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#23 Best University in Croatia
#24 Best Value University in Croatia

The Polytechnic in Pozega is a public institution of higher learning that has a focus on practical training in the professional study programs it offers. The school aims to become a regional leader in higher education, specifically professional studies. Among its facilities is a library equipped with a library fund of over 5000 copies that is accessible to students of the polytechnic, teachers, external associates, as well as members of the community.

Polytechnic in Pozega Overview

Institution Location
Pozega, Croatia
Institution Type
Institution Founding
Institution World Rankings
# 7143
StudyAbroadAide World Rankings
Institution Best Value Rankings
# 7114
StudyAbroadAide Best Value Rankings

Polytechnic in Pozega Rankings

SAA Best University World Rankings 2024 # 7143 89 %
SAA Best University Europe Rankings 2024 # 2365 94 %
SAA Best University Croatia Rankings 2024 # 23 55 %
SAA Best Value University World Rankings 2024 # 7114 89 %
SAA Best Value University Europe Rankings 2024 # 2248 90 %
SAA Best Value University Croatia Rankings 2024 # 24 58 %

Degree Programs offered at Polytechnic in Pozega

There are several Polytechnic in Pozega majors or degree programs for bachelor’s level that you can pursue. Here are some of them:

Bachelor’s Programs
Electronic Business and Software Engineering
Food Technology
Trade Business

If you want to know what other academic programs Polytechnic in Pozega offers, please visit the bachelor’s course pages. These pages will give you detailed information of the programs they offer.

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