Curtin University Scholarships for International Students

With a holistic plan for the academic development of its students, Curtin University is one of the highly-regarded universities in Australia. From research opportunities to its multicultural learning environment, this university has much to offer to its aspiring international students. And to help those students who want to start their journey with this eight-decade-old institution, here are some of the scholarship opportunities at Curtin University for international students.

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Curtin University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Curtin University

1. Curtin International Scholarships – Merit Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: 25% off their first-year tuition fee, up to a maximum of 200 credit points only.
  • Eligibility Criteria: International, fee-paying, non-sponsored students commencing an undergraduate coursework program for the first time.
  • Scholarship Link

Aiding the international students to gain world-class education from one of Australia’s most multicultural universities, Curtin University offers its Merit Scholarship to high achieving applicants intending to enroll in the programs of the following faculties: Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, and Faculty of Science & Engineering.

This Curtin University scholarship does not require any application process, and eligible applicants will automatically receive a Letter of Offer from the Admissions Office. Once the applicants received the letter and are willing to pursue the scholarship shall accept the offer, following the procedures indicated by the letter. Once accepted, the applicants will receive a 25% tuition fee reduction on their first year of entry, given that the applicants will enroll full-time with 100 credit points each semester (Please see the full terms and conditions of the scholarship).

2. Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS)

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition fee scholarship, accommodation and living expenses allowance, prerequisite program fees, health coverage, and others.
  • Eligibility Criteria: International Students from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific.
  • Scholarship Link

Known to be a very competitive merit program, the Australian Awards Scholarships is a government-funded scholarship awarded to students from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Pacific (click the link for the complete list of participating countries). Unlike the previous scholarship program, the Australia Awards Scholarship requires an application process that differs from every participating country. But in a nutshell, applicants must first check the opening of scholarships per country and read the Scholarship Policy Handbook to know the details of the scholarship application procedures.

To date, scholarship offices of each country might require applicants to either apply online or apply through mail. With this, coordinate your application to your country’s scholarship office by sending an email through the details posted in the in-country contacts. Some of the documents that might be requested from the applicants will be Curriculum Vitae, Certification of Grade Point Average, Affidavit of Citizenship, and an English Placement Test result.

After accomplishing the necessary application procedures, successful applicants will be notified through writing. For assistance, applicants may contact the International Sponsored Students Unit (ISSU) of Curtin University through their official email address.

3. Starter Support Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $2,000 – $5,000 tuition fee reduction
  • Eligibility Criteria: Offshore International Students
  • Scholarship Link

In response to the recent crisis, Curtin University opened a need-based scholarship to assist students studying offshore. This scholarship is offered for both incoming and current students and shall be given a corresponding tuition fee reduction based on the enrolled credit points of the applicants.

For this scholarship at Curtin University, there will be no application process required. Eligible students will be automatically notified via writing, together with the list of terms and conditions for the scholarship. Once all stated terms are satisfied, interested applicants will then pay an indicative deposit and fees for Online Student Health Cover (OSHC) indicative on the letter of offer. Successful applications will receive $5,000 for a full-time courseload with 100 credit points.

Curtin University offers many scholarships options other than those mentioned above. To see more options to choose from, visit Curtin University’s Scholarship Search function.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Curtin University

1. Destination Australia Scholarship – International Students

  • Scholarship Amount: $15,000 cash stipend per annum
  • Eligibility Criteria: International, full fee-paying, non-sponsored students
  • Degree Offered: Master of Professional Engineering (Mining Engineering or Metallurgical Engineering)
  • Scholarship Link

As a frontrunner for mining and metallurgical engineering, the Kalgoorlie Campus of Curtin University opens the Destination Australia Scholarship for international students interested to further their education in the mentioned engineering fields through postgraduate coursework. This scholarship at Curtin University provides a $15,000 cash stipend per annum for eligible applicants, given in two installments per semester.

The Destination Australia Scholarship is merit-based, meaning that a selection panel will screen the applications based on two criteria – academic merit and an applicant’s statement of purpose. As stated on their website, a statement of purpose shall demonstrate an applicant’s career and personal motivations in applying for the scholarship.

Successful applicants will be notified through writing, together with the scholarship’s terms and conditions. Interested applicants will then confirm their acceptance of the scholarship, and continue processing other necessary documents as required by the selection committee.

2. Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Amount includes RTP training fee, living allowance. And tuition fee reduction
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with a full-time postgraduate HDR degree offer
  • Degree Offered: Higher Degrees by Research – both Master’s and PhD
  • Scholarship Link

Curtin University has been one of the partner schools of the Australian Government for the wider implementation of strengthened research agenda. To incentivize more students to venture into postgraduate research degrees, Research Training Program Scholarships are given to highly capable international students with reliable research experience and academic merit.

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must select an ongoing research project listed, and contact the designated project head through email – stating the applicant’s interest in the project, and their potential contributions to the project. Each project head shall shortlist applicants applying for a slot in their project. Once shortlisted, the project heads will notify eligible applicants to proceed to the application process for the Graduate Research School. The University RTP Selection committee shall select the final roster of applicants to receive scholarship benefits offered by the program. For a comprehensive list of the procedures for this scholarship, click the link to be redirected to the procedures manual.

3. Curtin Humanitarian Fund Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: The funding amount will be dependent on the circumstances of the individual recipient.
  • Eligibility Criteria: International students with refugee status
  • Degree Offered: Masters and PhD Postgraduate Coursework
  • Scholarship Link

As a response to the thriving refugee community in Australia, Curtin University launched the Curtin Humanitarian Fund Scholarship for financially disadvantaged international students with refugee status. Full-time postgraduate coursework offer holders with a refugee visa (including Bridging Visa E, A, or XA holders, Temporary Protection Visa – subclass 785, and Safe Haven Enterprise Visa – subclass 790) are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Interested applicants should submit their application online, with documents proving their refugee background available on hand. Applications will then be screened by a selection panel based on the applicant’s responses to questions in the application form, financial hardship and socioeconomic status, and authenticity of refugee status or background.

Successful applicants for this scholarship at Curtin University will receive a notification through writing, and interested applicants shall confirm their acceptance of the scholarship as soon as scholarship terms declared in the letter of offer are satisfied. Further evaluation shall be conducted to assess the scholarship benefits the applicant shall receive in consideration of their current financial status.

Curtin University is one of the institutions known to be responsive to the needs of every student. Curtin University offers a variety of scholarship programs for postgraduate international students other than those mentioned above. For the full list of scholarship programs, you can choose from visit the site’s search scholarship function.


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