10 Cheapest Universities in the Czech Republic for International Students

Higher education in the Czech Republic has been around for more than 600 years, and the quality of its universities has so much to offer international students.

This small country in Central Europe is among the safest in the world and has a high-income economy with universal healthcare and affordable universities.

In this article, we will be looking at cheap universities in the Czech Republic. Your studies might even be tuition-free, so keep reading to discover the wonders of the Czech Republic’s higher education system!

3 Important Aspects about Universities in the Czech Republic

How is the higher education system in the Czech Republic?

There are two types of higher education institutions in the Czech Republic: universities and higher professional schools. Studies at higher professional schools cover technical and industrial fields and usually last two or three years, including work practice.

Bachelor’s degree programs at universities last for three years, except for those in fields like engineering or medicine, which last longer. Master’s degree programs last between one and three years, and doctorate degree programs last between three and four years.

As mentioned above, tertiary education has existed in the Czech Republic for a long time. The first university was established in 1348 and since then, important efforts have been made to modernize education and improve its quality.


Do I have to learn Czech?

Czech universities warmly welcome international students. They are affiliated with hundreds of universities in other countries and have designed international programs. Also, diversity is not only a classroom thing: more than 500,000 foreigners currently live in the Czech Republic.

This is why besides programs in Czech, there are many English-taught degree programs. You can even find many programs fully taught in other languages like Russian, German, and French. However, studying in Czech is a great advantage since all programs in Czech are tuition-free regardless of your nationality. Universities offer language courses to help you learn Czech.


How expensive are Czech universities?

Tuition fees for English-taught programs usually go from USD 2,500 to USD 8,500 per academic year. Programs related to fields like medicine and studies at private universities could cost up to USD 14,000.

If you need financial aid, most universities have scholarships for international students. You can also take the challenge and learn Czech to get tuition-free education.

You might be surprised that there are many ways that you can study in the Czech Republic for free, which many international students have done. If you are interested, learn about How to Study in the Czech Republic for Free (7 Steps).

Affordable Universities Around the World

Here are some of the affordable universities in other countries:


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Cheap Universities in the Czech Republic

10. University of Economics, Prague (VŠE)

  • Tuition Fee: Between USD 4,200 and USD 5,500 Per Year

Located in the capital city, the University of Economics in Prague (VŠE in Czech) started as a department of another institution and became an autonomous university in 1953. This is the largest university in the field of business and economics.

This cheap university in the Czech Republic has six faculties of economics, business administration, finance and accounting, information and statistics, international relations, and management. These host over 15,000 students each year and around 15% of them are international students. VŠE has three campuses.

Regarding English-taught programs, there are four bachelor’s degree programs in business administration, economics, international business, and international and diplomatic studies. VŠE also offers courses in French, German, and Russian.

9. Brno University of Technology (BUT)

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: From USD 3,300 to USD 7,700 Per Year

The Brno University of Technology (BUT) was founded more than 100 years ago. Nowadays, this affordable university in the Czech Republic for international students has eight faculties of chemistry, architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering and communication, information technology, business and management, mechanical engineering, and fine arts. Out of the 74-degree programs offered at BUT, 15 are fully taught in English.

BUT’s facilities include a research institute, student residences, five sports centers, and six smaller research centers. These buildings receive more than 24,000 students each year.

8. University of Hradec Králové (UHK)

  • Tuition Fee: Between USD 3,300 and USD 4,400 Per Year

The University of Hradec Králové (UHK) started as an education institute for teacher training and after several changes, it became a fully autonomous university in 2000. The reminiscence of its roots is still alive because the Faculty of Education is the one with the largest amount of students (5,300 approx.).

However, UHK has three more faculties of science, informatics and management, and arts. In total, the four faculties host over 8,000 students. As for the English-taught degree programs offered, UHK has 10 bachelor degree programs, 10 master degree programs, and five doctoral degree programs.

7. University of Pardubice

  • Tuition Fee: Between USD 2,750 and USD 3,900 Per Year

The University of Pardubice came to life in 1950 to address the need for professionals in the area of chemistry for the city’s factories after World War II. This cheap university in the Czech Republic has seven faculties of arts and philosophy, economics and administration, restoration, health studies, chemical technology, electrical engineering and informatics, and transport engineering.

The University of Pardubice hosts 8,500 students, who are able to choose among 60-degree programs with 130 specializations.

6. Masaryk University (MU)

  • Tuition Fee: Between USD 2,250 and USD 14,000 Per Year

Ranked between the 551st and 560th best universities worldwide in the QS World University Ranking, Masaryk University (MU) was established a century ago. It hosts over 35,000 students of which 1,000 approx. are from other countries.

It has nine faculties of education, law, economics and administration, sports studies, informatics, science, medicine, social studies, and arts. They offer over 600-degree programs! Some of these are available in English, German, or in combination with Czech.

MU has a research center, a museum (in honor of Gregor Mendel), a cinema, and a Polar station in Antarctica. The university also has a center that assists and addresses the needs of students with limited mobility or sensory impairments.

Tuition fees at MU go from USD 2,250 to USD 4,000 per academic year for most programs. The only exception is for programs in the faculty of medicine and dentistry, which go from USD 8,000 to USD 14,000 per academic year.

5.  University of Ostrava (UO)

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: Between USD 2,200 and USD 9,400 Per Year

The University of Ostrava (UO) is one of the most recently founded universities in the Czech Republic since it was established in 1991. Despite its relative youth, it already ranks between the 801st and 1000th best institutions in the QS World University Ranking.

With almost 9,000 students, this cheap university in the Czech Republic is divided into six faculties of fine arts and music, social studies, medicine, arts, science, and education. It also has two institutes, an art gallery, and student residences.

Tuition fees here depend on the program you choose. For example, the English-taught program of philology costs USD 2,200 per year. You’ll have to visit the website of each faculty to see the tuition fee for each program.

4. Palacký University Olomouc

  • Estimated Tuition Fee: Between USD 2,200 and USD 6,600 Per Year

Founded more than four centuries ago, in 1573, Palacký University Olomouc is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. The university is located in a small town in the city of Olomouc and it plays an important role in the town’s life. That’s why many of the services offered are oriented toward students.

With over 25,000 students, it has eight faculties of education, theology, medicine and dentistry, health science, philosophy, law, physical culture, and science. Its facilities include a sports center, multiple libraries, a science and technology park, an IT center, a Confucius Institute, and student residences with more than 5,000 places.

As it happens with UO, tuition fees depend on the program so you’ll have to check the website of each faculty. For example, the education program costs USD 2,200 per year.

3. Technical University of Liberec

  • Tuition Fee: Between USD 1,200 and USD 5,000 Per Year

With 9,000 students, the Technical University of Liberec has seven faculties. These offer programs in the fields of engineering, health, arts, economics, humanities, technology, and architecture. There are 18 English-taught degree programs available at this cheap university in the Czech Republic.

The university has a research institute that develops projects in the areas of nanomaterials, engineering, and innovation. It is part of the “Neisse University” project along with a German and a Polish university. Bachelor students that enroll in the program will spend a year in each university.

2. Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU)

  • Tuition Fee: Between USD 1,100 and USD 3,000 Per Year

Established only two decades ago, the Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) has almost 10,000 students. It has six faculties of multimedia communications, humanities, logistics and crisis management, applied informatics, management and economics, and technology. These offer 111-degree programs.

1. Charles University

Charles University is the oldest university in the Czech Republic (1348) and the best-ranked one with the 291st place in the QS World University Ranking. It is also de biggest, with more than 50,000 students and 17 faculties, which include three faculties of medicine.

Charles University is the cheapest university in the Czech Republic. It has multiple museums, three academic and research institutes, an environmental center, and two botanical gardens. Its buildings are located throughout the city because there isn’t a single campus.

Tuition fees for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs go from USD 2,500 to USD 6,000, except for those in the faculty of medicine, which cost up to USD 14,700. Some Ph.D. programs are tuition-free for all students and the prices of the rest go from USD 100 to USD 2,500.


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