University of Mannheim Scholarships for International Students

The University of Mannheim is a public research university that can be found in Mannheim, Germany. It is a highly prestigious university, especially for their business school, because of its consistently high ranking among not just German universities but throughout all of Europe.

An interesting fact about the university campus building is that it is located in Mannheim Palace, and most of the classrooms are located inside the palace. Surrounding the campus are many shops, cafes, restaurants, and cinemas, allowing students to balance their social life with their academics.

Lastly, the University of Mannheim offers many degrees, with it being organized into 5 different schools and 2 graduate colleges. It’s especially popular among international students because of its wide range of University of Mannheim scholarships that cover not only tuition but also travel and accommodation expenses.

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University of Mannheim Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Mannheim

1. Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship – Bachelor’s

  • Scholarship Amount: The amount awarded varies
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all nationals. Applicants must either already be enrolled or have received an offer of admission into the University of Mannheim. The student must also provide documentation showing good academic performance, consistent course attendance, and consistent coursework submission.
  • Scholarship Link

The amount awarded varies per applicant because the financial status of the student is taken into account. Applicants will be asked about their economic, family-related, and personal circumstances. There is no maximum funding amount as it will solely depend on these circumstances.

This University of Mannheim scholarship is awarded for a maximum of one year. If the student still has not finished their studies during this period, they are welcome to re-apply.

Students that are already enrolled must apply from May 1st until May 31st. Students that are only about to enter into university must apply from June 15th until July 15th. Applications submitted past these deadlines will not be considered.

It is preferred that applications be submitted by post to the University of Mannheim. But in case the applicant is unable to do so before the deadlines, they are also welcome to submit their application and related documents through email.

2. Deutschland Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: EUR 300 per month
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all nationals. The applicant may apply while they are still in their university application process or once they have already received admission into the University of Mannheim. They must also provide proof of excellent academic performance and achievements. They may also include achievements from extracurricular activities and social commitments.
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Personal circumstances may also be considered, such as the applicant’s personal circumstances or familial background. This scholarship available at the University of Mannheim is initially awarded for one year, but it is possible to extend the funding period so long as the awardee is able to keep up excellent academic performance.

Applications must be made through the dedicated online portal. Applicants submitted through email or by post will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted from June 15th to July 30th. All documents must be submitted together with the application, subsequent sending of the supporting documents is not allowed, and your application will not be considered.

3. Elite Student Athletes Scholarship Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region

  • Scholarship Amount: EUR 100 up to EUR 200
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all nationals. Applicants must already be a student or are in the process of application for admission into the university. They must also be doing a sport at a high performance. The sport must also be part of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. They must show high potential for being part of the national sports team.
  • Scholarship Link

The funding will be awarded for a minimum of two semesters. It is possible to renew the scholarship so long as their athletic achievements are exemplary and they are still meeting their degree requirements.

All applications must be submitted before August 20th. Shortlisted applicants will also have to undergo a personal interview with the university’s Elite Athletes Advisors.

These are only some of the scholarships that are available at the University of Mannheim. They feature many more internal and external scholarships. You can visit the University of Mannheim Scholarships Page for more information on university-funded scholarships. Interested applicants may also refer to the German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship Database (DAAD) for more externally-funded scholarship options.

Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Mannheim

1. DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Program (GSSP)

  • Scholarship Amount: EUR 1,200 per month
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all nationals. The applicant must have already completed their Master’s degree and have already applied and received admission into the University of Mannheim. The student must be considered academically excellent to then be nominated by their university before being considered eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  • Degree Offered: Doctoral
  • Scholarship Link

This University of Mannheim scholarship may be granted for up to a maximum of 4 years, depending on the university. This scholarship will also cover the student’s health insurance, travel expenses, and an annual research allowance. There are certain exceptions wherein the student’s rent, and monthly stipend will be covered by the scholarship as well.

Direct applications for this scholarship are not allowed. The student must first be nominated by their university before application. Any direct applications without a nomination will be automatically rejected.

2. Mannheim Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: EUR 150 per month
  • Eligibility Criteria: Open to all nationals. The applicant must first be an existing enrolled student at the University of Mannheim. They must then also be able to provide documentation showcasing their excellent academic performance and achievements. The student must also have not repeated any courses and must be able to complete their course of study within the standard period of study.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

Additionally, the applicant’s social commitments along with their personal or familial circumstances will be considered by the selection committee. They will also be required to provide a letter of motivation, proof of extracurricular achievements, and their university acceptance letter during their application. Any applications submitted without the supporting documents will not be considered.

All applications must be submitted along with the complete supporting documents during the application period of April 1st until April 30th. Submissions submitted after this time frame will not be considered.


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