5 Best Law Schools in the United Kingdom

As the birthplace of both Common Law and the English language (the most widely practiced Legal Language), it’s plain to see why students from all over the world would choose the United Kingdom to pursue their legal education.

When studying law in the United Kingdom, students will need to be ready for an extensive, six-year qualification before they can begin practicing the profession. It’s a lengthy process, and an often academically strenuous one, but is considered worth the commitment. After all, it’s estimated that 90 percent of law graduates begin work or move into the further study without any delay. But with over 100 reputable institutes offering legal education, which of these universities stand out as the best law schools in the United Kingdom? And why the United Kingdom in the first place?

Part of the reason law schools in the United Kingdom is so highly regarded is that they focus on practical employment of skills, as well as theoretical development. Universities are not only deeply rooted in the history of law and the past success of alumni but are also known to be progressive, ever-changing. The world’s legal system is a living-breathing organism, and the higher education on offer to budding law students understands that. With mock courtrooms, pro bono societies, and moot competitions, successful students leave with not only the required theory of law but also knowledge on the practical application of what it means to be a lawyer.

Read on for information on what it means, and what it takes to be known as the best law schools in the United Kingdom has to offer.

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Top Law Schools in the United Kingdom

1. The University of Oxford

  • Law School Link
  • Degrees Offered: BA, Diploma in Legal Studies, BCL, MJur, MSc, MPhil, DPhil, MSt, Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice
  • Language: English

The University of Oxford is no stranger to success. Internationally recognized as one of the planet’s best law schools, the University of Oxford offers students an intimate, personalized learning journey. With a host of tutorials available for students to further their knowledge, Oxford grants to-be legal practitioners unabated access to the minds and tutelage of some of the world’s premier academics.

With such an exemplary environment for learning, it’s no wonder that students from around the world vie to enter the prestigious academy. 139 nations – including the United Kingdom – make up the student base, of which one-third are international. And despite the fact that the Oxford Faculty of Law is one of the largest in the United Kingdom, comprised of a federation of thirty law schools within the University, they boast a 7:1 faculty-to-student ratio.

Oxford works hard to present themselves as one of the best law schools in the United Kingdom operating the largest doctoral program in the English-speaking world. All courses are taught in English.

2. The University of Cambridge

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  • Degrees Offered: BA, LLM, MCL, MLitt / PhD, Diploma, LLD, MPhil, Summer Programme
  • Language: English

Being the second-oldest English-speaking university, and the fourth oldest overall, the University of Cambridge (founded in 1209) caters to around 950 students per semester. The University of Cambridge employs 80 staff and students can expect up to twelve hours of lectures per week alongside three hours of supervision and tuition from some of the world’s most recognized and prestigious academics.

Cambridge Law School is globally recognized as one of the best law schools in the UK , often in direct competition with the University of Oxford, and the preeminent Harvard University in the United States. With a strict, highly vetted system of admissions, students are offered the highest caliber of education alongside an academically and intellectually challenging three-year degree. Even with these challenges, it’s easy to see the hard work pays off. Cambridge Law School advertises that 99 percent of graduates find work in the first six months of graduating. An incredible number.

3. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

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  • Degrees Offered: LLB, LLM, Executive LLM, MSc, PhD
  • Language: English

As one of the best law schools in the United Kingdom, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is proud of its reputation for legal education and quality of teaching. LSE employs an international register of faculty staff, and its students benefit from an exceptionally diverse range of teachings. With an interdisciplinary approach to learning, LSE works with an international application of the legal profession and the research of law as a field of study as their modus operandi.

The LSE law school believes in innovation and progression. The study of banking law, taxation law, civil litigation, company law, company law, labour law, family law, and sections of welfare law were all pioneered by the LSE law school, and the school continues to strive for further innovation and research in the study of law as a subject. Students are invited to be part of this innovation, and benefit from a wholistic but detailed approach to study.

4. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is regarded as the best law school in Scotland and is considered by some to be one of the best law schools in all the United Kingdom. Offering not only an exceptional theoretical legal education, the University of Glasgow also provides students with a host of summer internships. They understand that the legal market is cutthroat and highly competitive and promise students an environment where they may hone their expertise in law to ensure the best chance at success.

The University of Glasgow has also built a sturdy relationship with international institutes, advocating for success through exposure. Over 50 percent of students are reported to opt-in for overseas study at law schools from around the world.

5. University College London (UCL)

Since 1827, University College London or UCL has found itself situated within the heart of London. A globally recognized institution, UCL represents a history of firsts in England law. As the initial educators of common law as opposed to civil law, UCL forged the modern pathways in which students would learn the legal practice. These progressive ideals would soon nurture the growth of Eliza Orme, the first woman in England to gain a degree in law.

Alongside the incredible lineage the university advertises, many consider UCL to be one of the best law schools in not only the United Kingdom but the world.


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