University of Strasbourg Scholarships for International Students

The University of Strasbourg is a public research university located in France. It is located in the quaint city of Strasbourg, which is only second to Paris in the number of international students. According to the school’s official website, about 20% of the university’s student population is made up of international students. These students come from all regions of the world to study in one of France’s most prestigious universities.

While there are no scholarships funded by the University of Strasbourg itself, there are several available options if you wish to study in France. Below are two viable scholarships you should consider applying for if you’re contemplating studying at the University of Strasbourg. Take note that these scholarships at the University of Strasbourg are only available for postgraduate students.

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University of Strasbourg Scholarships

Postgraduate Scholarships at the University of Strasbourg

1. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program of Excellence

  • Scholarship Amounts:
    • Masters: €1181 monthly allowance for 12-36 months, round-trip airfare, transportation fees, health insurance, cultural activities
    • Doctorate: €1700 monthly allowance for a maximum of 12 months, round-trip airfare, transportation fees, health insurance, cultural activities
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be enrolling in a master’s or doctorate program in any of the following four fields: law, economics and management, political science, engineering sciences on a master’s level, and/or general sciences on a Ph.D. level (including engineering)
    • must be an international student; must not possess French citizenship
    • must be a maximum of 25 years old for master’s level, and 30 years old for doctorate level
  • Scholarship Link

The Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Program of Excellence is funded by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It aims to help higher education institutions all over France attract international students, particularly those coming from developing countries. The program supports those studying high-priority courses such as engineering and economics in the hopes that scholars will return to their home countries and put their newfound knowledge to good use there.

This University of Strasbourg scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship, and you must follow their specific criteria. Only those that fit the age requirements, are enrolling in the set courses, and do not have French citizenship will be eligible for the scholarship. More details on who is eligible can be found here in the scholarship guidelines.

The Eiffel Program does not accept direct applications from the students themselves. Applications are submitted by universities, which in your case will be the University of Strasbourg. When applying for admission, the university will be taking a look at your academic standings and credentials to see if you’re qualified for a scholarship nomination. If so, they will fill out the application form in your stead and submit it to the Eiffel Program.

The scholarship will be awarded on the following selection criteria: your qualifications and your home country. They will also be looking at your chosen university (i.e., the University of Strasbourg) because the quality of life the institution provides its international students is also important to them. Not only does the Eiffel Program strive to support highly motivated and talented individuals, but it also looks to make their time in France as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. This is why they also look at the quality of life the University of Strasbourg provides its international students.

Take note that this scholarship does not fund tuition fees. It only supports your living and maintenance expenses and grants you exemption from enrollment fees. The Eiffel Program expects the University of Strasbourg to provide appropriate financial aid to those in need.

2. Civil Society Leadership Awards

  • Scholarship Amount: fully-waived tuition fees, travel expenses, monthly living expenses, health insurance, and other miscellaneous fees
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be a national of any of the following countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Laos, Libya, Myanmar, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, or Uzbekistan
    • must be enrolling in either of the following courses at the University of Strasbourg: Master in Development Challenges and Practices in the Global South, or Master in International Relations
    • must have an excellent academic and employment history; should demonstrate leadership skills particularly in their home countries
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The Open Society Foundations was founded in 1979 by philanthropist George Soros. Born to a Jewish family during the height of Nazi occupation in Hungary, Soros experienced ethnic and political oppression firsthand. After leaving Budapest, Soros studied at the London School of Economics before emigrating to the United States. It was there that he amassed great wealth from investments and businesses. However, Soros never forgot his roots and uses his fortune for a greater good—since the foundation’s establishment, he has given away $32 billion of his wealth for scholarships.

The Civil Society Leadership Award is one such scholarship. This scholarship available at the University of Strasbourg supports deserving students from developing countries by offering fully-waived tuition fees and other expenses a master’s student might need. The candidate must not only have excellent academic capabilities but must also have the skills and potentials to be a great leader. Additionally, the candidate must also be dedicated to their home country—they should be committed to using their skills for the betterment of their societies.

Applications are conducted online through the foundation’s official website. Be sure to watch out for announcements—sometimes the scholarship will not be available for the year. Once applications are opened, you will need to register for a new account to access the application link. There, you can fill out the online application form and submit your required documents.

You’re likely going to need academic transcripts, a comprehensive resume, and certificates to prove your academic standing and qualifications. Because the Open Society Foundations values leadership qualities as well, you would probably also need professional reference letters and a letter of motivation detailing why you need the scholarship and how it’ll be beneficial for your chosen career path. The application should be written entirely in English.

Take note that the application for this scholarship is completely separate from your application to the University of Strasbourg. You will need an unconditional offer for admission to avail of the Civil Society Leadership Award. Your application will be rejected otherwise.

If accepted for this University of Strasbourg scholarship, you should be willing to attend summer school classes. This is just to prepare you for your time at the University of Strasbourg. This is completely covered by the grant. Your tuition fees, travel expenses, living expenses, health insurance, material and equipment fees, etc. will also be covered. This is a full-ride scholarship every eligible candidate should consider applying for.


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