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For the city of Curitiba, the Federal University of Parana, or Universidade Federal do Parana, is more than just an academic institution or prestigious academe. It symbolizes the city primarily because the university’s history is intertwined with the community’s. The hands of locals have come together to build it, and it is only fitting that the education UFPR provides primarily benefits them. This act of giving back also pushes the university to be up-to-date with educational trends and technology to ensure that the provided education is modernized and updated as it could be. These modernization efforts contribute significantly to the overall development of the university and its society.

Federal University of Parana Overview


Here are the world rankings of Federal University of Parana from reputable ranking sources:

  • QS: #801 in the World
  • Times Higher Education: #1201 in the World
  • USNews: #816 in the World