University of Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

The University of Cambridge is an institution of higher education that almost everyone in the academic world is aware of. With its history dating back to the year 1209, the university is among the oldest and most prestigious universities in the English-speaking world and is based in the city of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. It is closely associated with its rival and counterpart, the University of Oxford.

Like Oxford, Cambridge is known as a collegiate university and is comprised of around 31 individual and semi-autonomous colleges with the addition of more than 150 academic departments of study. Collectively, these colleges form the education system for more than 23,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. A wide variety of courses and degrees are offered to the students. With a large university endowment, the university is able to offer a significant number of scholarships and bursaries for its students. In this article, we describe some of the key scholarship programs available for international students.

In terms of applications for admissions, students are encouraged to browse through the Undergraduate Admissions guide and the Postgraduate Admissions guide of the University of Cambridge. Many of these scholarship programs can be applied to only after gaining admissions.

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University of Cambridge Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

In the case of the Cambridge Trust which operates numerous scholarship and funding programs, international undergraduate students have access to a wide variety of options depending on their eligibility and country of origin. These scholarships are predominantly based on financial need or significant academic achievement and potential. Here are some of the University of Cambridge scholarships for undergraduate students.


1. Prince Philip Scholarships for Applicants from Hong Kong

The Prince Philip Scholarship was initially founded for the purpose of providing elite scholarship programs for exceptional Hong Kong students who wish to study an undergraduate degree at the University of Cambridge. This program is specifically managed by the Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong organisation and has been operating since 1981.

Scholarship amount:
The value of this University of Cambridge scholarships is divided into two parts, one of which is based on the financial means of the student. The non-financially dependt section of the scholarship includes £4500 per annum as well as a return airfare to and from Hong Kong. As for the financially based scholarships, the students will also receive up to the full tuition fees, college fees as well as any basic living expenses such as books, meals, transport, etc.

Eligibility Criteria:
In order to be eligible, students should satisfy the following requirements.

    1. Have resided in Hong Kong for a continuous period of a minimum of seven years
    2. Hold a permanent and valid Identity card from Hong Kong
    3. Not registered as a full time student in an alternative university or institution of higher education.

Application process:
The prospective applicant should submit an application to study at the university via the UCAS application system. The deadline for this is usually the 15th of October. Following this, the scholarship application form is filled and endorsed by the relevant School Principal and submitted on the scholarship website by the 15th of October as well. Applicants will then be shortlisted and interviewed. Selected applicants will also undergo a ‘means test’ to determine the value of the award they will receive.

Further information regarding this scholarship can be found on the scholarship website.


2. Cambridge Thai Foundation Scholarships

The Cambridge Thai Foundation is one of the many alumni and donor organizations affiliated to the University of Cambridge. With a generous endowment from its numerous donors, the foundation offers several kinds of funding packages and scholarship opportunities predominantly for prospective Thai students at the university.

Scholarship value:
The value of the award will change depending on the respective financial requirements of the applicant.

Eligibility criteria:
Students who are nationally from Thailand and have citizenship/lived in the country for a specific number of years and who have been accepted into the University of Cambridge to study a course at any degree level (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and in any subject are eligible to apply.

Application process:
As opposed to other scholarship programs, no separate application is required in order to apply for this scholarship aside from the original application for study via UCAS.

Further information regarding the Cambridge Trust Scholarship can be found in this link.


3. Carlos and Gabriela Rodriguez-Pastor Scholarships

Founded by the donors, Carlos and Gabriela Rodriguez-Pastor, this University of Cambridge scholarship program is dedicated to offering financial assistance to students originally from the Latin American region of countries.

Scholarship value:
The financial package covers the entirety of university tuition fees, college fees as well as the provision of an annual stipend that is sufficient for one person depending on the course of study as well.

Eligibility criteria:
The program is eligible for students from Latin America with priority given to students from Peru. Significant academic achievement as well as financial need are equally considered when awarding students.

Application process:
No separate application is needed for the scholarship program as the Trust will consider students put forward by their respective colleges.


There are many more scholarships at Cambridge that is offered for undergraduate international students. If you are interested, visit the Cambridge Undergraduate Scholarships Page!

Postgraduate Scholarships

The University of Cambridge offers a comparatively higher amount of scholarships for postgraduate students as opposed to undergraduate scholarship programs. These can be country-specific or apply to a several types of students. A few examples of these opportunities are given below.


1. Commonwealth Scholarships

The Commonwealth Scholarships are among the most popular and prestigious University of Cambridge scholarships for prospective students to the UK. The awards are given under the sectors of promoting global prosperity, science & technology, health systems, global peace & security, access & inclusion as well as resilience and crisis.

Scholarship value:

The award includes a fully funded scholarship with tuition fees, college expenses as well as an allocated amount for living expenses and return airfare. Students can request for additional grants depending on their situation.

Eligibility Degree:

Masters as well as PhD students are eligible for applying to this program.

Eligibility Criteria:
Applicants should be permanent residents or citizens from a Commonwealth country with an undergraduate degree (minimum 2:1 or related qualification) as well as a pending offer to study a Masters or PhD program at a British university.

Application process:
Applicants should apply through the relevant Commonwealth nominating body of their country. These are usually organisations operating with their own respective eligibility requirements and deadline. Further information can be received from the Commonwealth Scholarships website.


2. Prathiba M. Singh Cambridge Law Scholarships

This scholarship program is offered specifically to Indian applicants who are looking to pursue the LLM program at the University of Cambridge. Students who show a keen potential in the legal field and have the capabilities to transform the legal landscape of India are especially considered.

Scholarship value:
The value of the package changes based on the applicant’s situation and needs.

Eligible degrees:
LLM program

Eligibility criteria:
Applicants should be nationals of India and have received an offer to pursue the LLM at Cambridge. In addition to academic potential, students should show their interest in pursuing a legal career in India as well.

Application process:
No separate application is required. The organisation receives nominations from the respective college of the student. Interviews are typically held in New Delhi.


3. University of Central Asia Cambridge Scholarships

The University of Central Asia partnered with the Cambridge Trust to offer this University of Cambridge scholarship program for students of specific fields from Central Asian countries.

Scholarship value:

The package includes the university tuition fees as well as an annual stipend for living expenses.

Eligible degrees:
Doctoral program/PhDs

Eligibility criteria:
Students from a specific list of countries are eligible to apply. Excellent academic track records with an interest in the fields of computer science, communications, engineering, economics and earth/environmental sciences are considered. Other requirements can be found on the university website.

Application process:

Applicants are required to submit a collection of documents in English to the foundation, typically towards the end of November. Interviews are subsequently conducted.

Further information regarding this scholarship program is available in this link.


There are other Cambridge University scholarships that are available for postgraduate students. Check out the Scholarships Page for more information!


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