6 Universities in Canada with No Application Fees

Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world in terms of standard of living. Canada has one of the lowest violence rates, a cool climate, beautiful landscapes, countless activities to enjoy during your free time, a strong economy, and modern cities. There is no need to ask why someone would like to study here. Besides, there is high-quality education for both domestic and international students who want to go to university.

We know that getting your university degree can be expensive. Besides tuition fees, there are multiple costs you must consider, like books and accommodation. And if you have multiple options, application fees will represent a considerable part of your budget. If you are interested in saving some pennies, check out the following list that features universities in Canada with no application fees.

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Universities in Canada without Application Fees

1. University of Alberta

  • No Application Fee Link
  • No Application Fee For: International students applying to graduate studies if they are from one of the United Nations’ least developed countries.

Located in Edmonton, the University of Alberta (UAlberta) is a public university founded in 1908. It has five campuses that host almost 40,000 students. Around 8,000 of them are international students.

The University of Alberta has 18 faculties and a dozen of centers and institutes across its five campuses. It offers about 500 graduate programs, 300 research areas, and 250 specializations.

UAlberta is known for its outstanding performance in research, which is done in areas such as nanotechnology, ecology, machine learning, agriculture, and artificial intelligence. Its facilities are home to important national institutes, like the Canadian Circumpolar Institute.

As stated in the bullet points, University of Alberta has no application fees for prospective graduate international students who are from least developed countries.

2. Royal Roads University

  • No Application Fee Link
  • No Application Fee for: Both international and domestic students applying to undergraduate or graduate programs.

Royal Roads University is a public institution founded in 1995 and located in Colwood, British Columbia. It offers seven undergraduate programs and three graduate programs. These are available in the areas of management, tourism, hospitality, law, business, environmental sciences, and communications. You can choose to study them in-person, online, or a combination of both. The good news is that Royal Roads University has no application fees for all students.

For international students that don’t meet the entry requirements for direct admission to graduate programs, there is the International Study Centre. It offers a preparation program for all graduate degrees. It mainly focuses on teaching English for those who need to improve their language skills.

3. Booth University College

Booth University College, officially The Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth University College, is a liberal arts university college founded in 1982 and affiliated with the Salvation Army. It is located in Winnipeg and has a student’s residence on the upper levels of its main campus building, where different free activities are organized, like concerts, movie nights, and special orientation events.

This is a small institution with almost 300 students. It is divided into four schools business, social work, humanities and social studies, and continuing studies. Its facilities include a gymnasium, a chapel, a library, and a cafeteria.

4. University of British Columbia

  • No Application Fee Link
  • No Application Fee For: International students from the world’s 50 least developed countries, as declared by the United Nations; international and domestic students applying to graduate programs in the Department of Chemistry; and British Columbia residents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents aged 65 years or over at the time of application.

The next university in Canada with no application fees is the University of British Columbia, a public university located in Vancouver and founded in 1908. This is an institution for graduate and postdoctoral studies. There are twelve faculties that offer programs in the fields of dentistry, forestry, architecture, sciences, arts, business, among others.

This university is ranked as 45th in the world and 3rd in Canada by the 2021 QS World University Rankings, 34th in the world and 2nd in Canada by the 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and 30th in the world and 2nd in Canada by the 2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Global University Ranking.

It has two campuses with multiple student residences, a library, botanic gardens, art galleries, and dozens of research institutes and centers. The university is known for its commitment with the environment as it has integrated sustainability in the construction of its newer buildings and in the degree programs.

5. Quest University

  • No Application Fee Link
  • No Application Fee For: International and domestic students applying to the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree.

Quest University is a private university located in Squamish, British Columbia. It is a relatively new institution as it was founded in 2007. Quest is seen as unconventional because of multiple reasons: it has a small student population of 600 students, classes are for a maximum of 20 people and seminar-styled, and there is only one degree: the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences.

The first two years of the programs include courses in the areas of social sciences, life sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, arts, and humanities. The last two years consist of a personalized program designed by each student with the assistance of an advisor. For finishing their studies, students must make a Keystone project.

6. Tyndale University

Established over a century ago, Tyndale University is a private and Christian university. It is a small institution with 1,300 students approx. Its campus is located in the city of Toronto. If you are from Canada and the US, there’s no application fee for you.

It offers undergraduate degree programs in history, English, administration, education, religious studies, and philosophy. In the case of graduate and postgraduate, the university’s seminary is accredited to grant three master degrees and the Doctor of Ministry.

Besides programs above, the university has a dual-degree program in affiliation with Seneca College and one-year certificates. Its facilities include five religious and supportive centers and a student residence.


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