital and IoT Solutions are offered. The Bachelor's program can be continued to a Master's program if the students take the International Preparation Cycle with the Engineering Cycle. Each year of study, internships can also be taken to expand the skills with practical knowledge.

74. ESIEE Paris

Founded in 1904, ESIEE Paris is regarded as one of the best engineering institutions in France. It is known for training some of the best innovators and experts who have made significant contributions to the engineering and information technology industries. And because ESIEE provides superior quality of education and high standards of teaching, it has been nationally recognized for its academic excellence. In addition, it has attracted numerous students and professionals across the globe to pursue their higher education at the university.


  • City: Saint Etienne du Rouvray
  • Total Enrollment: 1700

École d'ingénieurs généraliste, or ESIGELEC, is an Engineering school found in 1901 and located in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, France. The school offers a variety of Master's programs, such as integrated programs, pathway programs, and dual degree programs. Aside from local students being given opportunities to go abroad, international students can apply to ESIGELEC through the Erasmus+ program or through a direct admission process.

76. ESITC Caen

École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs des Travaux de la Construction de Caen, or ESITC Caen, is an engineering school integrated with the University of Caen Normandy in 2014. It was established in 1993 and currently offers specialized Master's and Bachelor's degree programs. Bachelor's and Master's students can live in student residences accompanied by recreational services in and out of the campus. These services include leisure spots, sports facilities, student carnivals, and art exhibits.

77. ESITC Metz

École Supérieure d'Ingénieurs des Travaux de la Construction de Metz, or ESITC Metz, is a private engineering school founded in 1992 and located in Metz, France. The school offers an engineering program requiring 5 years of study and a 12-month long internship. Students here learn about construction, public works, and other important areas in civil engineering.

78. ESITC Paris

ESITC Paris is a private institution specializing in the field of engineering. It is located in Paris and has been providing quality training for over 30 years. The school has undergone name changes from ESTP Cachan to ESITC Cachan, and finally ESITC Paris in 2017. It offers a post-baccalaureate level education in Engineering that can be completed in 3 to 5 years and alternate training options in partnership with EPF Paris.

79. ESME Sudria

The Ecole Spéciale de Mécanique et d'Electricité, also known as ESME Sudria, is a private Grande école in Paris, France. Other campuses are also available in Lille, Bordeaux, and Lyon. It was founded in 1905 by Joachim Sudria. The university offers graduate and postgraduate degrees in fields related to science and engineering.

80. ESPCI Paris – PSL

ESPCI Paris – PSL is an elite institution that has been in the education industry since 1882. This research center is part of the PSL University (Paris Sciences et Lettres University), and together both institutions provide exemplary academic programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. The institute is an active contributor to the PSL’s curriculum, particularly in the fields of physics and chemistry. Moreover, ESPCI Paris is internationally recognized for its significant contributions to the innovation industry. It leads in scientific excellence that has attracted many renowned scientists and innovators.

81. ESSCA School of Management

The ESSCA School of Management strives for guiding the world's future businesspeople and executives that will have a responsible and multidimensional approach while working and innovating. This school offers bachelor's and master's degrees by using an international course of action in its 5 French locations and 2 international campuses in Shanghai and Budapest. It also has multiple institutes and research centers, of which the EU-Asia Institute and the Digital Marketing Institute stand out.

82. ESSEC Business School

The École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales, or commonly referred to as ESSEC Business School, is a private university in France. It was founded in 1907 and has since built campuses in Morrocco and Singapore. More than half of the student population at the university are international students.

83. ESTA School of Business and Technology

ESTA School of Business and Technology, also called ESTA Belfort, was founded in 1986 and is located in Belfort, Northeastern France. It offers post-baccalaureate Sales Engineering education with specializations in Industry 4.0, Chemical-Biotechnology, and Digital Transformation. Aside from post-baccalaureate education, Grande École and VAE courses are also provided. The school is part of the Academic Association of Sales Engineering, a leading association in the field of Sales Engineering.

84. ESTACA Engineering School

The ESTACA Engineering School provides education in the field of engineering, primarily in transportation-related fields like aeronautics, automotive engineering, and spatial engineering. ESTACA stands for its French name: École supérieure des techniques aéronautiques et de construction automobile. Most of ESTACA's courses are taught in French, but few options are available in English.

85. ESTIA Institute of Technology

ESTIA Institute of Technology is a public engineering school in Bidart, France. It was founded in 1985 but did not achieve Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur status until 1995. The school provides engineering courses in areas such as digital design, electronics, automation, embedded systems, and industrial management. ESTIA has double-degree partnerships with several universities around the world, including the University of Wolverhampton and Cranfield University in the United Kingdom.

86. ESTP Paris

École Spéciale des Travaux Publics, known as ESTP Paris, is an engineering school specializing in construction, project, management, civil engineering, and its related fields. It is one of the top producers of talented civil engineers in France. ESTP offers post-baccalaureate, master's, exchange, and doctorate programs. It also has professional degrees. These courses are made available through its four campuses: Paris, Cachan, Dijon, and Troyes.


EURECOM is an institution specializing in engineering that has an international approach. It offers engineering and master's degrees fully taught in English by French and international specialists. Besides classes, students can partake in research projects, which are done in three main areas of digital sciences. The university also prioritizes hands-on learning, which is why some programs have one or two mandatory internships, along with a mandatory study abroad semester.

88. French National Library and Information Science School

The National Superior School of Information Science and Libraries is a public institution that offers degrees and lifelong training programs to future librarians and library curators. It is a member of the University of Lyon and is well-known for its publications and websites that contain relevant research on different areas of information science and library studies. The university is also actively involved in various local and international collaborations in conducting research and teaching projects.

89. French National School of Civil Aviation

With 9 campuses throughout France, the French National School of Civil Aviation is an engineering institution that focuses on the field of aeronautics. Besides its graduate and postgraduate programs, it also offers training to future pilots, technicians, air controllers, and other aviation-related professions. Its education focuses on innovating and mixing a wide variety of methods, such as traditional classes, problem-solving activities, practicums, simulations, and research. This school is known for its modern facilities that include different simulators and a large aircraft fleet.

90. Graduate School of Agricultural Studies of Angers

Graduate School of Agricultural Studies of Angers is private higher education focusing on science and technology courses. The institution offers bachelor's and master's degrees that are equipped with rigorous academic coursework and put emphasis on the practical learning of the students. It aims to connect with more foreign industry leaders in order to widen the career opportunities of its graduates.

91. Graduate School of Civil, Environmental and Urban Engineering

Graduate School of Civil, Environmental and Urban Engineering provides courses for students that want to excel in the scientific field. The institution is known for its highly-technical programs that enhance students' critical thinking and practical skills. The school actively connects with numerous foreign industry leaders, allowing its students to collaborate and share their knowledge worldwide.

92. Graduate School of Foundry and Forge

Graduate School of Foundry and Forge offers high-quality training, thanks to its faculty and staff that work hand-in-hand to deliver one of the best education systems in the country. The school maintains a student-friendly learning environment where everyone gets the same opportunity to prosper and secure their dream jobs after graduating. The institution connects with various manufacturers, allowing students to gain the experience they will need in the actual field.

93. Graduate School of Information Technology, Electronics, Automation

The École supérieure d'informatique, électronique, automatique (ESIEA), or Graduate School of Information Technology, Electronics, and Automation, is a private engineering school in Paris, France. It was established in 1958 by engineer Maurice Lafargue. The school provides a five-year engineering program with a focus on computing and electronics, as well as five majors in Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Virtual Reality, and Data Science.

94. Graduate School of International Agro-Development

Graduate School of International Agro-development offers unique and multidisciplinary education that allows students to strengthen their skills and get what it takes to become an expert someday. The school is known for producing graduates with solid training and preparation for complex situations. With the agricultural industry being one of the backbones of every country, the school’s programs are truly essential in achieving economic growth and development.

95. Graduate School of Management, Chambéry

Since society and the economy are changing and consumption, work, and communication habits are undergoing unprecedented changes, Graduate School of Management, Chambéry is convinced that its voluntarism and its exemplarity will contribute to the students' careers as future business leaders. It assists students in making decisions by thinking about their economic, social, and environmental impacts. The institution seeks to ensure that the curriculum used to prepare future managers is aligned with a corporate social responsibility vision.

96. Graduate School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry

Founded in 1957, the Graduate School of Organic and Mineral Chemistry is a state-recognized institution primarily for chemical engineering students. It offers numerous training courses that will be useful in the student's progression. Since its creation, the institution has consistently sought to develop its students' qualities and societal values ​in order for them to possess team spirit, a sense of responsibility, and initiative to take on life's challenges.

97. Grenoble Alpes University

Founded more than six centuries ago, Grenoble Alpes University has been traditionally known for its programs in the scientific field, but programs in humanities have recently been positioned among the best ones in France. The university has multiple campuses all over Grenoble, with a unique architecture that mixes modern and historical buildings, along with state-of-the-art academic facilities that include a tramway, a university hospital, and an observatory. One of the main objectives of the university is to address social needs through breakthroughs made in its research institutes and laboratories, as well as training professionals that are ready to solve the future problems of our world.

98. Grenoble Institute of Technology

Grenoble Institute of Technology is a reliable institution if you want to pursue a career in engineering and development. The school has numerous engineering programs that are all open to both French and international students. It aims to maintain students' productivity and research activity by investing in advanced equipment and resources.

99. Grenoble School of Management

The Grenoble School of Management is a private institution that is recognized as one of the leading business schools in Europe. Also known as a Business Lab for Society, the institution aims to impart its expertise in business, technology, and innovation to help organizations grow and to develop solutions to society's most pressing issues. Having been accredited by the 3 most influential accrediting bodies, The Grenoble School of Management has also earned the rare Triple Crown status, which only 1% of the world's business schools have achieved.

100. HEC Paris

HEC Paris is a grand educational institution providing postgraduate courses in business and economics. The institution offers up-to-date resources and intensely trains students by allowing them to experience industry work. HEC Paris connects with foreign and domestic industry leaders in order to widen its academic curriculum and give students the competitive edge they would need after graduating.

101. HEI Lille

HEI Lille is an educational institution that provides adequate training to aspiring engineers. The school is equipped with the necessary resources, tools, and facilities to help students keep up with the merging trends in the industry. More than that, HEI Lille also connects with various international corporations in order to widen the career opportunities for its graduates.

102. Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space

The Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space is a pioneer university in its field. It was the first to offer highly specialized engineering programs in the world. It focuses on providing high-quality education that combines hands-on learning, research, and innovation. Besides its graduate and postgraduate degree programs, it has 6 research departments that develop studies in areas like aerospace vehicle design, aerodynamics and propulsion, and signal processing.

103. Higher Institute of Materials and Advanced Mechanics of Le Mans

With over 30 years of experience, The Higher Institute of Materials and Advanced Mechanics of Le Mans's mission is to train students in the fields of engineering. Its graduates are known for being prepared to comprehend current issues and participate in future industry growth in France and internationally. Its students benefit from state-of-the-art technological and scientific education, allowing them to blend into the professional world while establishing a solid humanist dimension in the practice of their future professions.

104. ICD Business School

ICD Business School is a business school based in Paris, France. It has a second campus in Toulouse. It was established in 1980. The school provides a variety of degree programs ranging from Bachelor's to Master's levels. ICD specializes in sales, marketing, business development, and events management. They also have over 79 international partner universities for exchange students.

105. ICN Business School

ICN Business School is a triple-accredited Grande Ecole management school in Nancy, France. There are also campuses in Paris, Nuremberg, and Berlin. It was established in 1895 as the Institut Commercial de Nancy. ICN offers business degrees at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate levels. The Financial Times has ranked ICN Business School 12th in France and 54th out of 100 schools worldwide in its ranking of the best Masters in Management.

106. IÉSEG School of Management

IÉSEG School of Management is a private business school in Lille, France that holds the rare Triple Crown accreditation status from the three most influential accrediting bodies in the world. The school aims to inspire future leaders of organizations to become competent and ethical managers who will make a positive impact to industries and society. It also establishes meaningful connections with international lecturers and researchers for students to gain international industry insights.

107. IFP School

The École Nationale Supérieure du Pétrole et des Moteurs (IFP School) is a graduate engineering school located in Rueil-Malmaison, France. It was formed by the merger of several institutions into IFP. The university provides graduate training programs in a variety of fields related to oil, gas, new energy technologies, and engines. Through collaborations with local universities and industrial sponsors, other degree programs are also available in Algeria, Nigeria, Malaysia, Russia, and Venezuela.

108. IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique is an excellent technological university that aims to combine digital technology, energy, and the environment in order to transform society. The educational institution is considered young and new compared to other leading universities in the country. However, it has exceeded the expectations of many and continues to flourish, especially with its highly active students and hands-on faculty.

109. IMT Mines Albi

IMT Mines Albi is an engineering school that offers one of the most innovative curricula in the country. The institution trains students to become experts in their respective fields someday by exposing them to actual work as early as possible. The school seeks to maintain its legacy of producing competent engineering graduates that have the skills and knowledge.

110. IMT Mines Alès

IMT Mines Alès may also be known as the Ales School of Engineering. Initially, it was a mining school, but it has since transformed into a specialized institution dedicated to engineering and technology. IMT offers engineering and master's programs, with the French ministry for economics and finance supervising this engineering school. The Times Higher Education places IMT 401st for Impact Rankings, which are based on the UN's goals.

111. IMT Nord Europe

IMT Nord Europe is a graduate school for engineering students. It offers a range of courses related to the field that will truly enhance the students' critical thinking and innovation skills. The institution continuously interacts with various industries to expose students to the actual field as early as possible and allow them to meet potential employers.

112. INSA Rennes

INSA Rennes is a graduate engineering school in Rennes, France. It is a member of the INSA group, France's largest network of engineering schools. The school, which has over 2000 students, is regarded as a prestigious "Grande École," or graduate school. With six laboratories and numerous industrial partners, INSA Rennes provides world-class scientific training and research.

113. INSA Strasbourg

INSA Strasbourg is a public, cultural and proficient establishment. The school, whose sources go back to 1875, joined the INSA Group in 2003 and has continued to do wonders in the academe ever since. The mission oF INSA Strasbourg is to train aspiring engineers and architects in preparation for other higher education diplomas and for the real world.

114. INSA Toulouse

INSA Toulouse, or Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse in French, is a specialized institution fully dedicated to offering advanced engineering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school is known for its internationally recognized programs which attract not only locals but as well as students from across the globe. With cutting-edge programs, a unique learning approach, and internships, the university assures it will meet all the students’ needs and will be overall satisfied throughout their stay at the university.

115. Institut catholique d’arts et métiers

The Institut catholique d'arts et métiers (ICAM) is a graduate engineering school in France. Its campuses can be found in Lille, Sénart, Nantes, La Roche-sur-Yon, Toulouse, and Vannes. The institute was established in Lille in 1898 and has been offering degrees in engineering fields, such as mechanical engineering, digital automation, and industrial management.

116. Institut d’Optique Graduate School

Institut d'Optique Graduate School is one of France's most prominent specialized schools. It focuses on providing education in the field of science applications, especially in optics. This institution is often called as SupOptique and is a member of ParisTech, an elite group of specialized schools. Its parent university is Paris-Saclay University, one of the most prestigious in the country.

117. Institut Supérieur d’Électronique de Paris

Institut Supérieur d'Électronique de Paris, also known as ISEP, is a graduate school in Paris, France. It focuses on teaching information technology and offers specializations in electronics, digital technology, telecommunication, and computer science. IT is a crucial modern field, and with ISEP being a leading institution, students can expect excellent training and opportunities after graduation. The institute mainly offers master's, exchange, and engineering introductory programs for international students.

118. Institut Supérieur de l’Électronique et du Numérique

Institut Supérieur de l'Électronique et du Numérique or ISEN is one institution comprised of four grandes écoles or schools. Its name may translate into Higher Institute for Electronics and Digital Training in English. These higher education schools offer specialized courses in information and communication technology, innovation, and other related subjects.

119. Institut Supérieur du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics

Institut Supérieur du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics is located in Marseille, France. It was established in 1952 and is now known for offering comprehensive engineering courses. Students here enjoy a comfortable learning environment with ergonomic classrooms, modern computer rooms, relaxation rooms, cafeterias, and sports facilities.

120. Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication

The Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication (ISIT) is located in Paris, France. It began as an association in 1957. Intercultural Management, Digital Design, and Translation are among the programs available at the institute. ISIT seeks to train intercultural professionals who are fluent in at least three languages, specifically in English and French.

121. Institute of IT and Engineering of Limoges

Institute of IT and Engineering of Limoges, or 3iL Ingénieurs in French, is a French government-recognized university founded in 1987 and specializes in Informational Technology education. The school offers a Master of Science program and dual degree programs in Canada and France. Student life is made easier with private accommodations or government-assisted housing, limited healthcare, and security services.

122. Institute of Polytechnic Science and Aeronautics

IPSA stands for both French and English names of this institution. In French, it is the Institut Polytechnique des Sciences Avancées. In English, it is the Institute of Polytechnic Science and Aeronautics. IPSA offers short courses, master's, and exchange programs. It has campuses in three locations: Ivry-sur-Seine, Lyon, and Toulouse.

123. IPAG Business School

IPAG Business School is a Paris-based private business school. It also has campuses in Nice, Los Angeles, and Kunming. It was founded in 1965 by French economist Jacques Rueff. IPAG's mission is to promote appropriate management in a globalized and rapidly changing world through high-level research and appreciation for cultural and knowledge diversity.


École Nationale Supérieure de Mécanique et d'Aérotechnique, or ISAE-ENSMA, is a public engineering school founded in 1948, and located in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, France. The school offers 3 bachelor's and master's degree programs, with variations such as double-degree, exchange, and apprenticeship programs. There are around 589 engineering students where 225 are Master's students, 89 are Ph.D. students, and the rest are Bachelor's students.

125. ISAE‑Supméca

ISAE-Supméca is a public mechanical engineering school founded in 1948 and located in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, France. The school offers Mechanical Engineering post-baccalaureate and specialized Master’s degree programs. Master's degree programs are special since they are offered in partnership with other schools like ENSTA, ENS CHACHAN, and Paris-Dauphine University. Through these partnerships, ISAE-Supméca also established itself as an excellent university.

126. ISARA

The Institut supérieur d'agriculture Rhône-Alpes, also known as ISARA, is an engineering school in Lyon, France. It was founded in 1968. ISARA excels in two areas: agroecology and sustainable food systems, and innovation and entrepreneurship. They provide training that leads to an Engineering diploma. Double degrees at the Master's level are also available.

127. ISC Paris Business School

ISC Paris Business School is a great training ground for business students. It offers a wide range of courses, from bachelor's to master's degrees. It seeks to level up the knowledge of the students by giving them rigorous coursework that is aligned with the current trends in the business industry.

128. ISG Business School

With 8 campuses throughout France, the ISG Business School offers an education focused on leadership, adaptation, responsibility, and creativity. It puts international cooperation at the core of its programs. As it has partnerships with more than 100 universities all over the world, students have the possibility of spending a few semesters abroad or choosing a double-degree program with international accreditation. It also has two campuses in New York and Tokyo.

129. ITECH Lyon

ITECH Lyon is a private university that offers graduate engineering programs specializing in the application of polymers, such as leather and plastic materials. It is internationally renowned for its leather engineering programs, whose graduates are highly sought after by companies around the world. The university also integrates social science and business courses into its curriculum to help students become well-rounded individuals.

130. Jean Monnet University

Among the universities that make up the University of Lyon is the Jean Monnet University, a public educational institution that offers multidisciplinary programs to over 20000 students. The university is strongly committed to personal and professional development by providing research-based education and training, maintaining close partnerships with various companies and organizations, and encouraging international mobility among its students and faculty. Several student associations are also present on campus to provide a supportive environment throughout their academic journey.

131. Jean Moulin University Lyon 3

Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 offers career-oriented programs that will lead to the intellectual and personal development of the students. The university has numerous partnerships around the world, allowing students to participate in various scientific collaboration projects. It aims to provide a diverse and distinct learning environment where all community members get equal chances to prosper in life.

132. KEDGE Business School

KEDGE Business School is an excellent educational institution that provides training to aspiring business students. The school maintains an internationally-aligned curriculum to expand the students' knowledge and allow them to secure employment abroad. It also supports academic exchange programs and participates in research collaborations, enabling students to learn a mix of practical and theoretical concepts.

133. L’École de design Nantes Atlantique

L'École de design Nantes Atlantique is a private design school in Nantes, France. It was founded in 1988 and is currently accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education to award a design degree. Design-related training courses, vocational diplomas, Bachelor's degrees, and Master's degrees are all available at the institute. L'École students are encouraged to participate in internships and local events to promote their designs.

134. L’Institut Agro Dijon

L'Institut Agro Dijon is a recently founded institution that focuses on developing its students' scientific abilities and sympathetic values so they'll specialize in food sciences and agriculture. It offers 5 English-taught master's programs as well as multiple French-taught degrees. L'Institut Agro Dijon considers hands-on learning fundamental, which is why students can participate in studies at its 6 research units, will combine traditional classes with lab hours and will have to complete two mandatory internships before graduating.

135. L’Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Management

L’Ecole Supérieure Européenne de Management is a French school for Management and Computer Science students. It offers post-baccalaureate programs that can last from 1 to 8 years, depending on the training accepted. Established in 2016, the educational opportunities offered are top-notch. Recognition through partnerships with Zoom, Microsoft, Altissia, Projet Voltaire, Colette Club, and MAS Paris help prove their quality service.

136. La Rochelle University

La Rochelle University is a public educational institution in La Rochelle, a coastal city in France known for being a business, innovation, and tourism hub. The university works closely with several socioeconomic partners for conducting innovative projects and providing different services, such as recruiting future employees from their pool of students and training existing ones. Internships are also made possible by these partnerships for students to develop professional skills.

137. Le Havre Normandy University

Le Havre Normandy University is committed to supporting students in their pursuit of academic excellence. The university offers intensive training in the fields of science, technology, business, and economics, among others. Its range of courses enables students to choose a career program that fits well with their skills and attitude.

138. Le Mans University

With its long history of providing quality education, Le Mans University is home to 12,000 local and international students. They have various academic programs taught in French. Additionally, their international students' community is growing as they provide a holistic study experience for every student on the campus.

139. Leonard de Vinci Graduate School of Engineering

The Leonard de Vinci Graduate School of Engineering (ESILV) is an engineering school located in Paris, France. It was established in 1995. Data Science, Cybersecurity, Health Engineering, Energy, Computational Mechanics, Industry, Financial Engineering, Creative Technology, and Actuary are the school's nine major specializations. ESILV is one of the top four postgraduate engineering schools in Ile-de-France.

140. Lumière University Lyon 2

Lumière University Lyon 2 is one of the three founding universities making up the University of Lyon. Specializing in different areas of social sciences, the university is dedicated to carrying out intensive research in different societal issues. International mobility is also highly promoted at the university. Lumière University Lyon 2 has over 300 international partner institutions for students to participate in internships and study abroad programs

141. Lyon Catholic University

Lyon Catholic University is a private university that is known for its religious and theology courses. The Catholic university seeks to uplift the lives of others by providing quality education that is aligned with Catholic principles. It aims to widen the students' minds by allowing them to explore science and discover the newest possible solutions to pressing societal problems.

142. MINES ParisTech

MINES ParisTech is a graduate school that is dedicated to training students with passion in the science and technology field. It is known for its research-intensive engineering programs that are being taught using work-based learning approaches. The institution has over 15 research centers that aid the students' curiosity and innovative skills.

143. Mines Saint-Étienne

Mines Saint-Étienne is a prestigious graduate school for engineering in France. It operates across two campuses located in Saint-Étienne and Gardanne and offers degrees at the Masters and Doctoral levels. The school is also renowned for its competitive research activities and being home to cutting-edge research centers.

144. Montpellier Business School

The Montpellier Business School aims to build a diverse community of learners on its campus. This school provides business-focused programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. Moreover, as they deliver a high-quality program to students, they also have various school activities to help international students adapt to their second home. Students are highly satisfied with their learning experience in this school.

145. Montpellier SupAgro

Montpellier SupAgro is a public educational institution known for its world-class agricultural education and research. It offers graduate programs that focus on agriculture and sustainability with a project-based approach, involving students in various research projects that seek to address current issues. Montpellier SupAgro also actively participates in different international initiatives such as improving the quality of agricultural education and training in other countries. 

146. National Graduate School of Agronomy, Toulouse

National Graduate School of Agronomy, Toulouse has six research laboratories that help students maximize their potential in learning science. The school offers postgraduate courses for students that want to pursue a career in engineering, social sciences, and more. It seeks to maintain its wholesome environment where students can freely satisfy their curiosity and solve society's problems.

147. National Graduate School of Engineering and Research Center

The National Graduate School of Engineering and Research Center (ENSICAEN) is a French public engineering school in Caen, France. It is primarily intended for chemical, electrical, and computer scientists. The school offers five engineering degrees that are recognized internationally as equivalent to a Master of Science degree in other countries.

148. National Graduate School of Textile Engineering

National Graduate School of Textile Engineering has a prosperous and vibrant past. Since its creation, the school has developed into a figurehead of textile heritage, accompanying its development year after year. The school has always been concerned with adapting its training to market demand. Textiles are alive, continuously changing, and emerging in innovative parts of the world, which is why the school ensures that graduates will possess the necessary skills after leaving the campus.

149. National Institute and School of Applied Sciences of Centre Loire Valley

National Institute and School of Applied Sciences of Centre Loire Valley, or Centre-Val de Loire INSA, is an engineering school established in 2014. The school is part of the engineering group Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA) like INSA Rouen, INSA Strasbourg, and INSA Toulouse. With this membership, Centre-Val de Loire INSA is recognized for its quality Bachelor's program offered.

150. National Institute for Applied Sciences, Rouen

The National Institute for Applied Sciences in Rouen is committed to educating professionals that will play a part in the growth of the economy while innovating and sharing scientific knowledge. Although it specializes in the areas of sciences and engineering, the university has a multidisciplinary approach. This means that students will take a number of subjects related to humanities and social sciences. The curricula also combine traditional classes with mandatory projects and internships, as well as research studies developed in 8 different laboratories.

151. National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon

The National Institute of Applied Sciences of Lyon is a research university that heavily focuses on engineering programs. Its campus is equipped with advanced resources and equipment that support the students' curiosity and intelligent minds. It aims to widen its foreign relations and connect with more educational institutions through innovation, academic exchange programs, and conventions.

152. National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilizations

The National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO) is a public university in Paris, France that specializes in teaching languages and cultures from around the world. It was founded in 1669 by French statesman Jean-Baptiste Colbert. Undergraduate and graduate programs in language, civilization studies, and other related professional specializations are available at the institute.

153. National School of Architecture of Nancy

The National School of Architecture of Nancy was established in 1967 with around 740 students in their care. Architectural programs at Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate levels are offered in this school. In these programs, around 250 students graduate each year with the culture of mediation and architectural awareness. The culture comes from workshops, training, top-notch programs, and research laboratories of the school.

154. National School of Computer Science for Industry and Business

The National School of Computer Science for Industry and Business has persisted in developing and offering students numerous courses with a decisive awareness of innovation and entrepreneurship. The school provides courses in the fields of business, engineering, and finance, which are very useful in the economic development of one country. It seeks to produce graduates that are willing to serve the community and are prepared to offer their skills and knowledge to the public.

155. National School of Engineers of Tarbes

The National School of Engineers of Tarbes (ENIT) is a public engineering school in Tarbes, France. It was established in 1963 and is classified as a Grande école. The school offers diploma programs that lead to the French Diplôme d'Ingénieur. Admission to ENIT is based on the student's examination and academic records.

156. National School of Geographic Sciences

The National School of Geographic Sciences is a specialized institution that belongs to France's Institute of Geography and Forestry. It offers degree programs in all levels of higher education in collaboration with an extensive network of French and international universities. This school is famous for its five research laboratories that develop projects in areas like image processing, geodesy, and forestry.

157. National School of Statistics and Information Analysis

Founded in 1994 in Paris, the National School of Statistics and Information Analysis, best known as ENSAI, is a prestigious higher schooling establishment in France for statistical engineering and information analysis. It readies its students to become future engineers or data scientists that are competent and well-knowledgeable in their careers. The school is the only engineering school wholly dedicated to statistical engineering and information processing jobs.

158. National University Institute Jean-Francois Champollion

National University Institute Jean-Francois Champollion is a university that values student progress. It aims to provide high-quality education through its practical courses and great training facilities. More than the skills, the university also aims to enhance the thinking of the students by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and connections they would need after graduating.

159. National Veterinary School of Alfort

The National Veterinary School of Alfort is one of the leading institutions in Europe specializing in veterinary medicine. It offers training in fundamental veterinary studies and different clinical specializations that tailor to the student's preferences, like equine or rural practitioner degrees. However, it also has options for those who don't want to work at a clinic and would prefer to be researchers or pharmaceutical inspectors. This school has four hospitals that specialize in different veterinary branches where students can start their training. It also has facilities like simulators, laboratories, and consultation rooms.

160. National Veterinary School of Toulouse

The National Veterinary School of Toulouse is a public veterinary school located in Toulouse, France. It is both a teaching hospital and a research center. It was founded in 1828 and is currently the city's oldest Grande École. The school provides education in agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, the food industry, and animal protection.

161. NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School is a private research university specializing in business and management in Reims, France. It was established in 2013 as a result of the merger of Rouen Business School and Reims Management School. They provide a variety of Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, including Business Administration, Management, and Executive Education.

162. New Sorbonne University – Paris III

The New Sorbonne University - Paris III is an institution that aims to assure each student's success in their future careers. It specializes in the area of arts and humanities and is especially known for its vast offer of programs in language sciences and cultural studies. It has both historical and modern buildings throughout the city of Paris, which include a network of six libraries and a language research center.

163. Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University

Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University is known for being the main university in the areas of humanities and social sciences in France, not only for its wide variety of programs but also for its outstanding research performance. In fact, research is one of its main focal points, which is why it has 37 research teams and multiple institutes that specialize in areas like demography, labor, geography, and social development. The university is also known for the importance it gives to international collaborations. It has a large international student population, 150 partnerships with universities abroad, and dozens of foreign professors and researchers.

164. Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas University

Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas University maintains a diverse learning environment and aims to cultivate a curriculum that merges instruction, research, and application. It seeks to strengthen its international reputation and hopes to train more students that are passionate about innovation. The university is known for its science and economics courses, especially its well-adept faculty and staff.

165. Paris 8 University Vincennes-Saint-Denis

Paris 8 University Vincennes-Saint-Denis was created with the intention of offering high-quality education to a diverse student population and promoting the development of research projects that would help society. The university is divided into 11 faculties that offer over 150 degree options and have modern facilities that include 33 research units and 3 academic institutes. Paris 8 is especially known for its programs in humanities and social sciences, like the unique bachelor's degree in political science, and for the studies done in its French Institute of Geopolitics.

166. Paris Cité University

Paris Cité University is an educational organization that is in pursuit of academic excellence. It aims to maintain its reputation of being a catalyst of change through its ambitious and comprehensive educational offerings. The university has various research sites and advanced educational tools to aid the students as they strive to become experts someday.

167. Paris Dauphine University

Paris Dauphine University maintains a multidisciplinary score of action and productive faculty, allowing students to indulge in high-quality education. Its comprehensive educational curriculum paired with intensive supervision enables student researchers to develop socio-economic projects. It aims to provide an environment where students worldwide can feel a sense of belongingness and enjoy shared values with intellectual co-learners.

168. Paris Higher Biotechnology Institute

The Paris Higher Biotechnology Institute (Sup'Biotech) is a private engineering school in Lyon, France. It was founded in 2003 by the IONIS Education Group to provide middle management for the biotechnology industry. The institute offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Biotechnology. Over 47 institutional partners and 12 internships are available at Sup’Biotech.

169. Paris Institute of Political Studies

The Paris Institute of Political Studies is a public research university offering degrees in social sciences and humanities. The university strives to help students, as future leaders of society, have a deeper understanding of different social phenomena and find out ways to make society better. Students at the university are given several opportunities to learn in an international environment through internships and exchange programs. 

170. Paris Nanterre University

Paris Nanterre University is the only university in the region to offer degree programs in all human and social sciences. It provides its students with an innovative educational approach in order to master their skills and knowledge in the said field. Although known for its human and social sciences programs, the university also has business and economics courses, signifying its flexible and comprehensive academic offerings.

171. Paris-East Créteil University

Paris-East Créteil University is above par when it comes to research, education, and governance. The university has maintained a student-friendly learning environment where opportunities and practical experience amplify students' potential. It partners with numerous corporations and university institutions to heighten its external relations, enabling students to gain vast career options after graduating.

172. Paris-Saclay University

The Paris-Saclay University is one of the highest-ranking academic institutions in the world. It offers excellent degree programs at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. levels. The university also has a strong reputation for research excellence and houses 275 of the best laboratories in the country.

173. Pau Business School

The École Supérieure de Commerce de Pau, also known as Pau Business School, is a private business school in Pau, France. It was founded in 1969. They provide a Grande Ecole training program for Bachelor's and Master's degree students, as well as specialized Master's degrees in business fields. In addition, ESC Pau has a vibrant student life and prestigious media facilities.

174. Paul Sabatier University

Paul Sabatier University, commonly known as Toulouse III, is a high-ranking university that offers courses in engineering, physics, and chemistry, among others. The university is known for its exceptional research facilities that enhance the students' curiosity and critical thinking. It also partners with various educational institutions and participates in exchange programs, allowing students to explore the world through academic excellence.

175. Paul Valéry University Montpellier 3

Paul Valéry University Montpellier 3 is committed to providing equal opportunities to all students and working closely with the community. This public university specializes in the areas of social sciences and arts, which is reflected in both academic and non-academic activities. For example, it has a renowned theatre and a symphony orchestra with presentations open to the public, as well as a historic museum. It is also constantly innovating and expanding its campus.

176. Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France

The Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France is dedicated to creating a wholesome community for students to find their utmost potential. It offers a lot of opportunities to students by exposing them early on to actual industry work and real-life situational problems. The university is also at the forefront of providing innovative ideas to a community with its research and development centers.

177. Rennes 2 University

Rennes 2 University is considered the largest education and research center in western France. The university is closely devoted to courses related to social sciences, humanities, and arts, which is why it strives to achieve academic excellence through a dynamic learning environment. It greatly contributes to regional and national dynamism by offering high-quality education and numerous research opportunities.

178. Rennes School of Business

Rennes School of Business is one of Europe's global business schools. With most of its faculty and staff coming from outside of France and a partner of more than 350 associate universities worldwide, Rennes School of Business supplies a fantastic opportunity to learn from a student's first year to graduation in an international setting. It aims to provide high-quality business education that is relevant not just in the present industry state but also in the coming years.

179. Savoy Mont Blanc University

Savoy Mont Blanc University is a public university in Annecy and Chamberly, France, known for its significant contributions to the region's educational, economic, and social development. In line with the shared values at the university, students are trained to think freely, independently, and critically, and are highly encouraged to share their knowledge for the improvement of society. The university also dedicates several efforts to continue improving the quality of its education and research.

180. School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences

School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences seeks to disseminate scientific work through partnering with other international institutions. It also participates in various academic exchanges in order to expose students to diverse perspectives and industry work. Over the years, the institution has been successful in maintaining its excellent reputation and continues to attract students from all over the world.

181. SIGMA Clermont

SIGMA Clermont is a public graduate school offering advanced programs in chemistry and mechanics to engineers. Using a project-based approach in its programs, students at the university are given several opportunities to put their learnings into practice and acquire concrete industry experience. Students also have access to the school's facilities with high-tech industry-quality equipment that they can use for projects and other activities.

182. SKEMA Business School

SKEMA Business School is committed to providing innovative education to future business professionals. Internationalization is at the core of SKEMA's education. Besides its three French campuses, this institution also has campuses in China, Brazil, the United States, and South Africa. This gives students the opportunity to be exposed to different points of view and learn from the challenges of other regions.

183. Sorbonne Paris North University

Sorbonne Paris North University is a public university dedicated to providing world-class education and research to enhance society's cultural, professional, and scientific knowledge. It was established in 1970 as one of the 13 independent universities that succeeded the University of Paris. Several international opportunities are available for students at Sorbonne Paris North University through internships and exchange programs in one of the 450 partner institutions around the world. 

184. Sorbonne University

Located in Paris, Sorbonne University is a top-performing research institution in France. They have been globally recognized for their engineering and science programs as they produce excellent graduates in the field. More than that, they have a huge contribution to academic research in France and Europe.

185. South Champagne Business School

South Champagne Business School (SCBS) is a business school in Troyes, France. It was established in 1992 and is affiliated with the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. SCBS provides management degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Grande Ecole Program, the International Bachelor in Business Administration, the Global Bachelor in Management, and the Master of Science Innovation are among their offerings.

186. Southern Brittany University

Southern Brittany University is a public educational institution with campuses operating in Lorient and Vannes, two towns in the province of Brittany, France. The university is recognized for its academic and research excellence and innovation in its four areas of strength: data science, materials engineering, maritime studies, and cyber security. Southern Brittany University also strives to increase its international presence by participating in several international exchange programs and inviting international researchers in its facilities.

187. Strate School of Design

Strate School of Design is a private technical school in Sèvres, France. It was founded in 1993 by designer Jean-René Talopp. Their programs focus on industrial design, 3D modeling, and design thinking. Strate is one of the few design schools in France that has been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education to award the diploma of Industrial Designer.

188. Supmicrotech – NSMM

Supmicrotech - NSMM is a private university that offers multidisciplinary and innovative training programs for future engineers. It offers several opportunities for students to develop their skills and broaden their networks through mobility programs, research activities, and industry projects. The university also partners with small and large-scale organizations and offer different services for business development, at the same time allowing students to apply their learnings through concrete projects.   

189. TBS Education

TBS Education is a business school in Toulouse, France. It is a triple crown school, a term used to describe business schools that have been accredited by three major accreditation bodies. TBS Education is a Grande école, which is a prestigious academic institution that admits students through a highly competitive admissions process. Bachelor's and Master's degrees in management-related fields are available.

190. Télécom Paris

Télécom Paris is an institution that specializes in scientific and technological education. Its main objective is to train professionals that will develop high-quality solutions that will serve the economy while being aware of their communities and the environment. Its education model focuses on being both multidisciplinary and specialized. This is done through a 1st-year core curriculum that includes a broad scope of subjects, including sciences and humanities, and a highly specialized 2nd and 3rd-year curriculum. Research is also fundamental, which is why it has multiple laboratories that carry out studies in data science, applied mathematics, networks, etc.

191. Telecom SudParis

Telecom SudParis is an engineering school that focuses on preparing its students for many different scenarios: becoming research scientists, developing their own products, starting a business, or facing the technological problems of the future. It prioritizes real-life learning through internships, research, and entrepreneurship opportunities. This is done through partnerships with international and local companies, start-up competitions, and study abroad programs.

192. Toulouse 1 Capitole University

Toulouse 1 Capitole University is a public research university in Toulouse, the city known to be the best for students in France. The university is internationally recognized for its excellent academic and research programs in business, information technology, law, and communication. It also has more than 200 international partners and is part of several international alliances for conducting different projects and initiatives and encouraging student and staff mobility.

193. Toulouse Institute of Technology

Toulouse Institute of Technology (INPT) is a French university that is part of the University of Toulouse system. It was established in 1969. The institute has seven engineering and veterinary medicine schools that offer Master's and Doctorate degrees. International students can also apply for a variety of scholarship programs and grants to help cover study and living expenses.

194. UniLaSalle

UniLaSalle is a French engineering school located in Beauvais. It was formed as a result of the merger of ESITPA and LaSalle Beauvais. Engineering, agriculture, food industry, health, environmental studies, and geology are among the degree programs available at the school. In addition to teaching, UniLaSalle conducts research in three broad areas: agricultural resources, food-health interactions, and geosciences.

195. University of Angers

The University of Angers maintains innovative teaching methods in order to prepare students for immediate careers after graduating. The university's high employment rate among its graduates is a testament to its effective curriculum and comprehensive training programs. At present, it continues to have close relationships with businesses and companies, allowing its work-based learning programs to prosper.

196. University of Bordeaux

The University of Bordeaux is among the prestigious public universities in France. Founded in 1444, the university has built several campuses in six cities. With more than 56,000 students, it's also one of the largest in the country by total enrollment.

197. University of Burgundy

The University of Burgundy seeks to strengthen its scientific contribution to the academe. It has over 300 worldwide partners that aid students' learning experiences with its teaching and research missions. The university primarily focuses on programs related to science and technology, which is why it houses numerous advanced equipment and resources for students to enjoy.

198. University of Caen Normandy

Founded more than five centuries ago, the University of Caen Normandy offers over 120 bachelor's and master's degrees. It is known for its breathtaking campus that was completely destroyed during WII, which is why it has multiple historic monuments and mixes modern architecture with older buildings. The university also highlights the importance of research, which is done in its 45 research units and unique facilities. These include a network of 27 libraries, a marine station, and multiple art galleries.

199. University of Clermont Auvergne

The University of Clermont Auvergne was recently created after merging two former higher education institutions to meet the educational needs of the region and train students that would be prepared to face the challenges of the future. It has six campuses throughout Auvergne, as well as multiple academic and research buildings that include six institutes, three research federations, and 38 laboratories. Non-academic activities are an important part of life in this university since its Cultural Service organizes different events like film festivals and artistic competitions.

200. University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli

The University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli is a public university on the French island of Corsica. It was established in 1765. The university provides 100 diplomas ranging from two-year undergraduate studies to doctoral studies in four major fundamental areas: arts, law, social sciences, and technology. International students can also participate in exchange programs at over 100 different institutions.

201. University of Évry Val d’Essonne

With over 30 years of experience, the University of Évry Val d'Essonne has been successful in maintaining its rigorous coursework and student-friendly policies. The university is known for its engineering programs, especially with its advanced research centers and vast international relations. It seeks to continue its legacy of creating a high-quality French education that transcends distance.

202. University of Franche-Comté

The University of Franche-Comté is a well-known university that is located at the heart of the city. The university is best for students that are looking for comprehensive educational training since its curriculum highlights practical experience. The University of Franche-Comté aims to continue its legacy and welcome more international students by upholding its student-friendly principles.

203. University of Lille

The University of Lille, or Université de Lille in French, is one of the top public universities in France. The university was established in 1896, though its origins can be traced back to 1559 through the former University of Douai. At present, the university has more than 72,000 total enrollment, hosting over 9,500 international students.

204. University of Limoges

The Univerity of Limoges is committed to widening its internationalization by offering more comprehensive programs in the fields of business and law. The university has a big campus that is full of advanced facilities in order to aid the students' curiosity and intelligence. It has vast partnerships and networks with numerous enterprises to provide practical training for its students.

205. University of Lorraine

The University of Lorraine is a top-ranked university that offers intensive research education in scientific disciplines. With its dedicated faculty and staff, the university has actively involved its students in the creation of technological innovations that will benefit community stakeholders. Its campuses are full of structured research units and facilities that operate regularly in fulfillment of the student's educational endeavors.

206. University of Montpellier

The University of Montpellier was established in 1220 and is the 6th largest university in France. It is also known as one of Europe's oldest yet most innovative universities and, in over 8 centuries of operation, has produced numerous notable alumni who became influential in different fields such as philosophy, politics, medicine, mathematics, and literature. With over 50,000 students, the university actively participates in the Erasmus+ program and other inter-university collaborations that would allow its students to gain international exposure and experience. 

207. University of Nantes

The University of Nantes is located in the city of Nantes ranks among the top 25 universities in France. The university provides over 200 interdisciplinary programs that encourage students to get involved in conducting research and to participate in activities and projects that would expose them to different social realities. The university aims to create a positive impact on society and tackle different social issues. 

208. University of Nîmes

The University of Nîmes is a higher education institution founded in 2007 and located in Nîmes, France. It offers a 3-year bachelor's degree, 5-year master's degree, and 8-year doctorate degree. 4 departments cover these programs, with around 5305 students studying them. These programs also cover multiple fields of study such as Arts, Law, Economics, Management, and Science.

209. University of Orléans

Founded in 1306, the University of Orléans is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It is a renowned multidisciplinary university with excellent research output. The university also houses some of the best school facilities in the region, making them one of the most valued institutes in the area.

210. University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

The University of Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée is a university that puts into consideration first the well-being and development of its students. It seeks to heighten its research activity by contributing to the community and supporting the students' academic endeavors. The university also participates in academic exchange programs in order to welcome more international students and partner with numerous educational institutions.

211. University of Pau and the Adour Region

The University of Pau and the Adour Region is an active research university that offers postgraduate courses in law, management, and science, among others. The university has 19 research units that supplement the students' learning experiences and aid them in their academic endeavors. It highly supports exchange programs and international collaborations in order to expose students to a variety of industry experts.

212. University of Perpignan – Domitian

The University of Perpignan - Domitian was established over 670 years ago to educate young individuals in different fields of law, philosophy, theology, and medicine. Programs at the university are focused on understanding how one adapts to changes in one's environment. The university also actively participates in international mobility programs by offering its students opportunities to study abroad and inviting foreign students from other universities around the world.

213. University of Picardy Jules Verne

University of Picardy Jules Verne is a university that puts into consideration first the well-being of its students. Its main agenda is to provide a quality education that will uplift the lives of its students. Throughout the years, the university has been eager to widen its international relations by partnering with numerous institutions and leading industry experts.

214. University of Poitiers

The University of Poitiers is a public institution for higher education internationally recognized for its excellent education and high-quality research. Established nearly 600 years ago, the university aims to provide education that is accessible to everyone and offers courses to people of all ages, social classes, and employment statuses. The university is also well-known for promoting inclusivity and its warm welcome toward international students and researchers.

215. University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne

The University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne is a higher education institution with a multidisciplinary approach for all the degrees and research projects offered. It considers research as one of the most important areas of the education experience. The university has 8 research units and over 30 laboratories for agriculture, environment, engineering, and bioeconomy. Although its main campus is located in Reims, the university has 13 campuses throughout Northeastern France, which allows it to have unique programs and facilities based on the location, like the Champagne Vine and Wine Institute.

216. University of Rennes 1

University of Rennes 1 is a high-ranking university that offers a variety of courses in various disciplines. It is known for its research and development, which is why it has an excellent reputation among international applications. The university is at the forefront of providing lifelong learning and aims to strengthen its scientific and professional programs in the coming years.

217. University of Rouen Normandy

The University of Rouen Normandy is one of the main education providers in the region of Normandy. Its main purpose is related to giving students the tools to become professionals that will find solutions to community problems and will improve the local economy. It offers hundreds of degree programs in different areas like technology and social sciences across its 7 seven campuses. Besides classes, research is the central component of training, which not only includes projects completed in their almost 40 national units but also international collaboration, done in partnership with institutes all over the world.

218. University of Strasbourg

Founded in 1538, the University of Strasbourg is a public research institution that houses more than 56,000 local and international students. This institution is highly recognized for its wide range of academic programs in undergraduate and graduate degrees. They take pride in having different research units for various academic fields as they contribute to the development of science.

219. University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard

The University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard is a product of the union of two colleges, the National School of Engineers in Belfort and the Polytechnic Institute of Sevenans in 1999. The university aims to train future engineers who are highly skilled and can adapt to changes in the modern world by providing an education grounded on research. It also collaborates with business organizations and offers different services such as internships, training, and knowledge transfer.

220. University of Technology of Compiègne

The University of Technology of Compiègne is an engineering institution that's engaged with innovation and training professionals that will change and improve the role of technology in our lives. It has tailored its teaching model to add value to academic experiences. It mixes personalized curriculums with problem-solving workshops, off-campus experiential learning, and research projects that focus on health issues and sustainable development. The university also puts international collaboration at the core of education, with foreign partnerships and a joint campus in Shanghai.

221. University of Technology of Troyes

The University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) (Université de Technologie de Troyes in French) is regarded as one of the top engineering universities in France. It offers innovative and multidisciplinary engineering programs at all levels. The institute attracts students and experts across the globe. And the school’s international community is gradually increasing, comprising high-ranking students from different regions of Europe and other foreign countries. UTT actively promotes internationalization and encourages students to obtain a degree through exchange programs or by applying with or without a partner university.

222. University of the Littoral Opal Coast

University of the Littoral Opal Coast follows a strategic academic curriculum where students experience a mix of practical and theoretical training. The university believes that students get to learn more through actual industry experience, which is why it collaborates with several institutions in and out of the country. Throughout the years, it has been successful in its quest to maintain a diverse and productive learning community.

223. University of Toulon

The University of Toulon, or Université de Toulon in French, is a public university founded in 1968. It offers degree programs in Law, Languages, Humanities, Economics, Sciences, and Technology. Over 10,000 students are studying at the university, 10% of which are international students. 

224. University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès

Named after the famous French politician Jean Jaurès, the University of Toulouse-Jean Jaurès puts the principles of commitment and humanism at the core of its education. It is divided into 5 schools that offer 20 bachelor's programs and 42 master's programs with dozens of concentrations. Besides offering some programs in English, this university offers incredible opportunities to its big international student population. It has 10 local research centers and partnerships in Asia, Latin America, and the Iberian Peninsula, as well as a branch campus in Kuala Lumpur.

225. University of Tours

University of Tours is an expert when it comes to science and technology courses. The university has over 36 research laboratories, allowing students to deepen their experience and contribute innovatively to the community. University of Tours is considered a leading research institution in the region and is distinguished by the richness and diversity of its culture.

226. University of Upper Alsace

The University of Upper Alsace is a prime research university that provides a perfect training ground for aspiring engineering students. The university is an expert when it comes to science and technology courses because of its research centers and well-adept faculty and staff. It seeks to create a community where everyone can prosper and achieve their dreams through academic excellence.

227. University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

The University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines maintains a learning environment that has a strong partnership with the industrial sector. It also connects with foreign educational institutions to allow students to explore the world with academic excellence. With over 120 partners worldwide, the university aims to uphold its mission of providing quality education and training students scientifically.

228. University of Western Brittany

The University of Western Brittany aims to empower students with its rigorous academic curriculum. The university ensures that students will have the necessary skills they need in order to secure employment after graduating. It collaborates with numerous educational institutions, allowing students to experience actual work and explore the career they might take in the future.

229. Valence Business School

The Valence Business School is a private institution specializing in the field of business. Its teaching methodology is renowned in the country as it employs working business professionals to teach courses. This allows students to have a deeper understanding of real-world issues and be better prepared for a career in their chosen field.

230. VetAgro Sup

VetAgro Sup is a university that specializes in the areas of engineering, agriculture, public health, and veterinary medicine. It offers two bachelor's degrees and multiple master's degrees that are accredited in the European Union and focus on global health in order to address the issues of today's world. It also has partnerships with other French universities to broaden its academic offer and conducts research at different centers and clinics.