University of Oulu Scholarships for International Students

More sustainable, More intelligent, More humane – this is the guiding mantra of the University of Oulu, an international science university in Oulu, Finland. Since its establishment in 1958, the university is proud to be one of the largest multidisciplinary universities in Finland with 13,500 students in 8 faculties. Here, we will be looking at the University of Oulu scholarships for international students.

Research is a key pillar in the university of Oulu and is the vehicle by which all three points of its mantra are fulfilled. Guided by its ‘Science with Arctic attitude’ research identity, the university’s strengths lie in preserving and building a sustainable Arctic environment, while looking to the future for intelligent solutions on digitization and smart societies. In collaboration with public and private partners, the university aims to specialize in solutions with human impact, ranging from sustainable steel to digitized solutions for healthcare – all united in providing practical solutions to everyday problems.

The same is reflected in its degree programs and campus life. The university believes in taking responsibility, creating new, and succeeding together. This is achieved through a high-accountability academic culture, making sustainable choices on campus, and consistently developing multidisciplinary courses to keep up with the changing times.

The combination of sustainability, intelligence, and humanity bodes well for the University of Oulu. It consistently ranks among the top 3% of schools worldwide based on the Times Higher Education World University Ranking and the QS World University Rankings.

Experience this for yourself through their various scholarships:

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University of Oulu Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Oulu

1. University of Oulu International Scholarship – Partial

  • Scholarship Amount: 50-75% tuition waiver
  • Eligibility Criteria: Non-EU/EEA students; accepted in University of Oulu bachelor’s courses with discounted tuition options
  • Scholarship Link

The University of Oulu International Partial Scholarship is granted to non-EU/EEA students accepted into select international bachelor’s programs. Check out the list of participating courses and their corresponding partial tuition waivers here. Fortunately, there is no separate application form needed to apply for this scholarship – the application to the university under Studyinfo portal will suffice. Students are assessed based on proof of academic excellence and potential. Results of the scholarships are given at the same time as admissions.

The partial scholarship works on a per-year basis – students must complete a minimum of 60 credits each year to continue to be eligible for the partial scholarship the next academic year.

2. University of Oulu International Scholarship – Full

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition waiver
  • Eligibility Criteria: Non-EU/EEA students; accepted in University of Oulu Business Analytics course
  • Scholarship Link

The University of Oulu International Full Scholarship is given to accepted international students only under the Business Analytics course. There is also no need to file a separate application to apply for this scholarship. Criteria for judging and timings for the grants will also be the same as those of the partial scholarship.

The difference lies in the timing of the subsidies. The 100% scholarship will not apply in the current year – it can only apply in the next academic year once the student has completed a minimum of 60 credits in his first year. However, with continued performance, this scholarship at the University of Oulu given for the next three years will offset the funds spent in the first year.

3. Kela Financial Aid Program

  • Scholarship Amount: Variable
  • Eligibility Criteria: non-EU/EEA students with employment or family in Finland or have a right to permanent residence in Finland
  • Scholarship Link

Kela is the social insurance institution of Finland. As a general rule, non-Finnish and non-EU/EEA students are not eligible for financial aid by the government. However, an international student may be eligible for financial aid if he has another reason for staying in Finland other than studies – such as employment or visiting family. If he has a right to permanent residence in Finland as stipulated in section 1, subsection 2 of the Act on Student Financial Aid, this can also be another option.

To apply for this scholarship available at the University of Oulu, one must submit an application form online or through the mail, along with scanned copies of supporting documents. Higher education applicants need to attach form OT2e to their application. The verdict will also be relayed online. Study grants will be given as a government loan guarantee which can be used to apply for a student loan here.

The University of Oulu also features competitive postgraduate scholarships for Master’s and Ph.D. students as follows:

Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Oulu

1. Finland Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Full tuition waiver for the first year, plus one-time subsidy of 5,000 EUR
  • Eligibility Criteria: Non-EU/EEA students accepted into Master’s programs
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

The Finland scholarship aims to financially support international students in any of the University of Oulu’s available Master’s programs. The grant consists of a full tuition waiver in the first year of study, plus a one-time subsidy of 5,000 EUR to cover living expenses. Applications for this scholarship are the same as the application for the degree courses available. The scholarship’s limited slots are awarded based on academic excellence. The Finland scholarship can be used alongside program-specific scholarships – it would pay to apply for both if possible.

2. EDUFI Fellowship

  • Scholarship Amount: 1,500 EUR, for 3-12 months
  • Eligibility Criteria: non-Finnish doctoral students looking for research initial funding, completion of a double degree, or an essential study visit
  • Degree Offered: Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Link

Sponsored by the Finnish National Agency for Education, the EDUFI Fellowship allows schools to attract the best international doctoral students or research fellows to conduct their work in Finnish universities. Funds are for non-Finnish students’ initial funding for doctoral research in the country, completion of a double degree, or an essential study visit. The grant is 1,500 EUR per month, covering living expenses for the duration of the visit or fellowship. Visits may range from 3-6 months, while fellowships or studies may range from 3-12 months.

Unlike other individual-based scholarships at the University of Oulu, the university department applies for the EDUFI Fellowship. Download the application form here. The university will first shoulder the grant value of the applicant, which EDUFI will reimburse at the end of the fellowship. As the application process takes around three months and only 40% of proposals get accepted, it would be best to apply for this grant five months before the start of the fellowship.

3. Finduddannelse DK Sustainable Funding for International Students

  • Scholarship Amount: 5,000 EUR
  • Eligibility Criteria: Acceptance into a Master’s program on sustainability starting the next academic year
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

Finduddannelse DK is a private sponsor for further education and competence development from Denmark. The organization aims to provide students with the tools to equip them in their journey to lifelong learning. In line with this thrust, the organization sponsors one excellent scholar a grant of 5,000 EUR to subsidize tuition and living expenses. Ideally, he must be an academic achiever that possesses a global mindset and a heart for the fight against climate change.

To apply, candidates must fill out an application form along with relevant documents, and submit a 500-700 word essay on his motivations for his course, how it will help the fight against climate change, and how education and the fight against climate change are connected. Once awarded, the winner must accept the offer within seven days and agree to be the organization’s brand ambassador.

More scholarship options are available on the university’s official website.


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