7 Cheapest Universities in Denmark for International Students

Although it is a small European country, Denmark always manages to have very high places in world rankings. They are in the top 10 for their quality healthcare and education systems, their economy and social development, and their rates of citizen happiness.

These are all great aspects that international students should definitely consider when choosing a country to study abroad.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg since the advantages at Danish universities are countless! In this article, we will be discussing the cheapest universities in Denmark for international students.

What You should know about higher education in Denmark

Denmark has five types of higher education institutions

Depending on the area and level of specialization, Denmark has five types of higher education institutions. First, business academies, which focus on vocational training and short programs that last for two years, although some offer a few bachelor programs.

Then, there are maritime, architecture, and art institutions, which specialize in the fishing industry, merchant fleet, and arts. Here you can get specialized bachelor’s degrees.

To get a bachelor’s degree in any other area, there are university colleges. These offer three to four-year bachelor’s degrees. However, here you’ll only be able to study at an undergraduate level.

Lastly, there are universities, where you can get undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees. Their oldest university was established more than 500 years ago, in 1479.

To apply to these universities, there are many things that you need to know such as the application procedure and admission requirements. If you are interested, check out How to Study in Denmark for International Students (4 Steps).

Many universities only offer programs in Danish but studying in English is possible!

When looking for the right program, you’ll notice that many universities only offer them in Danish and have the option of studying the language before. However, there are many programs available in English, especially if you’d like to get a graduate or post-graduate degree. Actually, Danish universities are famous for their English-taught master’s degree programs.


Depending on your nationality, studying in Denmark can either be completely free or quite expensive.

The public education system in Denmark is tuition-free, including higher education. In fact, Danish citizens even receive money from the government when studying at university! This is done to help them afford other expenses.

Besides Danish citizens, people from the European Union, the European Economic Area, and the Nordic Council are also exempted from paying tuition fees. You’ll also receive tuition-free education if you or your parents have a permanent residence permit or if your temporal residence permit can be upgraded. Exchange students are also exempted from paying tuition fees.

Bear in mind that throughout the article we’ll include the cost of tuition fees for public universities, but if you fit into one of these categories, fees do not apply to you.

In the case of prospective full-time students from any other country, tuition fees can go from USD 6,000 to USD 17,000 in both public and private universities. Fees are usually higher for masters and doctorate degrees.

If you are interested, check out How to Study in Denmark for Free (9 Steps).


Affordable Universities in Countries Near Denmark

There are many affordable universities in countries near Denmark. In fact, some of them are free for international students! Check these countries out:


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Cheap Universities in Denmark

1. Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

  • Tuition Fee: From USD 2,450 to USD 6,200 Per Semester.

With more than 20,000 students, the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is one of the best business schools in the region. This cheap university in Denmark has been offering education for over a century and became very popular among foreigners, having around 4,000 international students.

One of the reasons why CBS seems like a good option for international students is the wide offer of English-taught programs they have. Out of the 18 undergraduate degrees, eight are fully taught in English, and out of their 39 master’s degree programs, 11 are completely taught in English. They also offer many courses and short programs.

Tuition fees depend on the level of studies. In the case of bachelor’s degree programs, you’ll have to pay EUR 5,600 per semester. In the case of master’s degree programs, you’ll pay DKK 16,500 per semester.


2. Aarhus University (AU)

Founded in 1928, Aarhus University (AU) is one of the most important higher education institutions in Denmark. It is the biggest and one of the oldest in the country and has consistently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world. Important figures have graduated from AU, including Denmark’s current Queen.

Its campus is in the center of Aarhus but also has multiple buildings in other areas of the city. It has four faculties of health, science and technology, business and social sciences, and arts.

Along with faculties, they have more than 15 research centers and dozens of residences for both national and international students.

Depending on the program and the level of studies, tuition fees go from EUR 8,000 to EUR 15,300 per academic year (60 credits). Programs in engineering have a different admission process and other tuition fees.


3. IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)

We go from the biggest university in Denmark to the smallest. The IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) is of the newest, as it was founded in 1999, and is also the smallest, with about 3,000 students.

This cheap university in Denmark specializes in the area of technology with a focus on research, with 15 research groups. ITU has housing options at its residences for full-degree international students during the first two semesters.

It offers four bachelor’s degrees in Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, Global Business Informatics, Data Science, and Software Development. It also offers five master’s degrees in Computer Science, Games, Digital Design and Interactive Technologies, Digital Innovation and Management, and Software Design.

Regarding tuition fees, both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs cost DKK 50,000 per semester.


4. Roskilde University (RUC)

  • Tuition Fee: From USD 4,800 to USD 9,950 Per Semester.

Founded almost 50 years ago, Roskilde University (RUC) is known for its interdisciplinary education that includes projects and group activities.

It is divided into four departments of Science and Environment, Social Sciences and Business, People and Technology, and Communication and Arts. RUC has over 20 research centers with more than 50 research groups.

It is affiliated with different companies and organizations to offer job and research opportunities to its 8,400 students.

They offer three bachelor’s degrees specially made for international students. These are called International Bachelor Study Programs and are available in the fields of Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Tuition fees for these programs depend on the field. For the ones in humanities and social sciences, you’ll pay EUR 4,350 per semester. The one in natural sciences costs EUR 9,000 per semester.


5. Aalborg University (AAU)

Aalborg University (AAU) is another university that is known for its educational model and is one of the cheapest universities in Denmark. It was opened in 1974 and has an interdisciplinary model of education, in which students have comprehensive curricula during the first stages of the program and then move to a more specialized stage. They also use Problem-based learning that focuses on practices and solving real-life cases.

It has campuses in three Danish cities: Aalborg, Esbjerg, and Copenhagen. More than 20,000 students receive education at one of its five faculties of engineering and science, IT and design, medicine, humanities, and social sciences.

Tuition fees for bachelor’s degree programs go from DKK 48,450 (USD 7,150 approx) to DKK 100,800 (USD 14,880 approx.) per academic year. In the case of master’s degree programs, they go from DKK 24,225 (USD 3,580) to DKK 50,400 (USD 7,440) per semester.


6. University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

  • Tuition Fee: From USD 3,550 to USD 7,000 Per Semester.

If you are looking for alternatives that are more affordable, university colleges may fit your needs. The University College of Northern Denmark  (UCN) was recently created (2008) and offers bachelor’s degree programs and short programs.

The main campus of this cheap university in Denmark is located in Northern Jutland, but they also have buildings in other cities that include Aalborg, Hjorring, and Thisted. Actually, they are partnered with Aalborg University. This way, credits can be transferred and you can continue your education there in case you choose a short program.

They are known for focusing on applied sciences and research at their schools of education, health, technology, and business.

Tuition fees will depend on the type of program (1.5 years, two years, or 3.5 years) and the area of specialization. Also, costs change depending on the semester you’re taking. Some semesters in certain programs can cost as little as EUR 700, but they usually go from EUR 3,200 to EUR 6,300. UCN also offers scholarships for international students that cover a portion of expenses.


7. VIA University College

  • Tuition Fee: From USD 6,600 to USD 8,300 for the First Semester.

Also founded in 2008, VIA University College has eight different campuses in Denmark’s Central Region.

Most of the English-taught programs for international students are available in the areas of technology, arts, graphic design, business and management, and animation.

Tuition fees depend on the program you choose. These go from EUR 6,000 to EUR 7,500. However, some programs have semesters at the end of the curriculum that cost as little as EUR 1,000.


I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Europe Scholarships Page!