University of Washington Scholarships for International Students

The University of Washington is a public research university in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1861, making it one of the oldest universities on the West Coast. It also has campuses located in Tacoma and Bothell. In addition, it is one of the members of the Association of American Universities with very high research activity and engagement.

As one of the world’s preeminent public universities, the University of Washington is known for its competitive medical, engineering, law, architecture, and business schools and programs. It has been actively contributing to the country’s research breakthroughs and discoveries. In addition, it has been funded over a billion dollars on research and development. These achievements are made possible because of the university’s state-of-the-art facilities. It has over 500 buildings, including art centers, laboratories, museums, and has one of the largest library systems in the world.

The University of Washington is home to over 54,000 students thriving in its eighteen schools. It aims to become the foundation of the students’ successes. The university also prides itself on its sustainable environment. It has been recognized by the Princeton Review Green Ratings for its healthy and sustainable surroundings and its drive to instill environmental advocacies and preparedness to its students.

Here, we discuss some available scholarships at the University of Washington.

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University of Washington Scholarships

The University of Washington sees that all students’ financial needs are met. It has various financial assistance programs available to both undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their citizenship and economic backgrounds. Below are some of the financial aid programs.

1. Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance Seattle Chapter Scholarship

  • Scholarship Page
  • Eligible Degree: Bachelor’s and Master’s
  • Scholarship Amount: Varies

The Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance Seattle Chapter Scholarship Fund is offered to undergraduate and graduate students, US residents, and international students alike. This scholarship at the University of Washington is in partnership with the Accounting and Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA), a national organization of accountants, bookkeepers, finance directors, and accounting instructors. Students may be eligible to apply as long as they meet the scholarship’s criteria and pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting or finance. If selected, they become scholars, and the financial aid package varies.

2. Gerberding Scholarship

The University of Washington’s Honors Program offers several scholarships to undergraduate students regardless of their residency. One of which is the William Gerberding Scholarship with is awarded to an Interdisciplinary or Departmental Honors student. It is a scholarship program established for William Gerberding, a former president of the University of Washington. Among his accomplishments is his contribution to the university’s first fund drive. Candidates for this scholarship at the University of Washington must be in their sophomore year or a rising junior. They must also actively uphold the Honors community’s mission and values. As an award, they will be given $3,000. The university’s Honors Program has other scholarship awards offered to students. See the scholarship page for more information.

3. Clarence H. Campbell Endowed Lauren Donaldson Scholarship

The University of Washington’s College of Environment offers the Clarence H. Campbell Endowed Lauren Donaldson Scholarship to US residents and international undergraduate students. It was established in memory of Lauren “Doc” Donaldson, a former professor at the University of Washington’s School of Fisheries. He contributed numerous research breakthroughs in the field of freshwater fisheries research and management. This University of Washington scholarship award will depend on the students’ academic merit and financial needs. They must be an undergraduate student pursuing a major in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Oceanography, and/or Marine Biology.

4. Graduate Fellowships

  • Scholarship Page
  • Eligible Degree: Master’s and PhD
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fees and a living stipend

Other scholarships at the University of Washington come in the form of fellowships. Fellowship programs are available to graduate students to help them complete their research dissertation and other academic endeavours. One of the programs is the Gatzert Child Welfare Fellowship, which includes a financial aid package of a $2,814 monthly stipend, tuition fees coverage, and health insurance. This is offered to graduate students whose research focuses on improving the lives of children with disabilities. It was established by the Bailey and Babette Gatzert Foundation for Child Welfare. Fellows will have to work full-time on their dissertation writing. Visit the Graduate Funding Fellowships page for more information. There are other fellowship opportunities available on the page.

5. Research and Teaching Assistantships

  • Scholarship Page
  • Eligible Degree: Master’s and PhD
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fees and a living stipend

Graduate students at the University of Washington can apply as research and teaching assistants as part of the university’s work-study financial aid programs. They will work alongside other graduate students under a supervisor and will do tasks that assist faculty members. Each department or school offers research and teaching assistantships.

For example, the Department of Anthropology offers Graduate Student Service Appointment, which is generally a teaching assistant or research assistant position. Students will have to work 20 hours a week and will receive tuition remission and health insurance as compensation. They are also called Academic Student Employees. Students can choose to apply for the summer teaching appointments as well. At the University of Washington, Graduate Student Service Appointments are one of the graduate student employees that addresses the concerns of student employee positions on campus. With that, there are other student employee options for interested students, such as TAs and RAs. See the Anthropology Graduate Funding page for more information.

As part of the university’s financial assistance, students who were affected by the pandemic can request or apply for the emergency aid program. Visit the University of Washington Emergency Aid page for more information.

Other financial aid programs are available for students of the University of Washington, including scholarships, grants, loans, fellowships, assistantships, and other work-study or student employment programs. These programs are offered to outstanding students with great academic credentials and high engagement in community service and research activities. Visit the Financial Aid page for more information and to see if you check all the boxes.


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