How to Study in Czech Republic for Free (7 Steps)

Have you ever wanted to study abroad without worrying about your own safety as an international student? Or have you ever had the urge to visit ancient monuments and castles? A country located in the center of Europe, called the Czech Republic, is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world and houses a number of castles visiting students may choose to see during their stay in the country. In this article, we will be looking at ways to study in the Czech Republic for free. International studies always come with adventure and wonder and studying in countries that are safe such as the Czech Republic can help make the educational experience all the more fulfilling.

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How to Study in Czech Republic for Free

1. Prepare an Application Worthy of Consideration

For a university to consider taking you in as an international student in any of their programs, it is necessary that your application be the best application in the pile. There are many ways to go about this, but one of the most effective ways to having a worthy application is by making sure that you have the credentials to back-up your claim of academic prowess and personality.

Having good grades, joining extra-curricular activities like sports and recreation, or running for a position in any student government, are just some of the ways that would help you to study in Czech Republic for free. These activities will develop the credentials that can help win you a spot in a Czech Republic university of your choosing. There will always be many applicants who would also want to have the opportunity of studying abroad, and showing the university that your application should be considered takes time and dedication.

2. Make Use of Scholarship Opportunities

As a student, you have many options to choose from for further studies. Recently, governments have started to build and foster international relations with each other by creating different international unions and institutions that house several different countries. Through these alignments, students from neighboring countries get a better chance at grabbing opportunities of studying internationally. Being a student in today’s economy means having better access to scholarship opportunities as well. Recognizing the many offers to choose from and the possibility of you being able to study as an international student is a step closer to achieving your dreams.

3. Do Well Entrance Examinations and Other Standardized Tests

Most, if not all, universities will have their own entrance examinations or require standardized tests that measure the academic aptitude of all their applicants. Some of the standardized tests include, SAT/ACT for undergraduate programs, GRE for graduate programs, and TOEFL/IELTS For English Proficiency.

Some countries may have nationwide standard tests that consists of general subjects, like Math, or Science, while other countries allow their own universities to focus on their own type of entrance exams. In any case, doing well in any type of test, whether it be an entrance examination, interview, or other form of test, is important when it comes to applying as an international student.

Getting good scores will definitely help you to study for free in Czech Republic. Why? This is one of your opportunities to show the university that you have a good academic and mental capacity that is worth investing in. Being able to study in good universities entails being part of those that perform well in examinations.

4. Choose the Affordable Czech Republic Universities

There are more than a number of affordable Czech Republic universities that are available for international students who want to study without worrying about their financial capacities. Universities like the Charles University, located in Prague, offers numerous grant and scholarship funds to deserving students. According to their site, there are different programs listed on their site that are available for students with financial needs. An example is the International Visegrad Fund, which is funded by a group of member states, including the Czech Republic. The purpose of said fund is to be able to strengthen international relations between the member countries by providing grants to students with amounts of up to 4000 EUR for projects and research funding. There are also standard grants and other university study grants.

Apart from this, other universities like the Czech Technical University in Prague offer CTU Scholarships wherein students who are from other countries can have the opportunity of studying in CTU in a Master study program with a grant of up to CzK 10,000 per month. Applying for said scholarship requires the submission of an application and the recommendation by certain individuals. The scholarship is also only limited to those who are not grantees of other named grants, such as the Erasmus Mundus.

Attending affordable universities and/or getting good scholarships are excellent ways that many international students study in Czech Republic for free. Seizing opportunities such as these makes for an affordable educational experience in Czech Republic’s best universities. If you are interested, check out the affordable universities in Czech Republic for International Students.

5. Work as an International Student in Czech Republic

One of the biggest advantages to studying as an international student in Czech Republic is the fact that having part-time or summer job student applicants is a common site. According to their government website, international students can choose to have part-time jobs while studying in Czech. However, in order to continue working while being a student, said job must not interfere with your studies. Your academic standing and performance always takes precedence. There are different conditions for students coming from the EU/EEA or Switzerland, and students who are considered to be third-country citizens.

6. Hone Your Skills

Your skillset will help define who you are as a student and as a well-rounded individual. Most universities today look for students who are both excellent academic performers as well as active members of the school or community. Being a versatile student who can work well with others as well as individually can be developed better by having more experience both inside and outside the classroom. Honing your skills in public speaking, writing, singing, dancing, or any other unique talent or expertise can help get you better opportunities when applying for a admission into good and affordable Czech Republic universities.

7. Find Cheaper Accommodation and Amenities

Deciding to go to universities in Czech Republic as an international student can cost up to $22,350 per year, and this cost becomes less or even free when you attend affordable universities or get scholarships. This amount can be considered expensive for some, especially when said amount does not even include other expenses that you might have to make to get there and to apply for admission. In order to lessen the cost of studying in Czech Republic, you need to find cheaper accommodation alternatives or amenities, such as renting a share apartment or a shared bed space. Doing this can help you to study in Czech Republic for free in combination with other steps in this article. Other ways of minimizing cost also include purchasing only the absolute necessities as a student.


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