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The Polytechnic in Pozega is a public institution of higher learning that has a focus on practical training in the professional study programs it offers. The school aims to become a regional leader in higher education, specifically professional studies. Among its facilities is a library equipped with a library fund of over 5000 copies that is accessible to students of the polytechnic, teachers, external associates, as well as members of the community.

Polytechnic in Pozega Overview

Institution Location
Pozega, Croatia
Institution Type
Institution Founding
Institution International Enrollment
# 7143
StudyAbroadAide World Rankings

Polytechnic in Pozega World Rankings

Here are the world rankings of Polytechnic in Pozega from reputable ranking sources:

EduRank #10991
UniRank #8664

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Admissions At Polytechnic in Pozega

Are you interested in studying at Polytechnic in Pozega? Or do you want to learn more about the institution so you can decide if you want to go there? Whether your mind is set or not, feel free to look around the university website.

As you explore the site, you won’t just learn about the programs the university offers or what resources they can provide. Often, they also feature information that are critical to your first steps to studying there, such as admissions processes or requirements.

However, know that some of such information is available only in Croatian. Thus, if you’re fluent in that language, you’ll find it easier to maneuver the site and get all the data you need to make the first step to studying at Polytechnic in Pozega.

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Degree Programs offered at Polytechnic in Pozega

There are several Polytechnic in Pozega majors or degree programs for bachelor’s level that you can pursue. Here are some of them:

Bachelor’s Programs
Electronic Business and Software Engineering
Food Technology
Trade Business

If you want to know what other academic programs Polytechnic in Pozega offers, please visit the bachelor’s course pages. These pages will give you detailed information of the programs they offer.

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