University of Tokyo Scholarships for International Students

The University of Tokyo is an elite public research university based in the capital city of Tokyo in Japan. Commonly known as Todai amongst the Japanese, the university was established in 1877 and is among the first Imperial universities to be founded in the country. Since its inception, the university has grown into becoming one of the most prestigious institutions in Asia and currently provides education for more than 28,000 students.

The university is academically comprised of 10 faculties of study in addition to around 15 graduate schools. Additionally, it operates across 5 different campuses across the city of Tokyo. With its elite status, the university also receives funding under the Top Global University Project by MEXT which enables the university to further offer ample funding opportunities for prospective students. In this article, we present University of Tokyo scholarships for international students, both undergraduate and postgraduate.

We also encourage students to browse through the undergraduate and postgraduate admissions guide before considering applying for scholarships at the university.

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University of Tokyo Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate students have access to a variety of University of Tokyo scholarship and funding opportunities offered both by the university in collaboration with the government or private organisations as well as centrally-managed scholarships. While these may seem limited, the majority of these scholarships are usually operated with focus on academic potential and achievement. Students are encouraged to also contact foundations affiliated to the university which also offer a variety of fellowships for specific students.


1. Japanese MEXT Scholarships

The MEXT Scholarships are the most common type of program offered predominantly by the Japanese government for prospective students to the University of Tokyo. Funded specifically by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology, the scholarship program was established to offer positions for outstanding students based on their academic capabilities. The scholarships are further widespread and are offered to a wide variety of students across multiple degree levels.

Scholarship value:

Successful recipients receive up to a full coverage of their tuition fee expenses. Additionally, a living stipend is provided to the student which will vary across different successful applications. Finally, successful students also receive return airfare to and from Japan.

Eligibility criteria:

All prospective international students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program, regardless of study level.

Application process:

The application window for the scholarships open around Spring of each year. Students are encouraged to visit the MEXT scholarship website (given below) for more details. The website also contains all the relevant application documents for the scholarship as well. The university further specifies that applying via the relevant embassy of the country is also important.

Further information regarding the application process can be received through the official MEXT Scholarship website.


2. PEAK Scholarships

These PEAK scholarships are a type of merit-based scholarship at the University of Tokyo exclusively for undergraduate students who are of international student status.

Scholarship value:
The package is a 4-year scholarship that covers admission fees, tuition as well as living expenses (which is usually around 126,000 Yen/month).

Eligibility criteria:
Prospective international students who are studying an undergraduate program are eligible to apply.

Application process:
The selection for this scholarship program is part of the screening process during admissions. Students need not submit an additional application. Further information regarding this is included in this page.


Postgraduate Scholarships

Postgraduate students have access to a variety of different University of Tokyo scholarships for international students that are typically offered in relation to the type of degree they are pursuing. While academic/merit-based scholarships are offered, the university also provides research grants and other types of funding as well.


1. Japanese MEXT Scholarships for Graduate Students

As stated previously, the MEXT Scholarships is a government-based funding program that offers scholarships for prospective international students to the university across all degree levels. To this end, postgraduate students are also eligible to apply for this program. Aside from the number of allocated and offered scholarships for postgraduate students, there are minimal differences with the undergraduate scholarship.

Scholarship value:

The package covers the full tuition expenses of the graduate course with the addition of a living stipend that varies depending on the student as well as return airfare to and from Japan. Research students also have the prospect of applying for a research grant within the package as well.

Eligibility criteria:

All prospective international postgraduate students, including Masters, Doctoral and professional course students are eligible to apply for the program.

Application process:

Students are encouraged to visit the MEXT Scholarship website (refer to link in the undergraduate scholarship section). Embassy recommendations are also important when applying for the scholarship. For further information regarding the MEXT scholarships via the University of Tokyo, please refer to the following page for application process details.


2. University of Tokyo Special Scholarship for International Scholarships

This scholarship program was founded in 2004 and aimed to offer grants for research to selected postgraduate students who show high achievements in their respective field. These students tend to be privately funded as well. The program also aimed to promote further acceptance of promising graduate students from across the world.

Scholarship value:

Selected recipients for this University of Tokyo scholarship program are eligible to receive a monthly research grant of 200,000 yen or 150,000 yen depending on the situation, during the standard period of their program.

Eligibility criteria:

The program is eligible for Masters students, Doctors students, professional degree course students and research students (depending on the allocated number of scholarships for each degree stream). The number of students who receive the award tend to vary from year to year.

Application process:
The scholarship application process changes across the different departments. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact their respective graduate division and specifically the international office for further details regarding details of the application procedure.


3. JASSO Research Fellowships

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers numerous funding and scholarship advice as well as offering fellowships for prospective students. This particular research fellowship was founded for international students who are pursuing their research typically after graduation.

Scholarship value:

The package includes return airfare and a daily allowance of up to 11,000 Yen per day.

Eligibility criteria:

Eligible students include returnees from Japan who are nationals of a specific list of developing countries and regions outside of Japan and who are pursuing a research-based degree in the University of Tokyo.

Application process:

Application should be made from the host university, the University of Tokyo in this case. Additionally, forms from a suitable research supervisor and a prospective researcher from the applicant’s country need to be included. Further information regarding the application process can be found in the Jasso scholarship website.


4. University of Tokyo Assistance Association Fellowships

This scholarship program is offered by the Assistance Association of the University of Tokyo and offers a series of fellowships for prospective graduates.

Scholarship value:
A monthly stipend of up to 50,000 Yen is offered to successful recipients.

Eligibility criteria:
Students enrolled within the University of Tokyo, including research students, are eligible to apply for this program.

Application process:
The application period is usually between April and March of the following year. Students are encouraged to directly contact their academic department for further information regarding this. Additional details can be received in this scholarship page as well.


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