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Deriving its name from ‘Alauddin,’ the king of Gowa who was the first to convert to Islam in the South Sulawesi region, Alauddin Islamic State University is a public university dedicated to training and enlightening students based on Islamic principles. The university successfully integrates Islamic values with science, art, and humanities and offers a variety of programs to interested students.

Alauddin Islamic State University has eight faculties. Five of the faculties focus on Islamic topics, while the other three deal with secular topics like science, business, and health.

Alauddin Islamic State University Overview

Institution Location
Makassar, Indonesia
Institution Type
Institution Founding
Institution World Rankings
# 3937
StudyAbroadAide World Rankings
Institution Best Value Rankings
# 4071
StudyAbroadAide Best Value Rankings

Alauddin Islamic State University Rankings

SAA Best University World Rankings 2024 # 3937 50 %
SAA Best University Asia Rankings 2024 # 1182 36 %
SAA Best University Indonesia Rankings 2024 # 66 45 %
SAA Best Value University World Rankings 2024 # 4071 51 %
SAA Best Value University Asia Rankings 2024 # 1277 39 %
SAA Best Value University Indonesia Rankings 2024 # 68 46 %

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