Top 10 Universities in Canada for International Students

Canada is known for its high quality of education, evidenced by the 10 top-ranking universities below. The country also boasts of a good quality of life, which makes it a favorite destination amongst many foreign students. With its world-class programs and affordable tuition fees, Canadian universities provide students with a diploma they can capitalize on – wherever they may be. In this article, we will be looking at the best Canadian universities for international students.

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How happy are the foreign students living in Canada?

According to the EduCanada agency, 90% of international students are very satisfied with their studies in Canada.

What do international students like to take up in Canadian universities?

Foreign students usually take Finance, Software Engineering, or Business Administration in Canada’s top universities.

How many foreign students are currently living in Canada?

About 624,480 foreigners are studying in Canada.

What is the best university to enroll in for students who wish to study in Canada?

The University of Toronto is considered the most reputable university for foreign students living in Canada.

Best Universities in Canada for International Students

1. University of Toronto

UToronto, also known as U of T, is a public university founded in 1827 as the King’s College. Formerly administered by the Church of England, it is recognized as the first educational institution in the Upper Canada colony. The University of Toronto is considered the best university in Canada for international students because of its high academic standards, rankings, and number of international students.

U of T Faculties specialize in the studies of Arts, Applied Science, Architecture, Music, Information, Forestry, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing, Kinesiology, Public Health, Law, Management, Public Policy, Education, Theology, and Social Work.

As with many Canadian universities, U of T is a known haven for international students. After all, 22% of its student population come from various corners of the globe.

2. University of British Columbia

UBC is a public research institution with branches in Vancouver and Okanagan, British Columbia. Founded in 1908, it is the oldest university in the province.

The schools and faculties of UBC Vancouver cover the disciplines of Applied Science, Arts, Business, Dentistry, Education, Forestry, Health Disciplines, Interdisciplinary Studies, Law, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Graduate Studies.

The Okanagan branch, on the other hand, houses the Faculties of Arts & Social Science, Science, Creative & Critical Studies, Education, Applied Science, Health & Social Development, Management, Medicine, and Graduate Studies.

UBC has a big foreign student population, which accounts for almost 1/3 of its total enrollees.

3. McGill University

McGill University was founded in 1821 following a Royal Charter. Named after the merchant James McGill, the Quebec-based university has campuses in Downtown Montreal, MacDonald, and Outaouais.

The university has 12 faculties specializing in Agriculture & Environment, Arts, Dentistry, Education, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Music, Science, Religious Studies, and Continuing Studies.

With foreign students comprising 31% of the enrollee population, McGill is recognized as one of the top universities in Canada for international students. To address this burgeoning population, the university has set up a dedicated International Student Service office to provide the needed services.

4. McMaster University

Also known as Mac or McMaster, this public research university sits on a 300-acre campus in Hamilton, Ontario. Founded in 1887, it is named after William McMaster, who bequeathed 900,000 CAD for the university.

The university has 6 faculties, which started with these three: Humanities, Science, and Social Science. The School of Business, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Health Sciences eventually followed suit. As with most Canadian universities, admission to Mac can be quite selective, especially in Health Science and Arts & Science programs.

McMaster has an International Student Service that provides services such as immigration, success coaching, peer support, and health insurance, to name a few.

5. University of Montreal

Université de Montréal, also known as UdeM, is a French-language university situated in the province of Quebec. Founded in 1878 as Universite Laval’s satellite campus, it eventually became an independent institution following the 1919 papal charter.

The university offers undergraduate and post-graduate studies in the fields of Administration, Arts, Communication, Economics, Environmental Development, Applied Science, Humanities, Health Sciences, Information Technology, Law, Literature, Life Science, Social Science, Teaching, and Theology.

UdeM has a dedicated Foreign Students Office that can help you tackle formalities such as entry & stay, scholarships, medical insurance, and working options, which makes University of Montreal one of the best universities in Canada for international students.

6. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is a public educational institution located in Edmonton, Alberta. It was founded in 1908 through the efforts of premiere Alexander Rutherford and Henry Tory, the university’s first president.

The university is home to diverse faculties, including that of Agriculture, Business, Education, Arts, Engineering, Law, Medicine & Dentistry, Native Studies, Pharmacy, Nursing, Kinesiology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Science, and Public Health.

The university’s foreign student population is comprised of delegates from over 150 countries. These enrollees are looked after by the International Student Services office, which provides advice regarding immigration, study permits, work permits, and other related aspects.

7. University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa, also known as U of O, is a bilingual educational institution based in Ottawa, Ontario. It was founded as the College of Bytown in 1848 before it eventually became the U of O in 1867.

U of O has specialized faculties in the studies of Education, Arts, Engineering, Health Science, Law, Science, Medicine, Social Science, and Management.

As the world’s largest bilingual French-English university, U of O plays home to more than 7,000 students from over 150 countries. To address this special community, the university has dedicated an International Student Office to assist with orientation, immigration, and health insurance plans, among many other services.

8. University of Calgary

Next on our list of top Canadian universities for international students is the University of Calgary, a higher education institution based in Calgary, Alberta. It was founded in 1944 as a branch of the University of Alberta before it was made an autonomous institute in 1966.

The university offers 250+ programs through the schools and faculties of Medicine, Arts, Architecture, Law, Nursing, Kinesiology, Social Work, Science, Veterinary Studies, Business, Education, Engineering, and Graduate Studies.

UCalgary continues to attract many foreign students with its wide range of degree offerings. Add to that, its location – Calgary – is also considered the most livable city in North America. To address this influx, the university has started a Center for International Student Services, which provides the needed assistance to its foreign enrollees.

9. University of Waterloo

UW, UWaterloo, or Waterloo is a public university with a central campus in Waterloo, Ontario. Founded in 1956 as the Waterloo College, it became a university following the 1959 University of Waterloo act.

The university is classified into 6 faculties, each with its own respective school. The Applied Health faculty oversees the School of Public Health, while the Faculty of Arts covers the Schools of Accounting & Finance, Business, International Affairs, and Social Work.

The Engineering Faculty supervises the Schools of Architecture and Entrepreneurship/Business, while the Mathematics Faculty governs the School of Computer Science.

The schools of Environment Enterprise & Resources and Planning are under the Faculty of Environment, while the Faculty of Science administers the schools of Optometry and Pharmacy.

10. Western University

Western University, formerly known as the University of Western Ontario, is a public research institution in London, Ontario. It was founded in 1878 as the Western University of London, Ontario before it was incorporated and renamed to the university it is known today.

The university offers 4,000 bachelor’s degrees, as well as 1,427 master’s degrees and 207 doctorate programs. These courses are overseen by its 11 Faculties, namely that of Music, Arts & Humanities, Engineering, Education, Health Science, Information Studies, Science, Law, Computer Science, Business, and Medicine & Dentistry.

Western University makes our list of top Canadian universities for international students because the university has its own International & Exchange Student Center, which provides related services such as Immigration, Health & Wellness, and Working/Volunteering.


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