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Quirino State University is a public university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. It has degree programs in over 10 fields of study including Information Technology, Office Administration, Forestry, and Elementary Education. To accommodate current health concerns in the Philippines, the university has adopted E-Aral and Flexible Learning. More quality-of-service projects such as the Physical Plant, Site, and Facilities Development have been made.

Quirino State University Overview

Bachelor's Tuition Fees

The bachelor's tuition fee at Quirino State University is from 3,960 Pesos to 5,400 Pesos per year for domestic students and from 3,960 Pesos to 5,400 Pesos per year for international students.

Tuition Fee Pages

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Here are the world rankings of Quirino State University from reputable ranking sources:

  • EduRank: #9038 in the World
  • UniRank: #12387 in the World

Bachelor's Courses

Here are some of the bachelor's courses at Quirino State University that are being offered:

  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
  • Elementary Education
  • Forestry
  • Information Technology
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Office Administration
  • Secondary Education

You can take a look at complete list of bachelor's courses at Quirino State University in the Bachelor's Courses Page