5 Best Countries to Study Law

Law has always been part of civilization since the beginning of time. Its complexity primarily differentiates people from species of lower intellect. From early punitive forms to present multifaceted structures, Law ensures that the world continues to progress without humans getting consumed by self-destructive tendencies. It brings peace and justice into practice while sustaining order in all societies.

While it is common knowledge that laws differ between countries, studying Law abroad can have as much advantage as it is back home. However, completing a Law degree may take years, and with that, international students should know the things to consider while studying abroad.

Most universities worldwide offer Law degree programs, while career opportunities seem endless. The qualifications may be more difficult compared to other programs, and studying requires tedious work and dedication. Graduating with a Law degree is an accomplishment in itself, but completing all the hard work in a top university from a different country opens more excellent opportunities for international students. For this reason, it is worth knowing the best countries to study law.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Studying Law Abroad

1. Variety of Specializations

While laws may differ from different countries, international students still can specialize in a legal study available in their chosen destination. Checking the availability of their preferred fields to specialize in can help reinforce their decision to study abroad and maintain their motivation through challenges.

It is also crucial to note that universities may have different strengths in various legal fields. International students can check which schools specialize in their preferred areas such as Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Employment and Labor Law, and International Law. However, if students are yet to discover their specialization, it is still better to have as many options in the university as possible.

2. Study Groups

Studying Law requires spending numerous times reading. A law student may need to read 16 hours a day of legal books, case studies and records. While it may seem initially overwhelming, a law student can overcome this challenge with their study group’s help.

As an international student, a study group can help with their studies and provide additional emotional or psychological support. It is crucial to know that while study groups may be readily available, making room for people from different cultures and various backgrounds may require more time for adjustment.

3 . Future Career Options

A career in Law is one of the most fulfilling professions. Financial gain is just one of the benefits of pursuing it. On a personal level, it can help develop necessary skills such as critical thinking, communication, and decision-making. Also, it provides unique opportunities to impact lives and empowerment to make significant changes in society.

Whatever the reasons are, international students need to consider their post-graduate career options and their availability in their chosen country. Whether they wish to work abroad or back at home, international students can succeed in their chosen paths through their school and Law practice preparation in certain government or private industries.

Top Countries to Study Law in

1. United States

The United States is one of the best countries to study law in. Some of the world’s most prestigious law schools are located in the United States. Among the leading universities are Yale University, Stanford University, and Harvard University. Through these schools, international students are guaranteed a robust academic background they can take anywhere in the world. Besides its top-tier universities, international students will have more significant job opportunities and are likely to get employed in the United States.

Another thing to consider is that Hollywood is not lying in its portrayal of a lawyer’s life. It is indeed a lucrative career with a remarkable life awaiting for anybody up to the challenge. The dynamic and fast-paced everyday life of a lawyer can also bring tremendous opportunities to bring out their best. The country is also known for its cultural diversity, an apparent invitation for international students to enjoy everything it offers. More importantly, the country’s diversity and multicultural orientation provide students a rare chance to improve their legal knowledge and its implications to different societal groups. Years of study in the United States, preferably in a top school, is an absolute asset in any legal field internationally, with added benefits from the country’s high quality of life and primary use of the English language.

2. United Kingdom

Another excellent country to study law is the United Kingdom. A beautiful country with its old-world charms and modern sophistication, the United Kingdom also has some of the world’s leading universities. When looking for a school in the U.K., it is best to consider the admission process of the University of Cambridge, the University of London and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Studying Law in the United Kingdom can bring many advantages to international students. Compared to other countries that specialize in Law, international students take less time to finish their law degrees in the U.K. due to its school system. This way, students will spend less time abroad if they wish to practice Law in their home country. Meanwhile, staying in the United Kingdom means having a career that is well-respected and highly compensated. It ensures a comfortable financial future while it encourages stepping out of comfort zones and living a challenging life. Depending on the specialization, international students will also have the chance to help solve societal issues through the United Kingdom’s global influence.

3. Australia

Australia makes an excellent destination for a Law degree. There are several locations to choose from, such as Brisbane in the east coast region and its economic and cultural centers, Melbourne and Sydney. Job opportunities across the continent never seem to run out. The country also boasts of lively outdoor adventures and beautiful landscapes, which provide a convenient channel for stress relief and reprieve from the hectic life of law students.

Australian universities are also among the most competitive, globally. For Law students, striving to get accepted at a top school may come naturally. Some of the most considered schools in the country are the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Melbourne. These are among the world’s top 20 schools for legal studies, indicating its international quality and competence. All these reasons make Australia a close competitor of other western countries in Law studies.

4. Singapore

Singapore, a small city-state in Asia and home to some five million people, is another leading country to study law in. There are various specializations to choose from, with some fields drawing more local students. The National University of Singapore and the Singapore Management University are two favorite schools in the country. As expected of a top-caliber university, these two schools are highly selective, and international students have to undergo the same selection process as the local students.

Besides its schools, Singapore attracts international students for other reasons. The country promises a wide range of career options, with positions in the government as the most preferred due to its financial rewards. The country’s economy is also one of the strongest in Asia due to its international performance. Students looking to explore legal careers related to the business industry are in an ideal place.

5. Canada

Canada, a majestic country in North America, makes the top five list of the best countries for a Law degree. Similarly, it has some of the world’s leading schools, namely the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia. These schools compete with some of the world’s best, proof of its world-class education, faculty, resources, and facilities.

While the country is known for its exceptionally high quality of life, Canada also has an endless list of Law graduates’ career opportunities. Aside from financial freedom, a Law career in Canada can also mean fulfilling one’s purpose in life.


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