How to Study in Luxembourg for Free (10 Steps)

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, or Luxembourg in short, is a small country in Central Europe. It shares borders with Germany, France, and Belgium. Surrounded by forests and mountains, composed of beautiful cities with narrow streets and endless hidden corners, the country is attracting tourists from all over the world. On top of that, its government has been successful in sustaining a high quality of life for the people of Luxembourg, which means that here you can find some of Europe’s best hospitals, entertainment facilities, and universities. In this article, we will be looking at how to study for free in Luxembourg.

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How to Study in Luxembourg for Free

1. Design a Terrific Application

As part of the preparation process, the applicant is always required to provide an eye-catching application to prove his or her knowledge and overall readiness to attend the universities in Luxembourg. As an applicant, you should take into consideration the fact that this is the first time when you get a chance to prove yourself. All of your scores will matter. Therefore, take time and try to come up with an application that will highlight all of your pros and hide all of the cons the university staff does not need to know about. Having a terrific application with a great GPA, standardized scores, and language scores will help you to study for free in Luxembourg.

2. Start to Prepare Early

While it may be tempting to spend the final months before the new academic year relaxing and getting mentally set for the course, you should not let yourself be fooled: the time before college is that of the highest priority and has to be seen as such. Spend it wisely. Take your time to gather all the necessary information about the school you hold interest in, prepare the required paperwork, apply for a visa if it is possible at the time, – do not spend the time remembering the sweet years of your school life. The university begins significantly earlier than the day when you first set foot on the campus.

3. Check Out the International Scholarship Programs

Not many students know about this, but there is a high chance for you to receive funding from an external source. Organizations such as the OPEC Fund provide all kinds of scholarships to prospective students. They may pose extra requirements, such as the degree, or the country of origin of the applicant, but still, you should take your time and research the opportunities provided, as there is a high chance of you finding a splendid sponsor for your educational endeavor. Spending time and actually applying for external scholarships will definitely a step in the right direction of you studying in Luxembourg for free.

4. Read About Scholarships from Universities in Luxembourg

Luxembourg aims to provide as much support to its local and international students as possible. The country does not only offer a plethora of EU-run programs but also provides financial contribution by the State. The University of Luxembourg provides additional information on the subject.

Additionally, the few available schools have their own scholarships and financial aid available for the students to apply to. For example, Sacred Heart University allows for a financial support package that covers up to 65% of the $45,000 tuition fee (see more). Getting scholarships in these universities will definitely help to study in Luxembourg for free.

5. Receive Financial Aid from Your Government

If for any reason you are not eligible for one of the scholarships provided by the universities of Luxembourg, there are still opportunities for you to receive financial assistance through the government of your country. The administrations of Italy, Sweden, the US, and many more provide their citizens with a solid degree of support. In many cases the applicant does not have to pay the investment back, meaning, you can receive the help without getting in debt.

6. Look for Affordable Universities in Luxembourg

The universities of Luxemburg vary their courses’ pricing depending on the type of the program in question. On average, the tuition fee of undergraduate programs is $1,000, master’s $5,000-6,000 per month. Attending affordable universities in Luxembourg will help you to study in Luxembourg for free. As an applicant, you are advised to check the prices in advance and find a university that suits your financial capabilities best.

Keep in mind, however, that some schools may have more expensive programs yet provide better financial aid. It is important to consider all factors. If you are interested, read about the 6 Affordable Universities in Luxembourg for International Students.

7. Apply for the Universities in of Choice in Luxembourg

As soon as all the preparation works will have been completed, you can apply for the university that you have chosen. Maybe, if you have a few options that keep you intrigued, submit your application to all of them. Being such a small country, Luxembourg does not have that many universities, but the ones it does have all provide an outstanding quality of studies, so the issue of choosing the perfect educational institution is a common one. Once you have applied, focus on planning your stay in the country, think about where you may live and work while you are there.

8. Lower Your Living Expenses

As a student, it is normal to struggle to keep up with the bills. The University of Luxembourg provides a detailed description and pricing of all the major expenses such as meals, housing, phone, etc.

Even if you choose to stay in the university dormitory, you will have to pay $700 per month for an individual suite ($420 for a bed in a shared room). With meals, books, and entertainment considered, you may expect to pay $1,500-2,000 a month during your time in Luxembourg. For that reason, you should try to avoid additional expenses, do not travel outside the university often, buy foods in supermarkets instead of eating out.

9. Get a Job for the Duration of Your Studies

No matter if you have worked before coming to Luxembourg or you have not, it may be a fantastic opportunity for you to get the taste of what it means to be an employee of one of the local companies. The country is known for its businesses, both family-run and the major corporations playing a major role in the financials of the European Union. Since there are little to no restrictions for a student to seek out employment, you definitely should put the time and effort into looking for a part-time or even a full-time job.

More information on the subject of employment can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Working while studying can definitely a big help for you to study in Luxembourg for free, so think about that option too!

10. Do one or more ways above

If you do one or more ways listed above, it is a real possibility that you can study in Luxembourg for free. Getting scholarships is the most popular and probable way.


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