Vanier Scholarships for International Students

In 2008, the Government of Canada opened its door to international doctoral students with the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS). They desired to develop top-notch doctoral students that exhibit excellence in research and the field. This scholarship program allows numerous Canadian institutions to draw highly qualified doctoral students. Vanier Scholars exhibits an excessive criterion of scholarly attainment in graduate studies.

It is a fully-funded program of the Canadian Government awarded to Canadian residents and international citizens. Vanier Scholarship is open for international applicants till early November each year. If you want to pursue your doctoral degree in its scope field, you should consider studying in Canada.

Scholarship Awards for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Universities in Canada are well-known for being prestigious institutions worldwide for their academic achievement and research program. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship follows high standard measures on its candidates. Every year, the Canadian Government offers its program to international and Canadian students.

The range of scholarship provided yearly to its candidates are only 166. The value of the scholarship is $50,000 per year with a program duration of 3 years. It covers almost all of the necessities of the students during their stay in the country. There are different doctoral courses included in the program – Health Research, Engineering Research, Natural Sciences, Social, Science, and Humanities Research.

Eligibility Criteria for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Foreign citizens, Canadian citizens, and permanent residents of Canada are allowed to apply for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship. The applicant ought to be selected by only ONE Canadian institution and should have a Vanier CGS quota. The applicants must be pursuing their first Canadian doctoral diploma. It additionally consists of a joint undergraduate/postgraduate research program like MD/Ph.D., DVM/Ph.D., and JD/Ph.D.

All accepted applicants must pursue their studies in the summer semester or the academic year following the result. Any applicant must have finished no more than 20 months of education in their doctoral program. They have to obtain a high-quality assessment and high academic score in each of their last two years of study, or equivalent. They must not have any awarded scholarship for their doctorate from NSERC, CIHR, or SSHRC.

Aside from degrees, certifications, and transcripts, candidates are also required to put up detailed and well-written study plans or research proposals. The admission committee will also ask its applicants to include their resumes, statement of purpose, and reference letters in their online application. Canadian institutions are also requiring students to have IELTS/ TOEFL for admission purposes. The candidates must prepare all of the essential documents beforehand.

A candidate who does not complete all of the eligibility standards will be considered ineligible.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Deadlines

The application for the scholarship program requires two deadlines. These are the institution’s internal deadline and the program deadline. The institution’s internal deadline is the period of submission of the candidate’s application to the institution through ResearchNet. Each Canadian institution regulated the deadlines. The applicants will no longer be entertained for that academic year if they failed to pass the application before the deadline.

The program deadline is the deadline assign to each Canadian institution. They must forward their selected applicants to the Vanier CGS program in early November each year (20:00 Eastern Time).

You can create your Vanier CGS application by logging into your ResearchNet account.

How do I apply for Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship?

All applicants who wish to apply for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship need to submit two online applications aside from the necessary details. The first application is through a CCV account where the applicant can create their resumes and a  ResearchNet account where the applicant needs to submit their documents.

There are two ways of applying for the Vanier Scholarship program. The applicant can contact their chosen university, or the institution can choose a suitable and deserving candidate. Every applicant must prepare their application and submit it to their nominating institution before the internal deadline.

The applicant can initiate the application process by choosing Canadian institutions using the Universities Canada website. It is recommended to browse the website of each university to have thorough knowledge about the program. The applicant will have a concrete idea about the scope of the program and the supervisors for their intended research. After that, they can consult the Vanier CGS quota page.

The first thing that an applicant should do when processing an application is to secure access to the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship ResearchNet application. To do so, open the ResearchNet account and complete the tasks listed under Vanier CGS application instructions. An applicant should finish the list before proceeding to the next step. They can check the Full Application Package of their application by utilizing the “Preview Application Materials” task before submitting the application. Print the whole application and save a PDF copy of it. Once completed, submit the online application for Vanier Scholarships through ResearchNet.

A complete application package includes all the requirements needed for the scholarship grant. The package should include a finished ResearchNet application form with two reference letters, CCV application, research contributions, research proposal (max. of 2 pages), a two-page Personal Leadership Statement, project references (max. of 5 pages), and two leadership letters. All application documents should be in either French or English.

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship’s mission is to attract and develop academically excellent graduate students in the course available in the grant. It is one of the reasons why they maintain their high-quality program.

The selection process of candidates is conducted by the members of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship selection committees. They represent the three central awarding agencies, which are the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canadian Institute of Health Research, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. The granting committee for Vanier Scholarships is looking mainly for three criteria for their applicants. The following are academic excellence, research potential, and leadership. Other significant factors include the submitted documents of the candidate.

The selection committee will announce the awarded candidates of the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship by April. The rewarding scholarship will happen on May 1.


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