5 Best Medical Schools in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been a center of medical education ever since the 14th century. As such, more and more students flocked to the country in pursuit of medical schooling. With its high-quality programs, English curriculum, and affordable tuition, the Czech Republic has become one of the best destinations for aspiring physicians. So, let’s take a look at the top medical schools in the Czech Republic!

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How long do you study Medicine in the Czech Republic?

It takes 6 years to become a doctor in the Czech Republic. The first 2 years entail theoretical lessons, while the third to fourth years cover pre-clinical education. The last 2 years are devoted to clinical rotations.

What do you need to submit when applying to Czech medical schools?

Applicants need to submit a high school diploma. Preference is given to those with good grades in biology, physics, and chemistry. Proof of English proficiency, as well as an interview or an entrance exam, may be required by some universities as well.

Top Medical Schools in the Czech Republic

1. Charles University Faculties of Medicine

Charles University is the oldest educational institution in Central Europe. Established in 1348, the university started with 4 faculties – the Faculty of Medicine included. A few centuries later, the school was divided into 3 departments, which would, later on, become the First, Second, and Third Faculties of Medicine. Apart from these, the university also has faculties in Pilsen and Hradec Králové. Charles University Medical School is considered the best medical school in the Czech Republic.

A favorite amongst international students, the Faculties are known for their many top features. Practical teachings are held in state-of-the-art laboratories, autopsy rooms, and a Center of Medical Simulations to boot.

Such learning, of course, will not be possible with the university’s esteemed professors. From then until now, the staff is manned with physicians who are leaders in their respective fields.

To complete their clinical education, students are assigned to some of the best hospitals in the region. These include the General Teaching Hospital in Prague, the University Hospital in Motol, the Thomayer Hospital, the Bulovce Hospital, the Institute of Hematology & Blood and Transfusion, and the Rheumatology Institute.

2. Palacký University Olomouc Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Palacký University Olomouc, which was established in 1573, is Czech Republic’s second-oldest educational institution. Based in Moravia, it started as a Jesuit Theological school. Despite so, medical education commenced as early as 1753 in the university’s Faculty of Philosophy. It eventually became the Department of Medicine & Surgery, before it was closed in 1873. A few decades later, the department, which would then become the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, was re-established in 1946.

Today, the university offers a 6-year General Medicine program, which is available in both Czech and English. Accredited by the US, Canada, and Malaysia, the English-taught program also includes Czech language classes for the first 3 years.

The first 4 semesters focus on the theoretical disciplines of biology, physics, and biochemistry, to name a few. Pre-clinical education is done from semesters 5 to 7, which is then followed by clinical teachings. Completion of bedside training is done during the 6th year.

Even with the program’s traditional teaching methods, it follows the European Credit Transfer System. As such, Palacký University students are free to train in partner universities abroad.

3. The University of Defence in Brno Faculty of Military Health Sciences

The University of Defence in Brno was established in 2004 to help reform the military education system. It is the result of the merger among 3 schools, namely the Military Academy Brno, Military University of the Ground Forces Vyškov, and the Military Medical Academy Hradec Králové.

One of its departments is the Faculty of Military Health Sciences, which draws its roots from the 18th-century Purkyně Military Medical Academy. Despite the numerous name changes that came afterward, this medical school in Czech Republic remains true to its mission of offering specialized training to Czech army medical officers.

Presently, the Faculty offers a Military General Medicine program, which is a type of long-cycle master’s study. Due to its specialization, it comes with a unique curriculum that features lessons in military history & hygiene, applied military technology, field technology, military medical service organization & tactics, disaster medicine, and health service law, to name a few.

4. Masaryk University Faculty of Medicine

Masaryk University is the Czech Republic’s second-largest educational institution. Founded in 1919, this Czech medical school was named after Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. He is Czechoslovakia’s first president and was also an ardent advocate for the university’s establishment.

Like most Czech universities, the faculty offers a 6-year General Medicine program. Designed for secondary school graduates, this full-time Master’s study program commences with the theoretical teachings of biology, physics, biochemistry, histology, anatomy, and physiology. Such lessons are delivered through lectures, seminars, and practical teachings.

For the fourth and fifth years, students undergo clinic internships and lectures. The sixth year focuses on pre-graduation clinical training, where the students’ clinical and departmental rotations are supervised by licensed physicians. To top it all off, these learners are also required to complete a summer training in healthcare facility operations.

5. University of Ostrava

The final candidate in our list of top medical schools in the Czech Republic is the University of Ostrava, one of the newer public universities in Moravia-Silesia, Czech Republic. Founded in 1991, it has six departments, one of which includes the Faculty of Medicine. While it was only formally established in the year 2010, it has been in existence since 1991 as the Medical-Social Faculty of Ostrava.

The department offers a General Medicine program that is taught in the English language. Admission is quite competitive, as the school only accepts 10 to 30 students per year.

The Faculty takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, which are considered as some of the more modern educational centers in the Czech Republic. It also enacts an individualized approach to teaching, where students are encouraged to develop their own skills and potentials as healthcare professionals. The school also favors student participation in research, which may be completed in any of the University Hospital’s sophisticated facilities.


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