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Aichi Toho University was founded in 1923 as a commercial school. It has multiple faculties and departments for Business Administration, Human Health Sciences, and Education. Students get support for their education and future career. Examples of educational support include scholarships, sponsorship, and student clubs. For foreign students or local students who are interested in learning abroad, the school has abroad learning systems and exchange programs.

Aichi Toho University Overview

Bachelor's Tuition Fees

The bachelor's tuition fee at Aichi Toho University is 700,000 Yen per year for domestic students and 700,000 Yen per year for international students.

Tuition Fee Pages

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Here are the world rankings of Aichi Toho University from reputable ranking sources:

  • EduRank: #10376 in the World
  • UniRank: #7766 in the World