How to Study in Denmark for Free (9 Steps)

Higher education in Denmark is especially known for being free for European citizens and to those who are of Danish nationality. This means that international students must still pay for tuition and other school fees charged by the universities.

Despite this, many international students still wanted to pursue their education in Denmark because of the prime institutions and good academic system the country has. No worries! Many ways of studying in Denmark for free are just yet to be discovered and we’re here to help you find those ways!

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How to Study in Denmark for Free

1. Prepare a good academic and personality background for application

Being eligible to study for free has requirements you need to pass. Some of those requirements are records of your academic and behavioral background. These records will reflect on you as a student and this will be the basis of Denmark if you are acceptable to be an international student of its university.

Of course, a good record earns you a better chance of getting accepted in Denmark, which can help in studying in Denmark for free. Universities intricately pick international students that will not tarnish its name. This is one of the many reasons why filtering students before entering a university has been a tradition for ages.

2. Devise early application

Preparing your application ahead of time increases the possibility of your acceptance in Denmark as a prospective international student. Aside from university applications, you must apply for a residence permit in Denmark to avail of the free education they are offering. According to their law, you can make use of their benefits of free tuition fees on higher education if you own a residence permit. These permits can be obtained by paying their visa fee upon entry on their country. The permits must be renewed periodically so that they will be updated about the purpose of your stay.

3. Apply for scholarships in Denmark universities

From high school up to college, scholarships become the helping hand of many students especially in times of crisis. Academically good students have been benefiting from schools and universities because of the achievements they contributed to the institution. Universities generously fund these students to continue doing well in the fields they are good at. Getting scholarships in Denmark is a great way to study in Denmark for free for international students.

As the achievements and reputation of the university increase, many other students would want to apply to the same university. They will think that the accomplishments of those talented students were also the attainments of the school. Currently, there are universities in Denmark such as the University of Copenhagen and Technical University of Denmark that both offer good benefits to international scholar students.

4. Apply for government scholarships

Denmark has always been a good neighboring country for other European countries. This is the reason for the free education they offer to every nationality on the continent. More than that, they have been slowly establishing strong connections in America and several countries in Asia. If you were a resident in one of the countries that have a partnership with Denmark, there surely exists a few scholarships offered by your government for studying abroad. You just need to look for your respective government agency website handling external affairs and look for scholarships in Denmark.

5. Apply for external and private scholarships

If you already have a company or organization you want to join after finishing your degree, inquire about them on the scholarship programs they might provide in exchange for working for them. This will give you the chance to have an early connection with your prospective company aside from the financial assistance they might provide you. Also, private companies usually tend to send their assets to train again after getting their degrees. So, if lady luck is on your side, you might get the opportunity of getting a post-graduate degree for free!

6. Choose an affordable university in Denmark

If you got rejected on your application for getting a residence permit in Denmark, do not put yourself down! Pick yourself up because there are still ways to partially lessen your expenses and fees. The most effective method is to choose an affordable university that you can afford to pay using installments or student loans. Attending these affordable universities can definitely be a help in studying in Denmark for free, combined with other ways.

In Denmark, annual tuition fees range from 8000 USD up to 21000 USD on average. You can find cheaper universities mostly in rural areas where living expenses cost less, too. If you are interested, take a look at Affordable Universities in Denmark for international students.

7. Send your application to many universities

Having a good application form means better chances of getting accepted to universities, so do not hold back and send your portfolio to every university in Denmark you could think of! A wide variety of choices gives you a ton of options to thriftily live while studying. You can choose a university that offers the least tuition fees like the Copenhagen Business School, or a university in rural areas for cheap living expenses like the Danish Centre for Rural Research.

8. Check if you can apply for jobs while studying

Even though working while studying seems to be difficult, many students still look for jobs that can pay for their daily expenses, necessities, and especially their school fees. But, before getting excited about finding your first job, make sure that your university or your country allows students to work while studying. In Denmark, if you reside in any European country, there are no limits on the number of hours you can work per week as long as you can manage it with your studies. However, if you are an international student without a permit, you are entitled to work at most 20 hours per week during terms and full-time on school breaks.

9. Efficiently manage your living expenses

While you settle in Denmark, you might wonder why you still run out of money even if you have these good scholarships to support your studies and a good-paying job to pay for your bills. This situation might be from mismanagement in your allowance or the lifestyle you try to live with. First, let go of the things that are not necessary for studying. You have all the time after your graduation to spend on those things you are sacrificing now. Second, take note of your cash-ins and cash-outs to track where your money might be going. This will help you avoid impulsively spend. Lastly, save a part of your money, before using the rest. Follow these methods and you will be financially flexible during your stay in Denmark.


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