Top 10 Universities in Australia for International Students

International students getting their degrees in a different country or overseas is becoming more and more common because of many reasons. One popular reason, especially for students in economically rich countries, is the cheaper cost of getting a college degree in a different country but with the same or even better quality of education. Moreover, by spending their time in a different country, students will have more and better opportunities that they might encounter. These are the two usual reasons why students tend to study abroad. However, some students spend money to pursue their degrees in a different country to get a better education no matter how much the price or cost will be – like students pursuing their degrees in Australia.

Australia has been one of the largest countries and the most powerful in terms of economic and industrial capacity. This is also the reason why the cost of most products and services in the country is relatively higher compared to other countries. School services and tuition fees from universities are also included that’s why only those who have the money and the desire to get a better education in better facilities dare to apply and enroll in any university in Australia.

So, if you are among these students who have a huge thirst for knowledge and education despite the financial requirements of the country and its universities, go to Australia and find your university. Here is some information about the best universities in Australia for international students and other necessary information about the country.

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How satisfied are international students studying in Australia?

According to the government of Australia based on their survey for international students, among all the international students residing and studying in their country, 89% are satisfied with the country’s learning environment and experiences with their respective universities. Of course, the main reason for their satisfaction is the quality of education they are receiving from the universities along with some high-standard facilities and equipment at each institution. With this, foreign students mark Australia as one of the most comfortable countries to study at.

What are the most popular programs in Australia for International Students?

Being economically ahead from some countries, Australia has the best college courses and programs that are also popular with international students. These courses are related to commerce and business administration. The most popular with all students in the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy because this is where salaries are usually high. Many businesses and organizations require several accountants to keep records of their financial data. Other than this, the Bachelor of Science in Economics is also popular as the demand in people who knows how to predict the economic trend is very important especially for big businesses.

How many international students study in Australia?

The government of Australia has recorded at most 870,000 international students that have come and apply for a student visa in Australia. As you can see, the cost of education and living expenses will not be relevant for students whose purpose and the main goal in Australia is to study and get their degrees.

What is the most prestigious university in Australia?

As of the current time, the most prestigious university in Australia according to many university world rankings and charts is the Australian National University. This could be debatable because according to some ranking sites, the University of Melbourne is unbeatable in terms of facilities and their education is near the best. However, according to both universities, they specialize in different fields of study and should not be compared based on their overall point of view for the universities.

Best Universities in Australia for International Students

1. Australian National University

As you can see in their statistics, the Australian National University is the best university in Australia for international students having a huge part of the total population of the students. They are the leading university in research and education which is the reason why many international graduate students apply to this university.

2. University of Melbourne

In terms of international students’ volume, the University of Melbourne is second to none. The wide variety of courses and programs that are offered in different languages is what makes the university the center of international relations regarding education. The university is known to have members of their faculty hired from around the world to properly teach the courses according to their origin.

3. University of Sydney

Among the top universities in Australia for international students is the University of Sydney where most of the international students also apply for. It is known that almost 900,000 international students go to Australia every year to enroll and study to get their degrees. And not more than 10% of that population goes to this university. This just states how good the international relations of the university are. It has built connections with other countries through education that will last for a long time.

4. University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales is also one of the most prestigious universities in Australia as it also has a huge number of international students enrolled in their courses and degree programs. They also have a wide variety of offerings especially for graduate and post-graduate students who just got their undergraduate degrees and pursuing further studies. Moreover, aside from English, most programs are offered in different languages such as French and Spanish, and that is another reason why the number of international students is high.

5. University of Queensland

Even though not as prestigious as the first two universities in terms of facilities and equipment, the University of Queensland still belongs to the best universities in Australia for international students. The university is known for the quality and variety of education that they offer especially for international students. They have maintained their relationships with other institutions and countries by quickly responding to their concerns and requests. Right now, the university is considered to be evolving and will catch up with other universities soon.

6. Monash University

Even though the Monash University is among the universities with the highest international students enrolled in their courses and programs, it still could not be placed among the top three universities in Australia. This is because the university focuses more on the quality of education that they provide their students with professional educators handling them. Moreover, the facilities of the university are good to be considered as state-of-the-art.

7. University of Western Australia

Even though the University of Western Australia has fewer international students enrolled in their university relatively to other top universities, it never lags to any university in terms of achievements, facilities, and prime education that they offer. Their relationship with international institutions and with other countries is strong as they also offer scholarships for international students who wanted to enroll in the university. These scholarships depend on the courses and programs that the student will be taking.

8. University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is among the popular universities in Australia for international students because they are one of the universities that offer an additional free year of staying in the country after their studies are finished. In this period, the students are encouraged to apply for jobs and get opportunities in the country as they see fit. Aside from this, the university’s living expenses are relatively lower compared to the universities in Sydney.

9. University of Technology Sydney

As the name implies, the University of Technology Sydney is a research university that specializes in science and the development of technology. However, these are not the courses that are offered in the university as many other programs for international students pursuing arts and social studies are also available.

10. University of Newcastle, Australia

The University of Newcastle in Australia is strong and flexible in Australia. Among other best Australian universities for international students, it has a good balance in having achievements, meeting the concerns of its constituents, and maintaining a good relationship with international and local students.


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