University of Toronto Scholarships for International Students

The University of Toronto is a public research university that is considered to be the best institution of higher education in Canada. Based in the city of Toronto, the university was originally founded in 1827 and is among the oldest universities in Canada. Additionally, it is considered a collegiate university as it comprises more than 11 colleges with substantial semi-autonomy. The university operates between two campuses in Mississauga and Scarborough.

Currently, more than 62,000 students enroll at the university making it one of the most populated student institutions in North America. Known as the birthplace of stem cell and insulin research, the university has a prestigious academic reputation. With a student endowment exceeding CAD 2 billion, the university offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities for students. In this article, we detail some of the main University of Toronto scholarships for international students.

Students should also be sure to consider the undergraduate and postgraduate admissions guides to gain admission into the university prior to applying for these scholarship programs.

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University of Toronto Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Undergraduate students have access to two main types of University of Toronto scholarships, which include admission scholarships as well as in-course scholarships. More than 4400 undergraduate admission scholarships are offered to students every year, which includes international students as well. On the other hand, the university offers more than 5900 in-course scholarships every year as well for current students who are showing promising academic talent.


1. Allan Wai Chiu Mok and Isa Po Po Gok Admission Scholarship

This admission scholarship program was first introduced in 2018 via a donation from Alvin Mok and is applicable to students entering any course of study at the Faculty of Science & Applied Engineering.

Scholarship value:
Approximately between $7000 to $8000 for one year to cover tuition expenses.

Eligibility criteria:
Offered to a prospective student to the Faculty of Science & Applied Engineering and is based primarily on academic merit.

Application process:
All admitted students are considered for admission scholarships automatically.


2. University of Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship

This scholarship program provides an extraordinary opportunity for international students to study at the university. Offered as an admissions scholarship, the aim of the program is to provide financial awards to students recognized for outstanding academic potential and creativity. Each year, the university offers 37 of these scholarships for recognized students.

Scholarship value:
This is the most prestigious University of Toronto scholarships and includes a package that covers full tuition fees, books, incidental fees as well as residential support for the four years of the undergraduate student degree.

Eligibility criteria:
Prospective students should be an international student (non-Canadian citizen carrying a study permit), be in the final year of high school or have graduated during the year of application and be due to study at the university from the upcoming academic year.

Application process:
Students should initially receive a nomination from their school and have submitted an application to study at the University of Toronto with the appropriate deadlines. The scholarship application deadline is usually around January 18th 2021.

Further information for this scholarship program can be found on this link.


3. Al Mercury Scholarship

The Al Mercury Scholarship is an example of an undergraduate in-course scholarship offered to students of any prospective field of study. Students should also show demonstrate academic excellence, community involvement and integrity as well as a keen appreciation towards the field of music.

Scholarship value:
Approximately $1600 depending on the academic merit and financial need of the applicant.

Eligibility criteria:
Students should be either local or international students and enrolled in a course of study at the University of Toronto. Demonstrate community involvement, appreciation for music as well as academic excellence.

Application process:
Applicants should have access to and completed the University of Toronto award application. The completed form (in PDF format) should be e-mailed to Enrolment Services.

Further information regarding this scholarship can be found on this website.


Postgraduate Scholarships

The university provides numerous postgraduate scholarship opportunities for students which range from scholarships provided by the university as well as scholarship programs offered by private organisations. Graduate students have access to a wide variety of University of Toronto scholarships ranging from academic and doctoral awards to international and postdoctoral awards.


1. China Scholarship Council Awards

In partnership with the University of Toronto, the China Scholarship Council operates this scholarship program to Chinese students who show outstanding academic potential and talent and are due to doctoral or postdoctoral studies. Up to 20 Chinese PhD students (for 24 or 48 months) as well as 10 postdoctoral fellows and 10 visiting scholars.

Scholarship value:
The CSC provides up to CAD ~$2200 per month for up to 48 months depending on the student for living expenses, visa application fees and return airfare.
The university provides funding equivalent to full tuition expenses and also provision of other economic support in the form of research and teaching assistantships.

Eligible degree:
Doctoral students (as well as postdoctoral and research scholars)

Eligibility criteria:
Applicants should be a citizen of the People’s Republic of China and not be a permanent resident in another country. The applicant’s age should not exceed 35 years and is either a graduating student from a Bachelor’s or Masters degree, show suitable English proficiency as well as an admission letter.

Further information regarding the eligibility criteria can be found on this website.

Application process:
For the CSC PhD scholarship program is typically open between April 10-30 which must be submitted along with the relevant documents. Please refer to the website for further information.


2. Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award

The Adel S. Sedra scholarship program offers this funding package to exceptional graduate students who demonstrate strong academic and research potential as well as extracurricular leadership at the university. The University of Toronto scholarships only include 1 fellowship offered annually for one selected student.

Scholarship value:
Up to CAD 25,000 annually.

Eligible degree:
Doctoral programs

Eligibility criteria:
Students must be registered and in good standing in the second or third year of a doctoral program at the University of Toronto. Eligible candidates should show strong academic potential and showing exceptional progress in their studies.

Application process:
Applicants are required to submit an electronic copy of their application by email by the application deadline. Additional documents include the CV, application form, statement, letters of recommendation as well as academic transcripts.

Further information for the scholarship can be received from this website.


3. Study in Canada Scholarships

An additional international scholarship program that can be considered for prospective students is the Study in Canada program, which aims to increase funding opportunities for international students to study at an institution of higher education in the country.

Scholarship value:
Up to $60,000 per year for up to 2 years of study

Eligible degree:
Masters, Research Masters and Professional Masters degree students are eligible to apply.

Eligibility criteria:
Candidate students should be from a list of eligible countries available on the scholarship website and must have applied to a specific academic program at the university and show proficiency in English.

Application process:
After applying for admission to a Master’s program at the university, prospective graduates need to be nominated by their respective graduate unit. The process is fairly detailed and applicants need to have a series of relevant documents so students need to refer to the scholarship website for further details.


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