University of Münster Scholarships for International Students

The University of Münster or Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster is one of the largest public research universities in Germany. It takes pride in its network of international institutions, welcoming hundreds of international scientists every year. They recognize the importance of having such connections when it comes to science.

With its goals of internationalization, Uni Münster is very welcoming towards international students. The University of Münster also gives many scholarships for international students. There are more than 200 programs students may choose from. Life outside academics is also vibrant, with students having access to sports, recreation, and cultural activities.

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University of Münster Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Münster

1. Free Tuition

The University of Münster is a public research university and offers free tuition for all students. However, they may still charge semester fees for student-related services, like dining halls, resident student halls, and other similar facilities. These fees may be up to 300 euros; however, if the student cannot pay it due to financial or social difficulties, they may consult the Social Counselling Office for assistance.

2. ProTalent Scholarship (Bachelor’s)

  • Scholarship Amount: 300 euros per month
  • Eligibility Criteria: enrolled or intend to enroll in the University of Münster
  • Scholarship Link

The ProTalent scholarship is funded by both private companies and the federal government. The minimum duration for the this scholarship available at the University of Münster is two (2) semesters and ends when the scholar completes their course. It may also be terminated during the month when the scholar discontinues their studies, changes their subject, or becomes de-registered. They must also not exceed the standard duration for their program.

To apply, first-year or new students may submit an Abitur certificate, curriculum vitae, certificate of study, proof of social commitment, evidence of personal circumstances, and letter of motivation (for elite sports scholarship). Additional documents are required for students in higher semesters, such as a high school diploma, overview of service, and certificate of weighted average grade.

3. Evangelisches Studienwerk Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: not specified
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • EU or Switzerland citizen or eligible for funding according to BaföG
    • Protestant and plan to be a full-time student
    • Have not exceeded 3rd semester
  • Scholarship Link

The Evangelisches Studienwerk Scholarship is intended to support Protestant students in Germany. Non-protestant students may still apply; however, their letter of motivation shall be critical in the assessment. Applicants must also prove their aptitude for their planned program and commitment to society and family. For students above 35 years old, there is a special application. Those who do not have German citizenship must have proof of knowledge in German.

Interested applicants may submit their application form, curriculum vitae, letter of motivation, university entrance qualification, an overview of course achievements, and special application through the online portal.

Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Münster

1. ProTalent Scholarship (Master’s)

  • Scholarship Amount: 300 euros
  • Eligibility Criteria: competed Abitur abroad and enrolled in Uni Münster
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

The ProTalent scholarship is also applicable for Uni Münster Master’s degree program students. This offer is made possible through private and government funds, each paying half of the scholarship amount.

To apply, interested applicants must submit a high school diploma, bachelor certificate, curriculum vitae, overview of services, certificate of study, and proof of social commitment and personal circumstances. Letters of motivation may also be required. Those in their 1st or 2nd semester may apply using only their bachelor’s grade. However, those in the 3rd semester and above must submit their average grade in the university. Access this scholarship’s frequently asked questions through this link.

2. DAAD-STIBET degree completion grants for doctoral candidates

  • Scholarship Amount: 860 euros per month
  • Eligibility Criteria: will complete their degree within the next two (2) semesters
  • Degree Offered: PhD
  • Scholarship Link

The DAAD-STIBET offers degree completion grants sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office. This scholarship available at the University of Münster aims to help foreign doctoral students complete their degrees without financial anxieties. Applicants who are recipients of other similar grants are not qualified for this offer. The maximum duration of the scholarship is four (4) months only, with no extensions.

For the application process, students need to submit an application form, supervisor’s recommendation form, immatriculation certificate, and account statements for the previous two months. Applicants will be evaluated based on academic performance, recommendation form and research project, quality of working and time plan, and financial needs. They are expected to submit their thesis within six (6) months after the start of funding.

3. Study grants – Master’s Degree For All Scientific Subjects

  • Scholarship Amount: monthly grant of 861 euros; health, accident, and personal liability insurance; travel subsidy; study grant
  • Eligibility Criteria: None
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

The DAAD Study Grant for Master’s Degree for All Scientific Subjects aims to encourage students from eligible countries to pursue a science master’s degree program in any state or state-recognized university in Germany. The funding duration for this scholarship available at the University of Münster is 10 to 24 months; however, for 2-year degree programs, further support will only be granted for the second year if specific academic requirements are met. Extension after the 2nd year is no longer possible.

Under certain conditions, scholars may also receive a monthly allowance for rent and accompanying family members. They may also receive support for language course fees and reimbursement of the TestDaF or DSH exam fees. Application requirements and process depend on the applicant’s country of origin, but they will be assessed based on professional qualification, quality of study project, and external criteria.


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