James Cook Scholarships for International Students

Ranked as one of the top universities in Australia, James Cook University boasts five-star awards in learner engagement and social equity. It is located near rainforest-covered mountains and beautiful beaches. So, if you are someone who enjoys city life but also likes relaxing surrounded by nature, consider studying at James Cook University.

It is also known for its many campuses, the most prolific being in Singapore. So, if you are studying in Asia or Australia, and need some financial help, the list of available James Cook University scholarships below should give you a better insight into your financial situation during your studies.

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James Cook University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at James Cook University

1. JCU International Excellence Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: £25% tuition fee reduction throughout the entire duration of the study
  • Eligibility Criteria: hold citizenship in either, United States, Canada, Latin America, the United Kingdom, or Europe
  • Scholarship Link

James Cook University is looking to award the scholarship to excellent international students who can maintain a strong GPA each year of study. The good thing about this scholarship is that candidates are not required to apply! Eligibility is assessed during the application to your course, and you will be contacted if you fit the requirements.

This scholarship at James Cook University is offered to almost every undergraduate student from the countries mentioned above. However, there are some excluded subjects. These are usually the subjects which last longer than a typical degree, Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, etc.

2. JCU International Merit Stipend

  • Scholarship Amount: monthly payments of A$700
  • Eligibility Criteria: hold citizenship in either Asia, Africa, Papua New Guinea, or the Middle East
  • Scholarship Link

If you do not hold citizenship in a country mentioned in the JCU International Excellence Scholarship, you will probably be eligible for the JCU International Merit Stipend. Like the above scholarship, students do not need to apply for this James Cook University scholarship. Those who fit the criteria will be contacted.

This is a great scholarship for those who are concerned about maintaining their finances throughout studying. All you need to do is make sure you maintain a strong GPA throughout your studies.

3. Australia Awards

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition, living expenses, and travel allowance
  • Eligibility Criteria: evidence of strong academic capacity, likely to make a significant impact in their field, and hold citizenship in a participating country.
  • Degree Offered: All levels of study
  • Scholarship Link

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is offering the chance to study at James Cook University for absolutely nothing! Successful applicants will have their tuition fees, air travel, and living expenses covered.

If you hold citizenship in one of the many participating countries, you will need to apply through their online system and answer a series of questions. These focus on your career aspirations, how you plan to use the skills you will gain from the degree and, demonstrating a time when you implemented change or reform.

Postgraduate Scholarships at James Cook university

1. International Research Training Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: tuition fees covered, $28,854 per year as living allowance paid fortnightly, and Overseas Health Cover
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students who are in Australia at the time of application and already enrolled in Higher Degree by Research program
  • Degree Offered: research master’s or doctorate
  • Scholarship Link

This scholarship offers an exciting opportunity for those continuing onto either a master’s degree or postgraduate research. You will not only get your tuition fees covered but receive a fortnightly stipend and overseas health cover. There are several subjects eligible for this James Cook University scholarship, but it is not available to all so ensure you check your course on the list.

The application is pretty straightforward as well. You just need to complete an application form, provide transcripts of qualification, your CV, and proof of your English language proficiency.

JCU also offers two other similar scholarships, the JCU Postgraduate Research Scholarship and the AIMS@JCU Scholarships. Do not worry about which to apply for as once you express your interest in a scholarship, you will be considered for all that you are eligible for.

2. John Grey Hall of Residence Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: up to $3,580
  • Eligibility Criteria: enrolled as a student on the JCU Cairns campus, have a home address more than 40km from the campus, and applied to live in a standard room at John Grey Hall
  • Degree Offered: all levels of study
  • Scholarship Link

The scholarship is for those who need to relocate more than 40km to study at JCU, making it is ideal for international students. Successful applicants receive money into their accommodation account that will cover some of the costs for one academic year.

John Grey Hall is a seven-story, 300-bedroom building on Cains Campus. It has amazing facilities including a gymnasium, a car park, a garden and daily cleaning of communal areas.

To apply, you will have to provide a written statement which outlines your motivation to complete your studies, the impact that the scholarship would have along with any other reasons which showcase your suitability for the award. Other application documents include references, evidence of financial hardship, and a copy of an academic record.

3. Robert Logan Memorial Bursary

  • Scholarship Amount: up to $14,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: enrolled to study either undergraduate or postgraduate biochemistry
  • Degree Offered: all levels of study
  • Scholarship Link

This money is intended to be used for traveling and equipment to enhance research. If you are on a biochemistry course and wish to attend meetings, conferences, or other universities then this money is there to assist you. Also, if you require items for research work, you can dip into the fund to pay for them.

There are many more undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships at James Cook University. Check out their Scholarships Page to see if you could benefit from any. Some of the scholarships are also available for those attending the JCU Singapore campus. Look at the terms and conditions within the individual scholarships to see.


I hope that this article was helpful. If you are interested, visit the Australia Scholarships Page.