University of Florida Scholarships for International Students

The University of Florida was established in 1853 as a public higher institution. It has sixteen colleges that consist of over 200 programs for undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition, its campus is declared as a Platinum-certified building by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The University of Florida creates a rich student experience and a healthy and aesthetically-pleasing environment as a green university.

Students at the University of Florida are given opportunities for academic and professional development. There are several co-curricular activities, student organizations, internships, service programs, and hands-on experiences offered by each department. Students create networks and encounter events that will impact their personal goals and academic pursuits through these programs

These student experiences are made possible due to the state-of-the-art facilities that surround the campus. The University of Florida has laboratories, libraries, museums, and more that help students feel at home and at the same time feel what it is like to work in their selected career environments.

Here, we discuss some of the scholarships available at the University of Florida.

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University of Florida Scholarships

1. Admissions Honors Scholarship

The University of Florida offers this scholarship to all undergraduate students, including international students. The Admissions Honors Scholarship can be combined with other merit-based scholarships. For example, students who are granted the University Research Scholars Program, another scholarship for undergraduate students, will be given a $2,000 award if they are also selected for the Admissions Honors Scholarship program.

2. Lombardi Scholarship

The Lombardi Scholarship is one of the University of Florida’s prestigious and premier undergraduate scholarship programs for undergraduate students. Only eleven students every year are selected. This scholarship program is created in 2002 to honor John V. Lombardi, the University of Florida’s president in the 1990s. John V. Lombardi made a difference within the university and its community. During his time, learning experiences and the overall quality of education at the University of Florida improved. Lombardi Scholars are expected to continue and uphold his legacy.

Undergraduate students who wish to join the University of Florida Honors Program are required to apply to the Lombardi Scholarship program. Lombardi Scholars will receive a stipend of $2,700 every fall and spring throughout their undergraduate degree. They will also be given opportunities to study abroad. Throughout the school year, scholars participate in various events. Domestic and international undergraduate students with outstanding academic credentials are eligible to apply.

3. James W. Kynes Scholarship

The University of Florida offers the James W. Kynes Scholarship program to undergraduate students who wish to become student-athletes. In addition, this scholarship is available to domestic and international students in their senior year who want to pursue graduate studies at the university in their senior year. Student-athletes and Kynes Scholars will receive a financial aid package that includes a $10,000 grant and a $7,500 research grant. In addition, they must have outstanding academic credentials, have played NCAA sports for the University of Florida, and possess skills, such as leadership, respect, loyalty, and more.

4. Graduate Fellowships

  • Scholarship Page
  • Eligibility: Master’s and Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fees and living stipends

At the University of Florida, graduate students are offered fellowship programs where they will receive research and dissertation writing assistance, tuition fee coverage, and other additional student fees. In addition, students who will receive more than $4,000 as a grant will also accept a tuition waiver. This type of funding will provide financial assistance and personal, academic, and professional development opportunities.

The Madelyn Lockhart Dissertation Fellowship is one of the fellowship programs of the university. The Association for Academic Women established it to honor Dr. Madelyn Lockhart, the Dean of Graduate School and International Studies in the late 1990s. This fellowship is offered to Ph.D. students only. Eligible candidates will be evaluated based on their academic credentials, extracurricular activities, leadership qualities, and commitment to creating a welcoming environment at the university. They will receive a grant of $2,000 and dissertation assistance. Visit the Madelyn Lockhard Dissertation Fellowship page for more information.

5. Research and Teaching Assistantships

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  • Eligibility: Master’s and Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition fees and living stipends

A funding program called assistantships is offered to graduate students. Assistantships provide monthly stipends as compensation for the students’ work. Students will work as assistants of faculty members and have an opportunity to work in the academe. They will teach courses to undergraduate students, run laboratory reports, grade student papers or assessments, and more. These duties are done part-time, therefore it is expected that students will place their full attention to their studies. Students’ tuition fees and other student fees will also be covered by the financial aid package of the assistantship. At the University of Florida, stipends vary by department and by the program.

For example, the College of Education offers assistantships to Ph.D. and master’s students. Students taking degrees at the School of Special Education, School Psychology, and Early Childhood Studies, School of Human Development and Organizational Studies, and School of Teaching and Learning are eligible to apply. Students with outstanding academic credentials and skills are selected for assistantship positions. They will be working as teaching and research assistants to the college’s faculty members. There are still other funding and student employment programs available at the College of Education. Visit their Funding Page for more information.

The University of Florida offers several financial assistance to students, both undergraduate and graduate alike. Financial aid programs or funding programs include scholarships, loans, fellowships, assistantships, and other external funding.

These programs aim to help students in their financial matters so they can study at the university worry-free. Visit the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships page to know if you are eligible to apply and see which type of financial aid your department offers. For graduate students, visit the Graduate School Funding page to see the full list of funding programs offered by the university.


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