University of Luxembourg Scholarships for International Students

Settled in the capital city of the quickly growing country of Luxembourg, the University of Luxembourg is a relatively new institution, having been founded in 2003. Nestled between Germany and France, Luxembourg combines many appealing elements of both neighbors, creating a unique cultural experience that draws in alumni who may be curious about what the best of both worlds has to offer. The school houses over 14 bachelor’s degrees and 42 master’s and doctorate programs, meaning there is a broad range of study opportunities that may tempt potential attendees from anywhere in the world.

The University of Luxembourg offers several scholarships for international students that will enable potential alumnus to attend this blossoming school. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students will benefit from the aid programs offered by the University of Luxembourg.

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University of Luxembourg Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

1. CEDEIS Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: A principal loan and scholarship at a fixed 2% rate, amounting to €13,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Students must be a citizen of the European Union or European Economic Area outside of the Great Region. Students, even international transplants, must reside in Luxembourg for at least some amount of time prior to their admittance.
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The most frequently referenced scholarship for international undergraduates, the Centre de Documentation et d’Information sur l’Enseignement supérieur (or CEDEIS) grants scholarships via the Luxembourg government. The deadlines for this scholarship available at the University of Luxembourg depends on where the student originates, though they are typically about a month prior to the start of each term.


Postgraduate Scholarships

1. Guardian Glass Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship Amount: A stipend of €2,000 at the start of each semester, plus an allowance of €1,000 per month.
  • Eligibility Criteria: Students must be from a country outside of Luxembourg, France, Belgium, and Germany. Applicants must be pursuing a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering, of a Master of Science in Physics.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
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Founded in 2020, the Guardian Glass Scholarship Program is designed to allow international students with financial needs to not only attend the University of Luxembourg but to focus on their master’s degrees while doing so.

Along with a standard application, a personal statement or motivation letter, CV, and a supporting document stating and showing evidence of a need for financial aid. Once materials have been submitted, awardees will not just be chosen on academic achievement, but on the quality of their statement letter. Drafting a letter that is eye-catching and original is encouraged for students to stand out among their peers.

The application submission deadline for this University of Luxembourg scholarship is May 2nd. Applicants must be applying for their first year of Master’s study when the final submission is made. In addition to the stipend provided at the beginning of each semester, the monthly stipend will be allocated for a total of eight months per academic year. Delivery of funds is subject to review and potential withholding in the case of poor academic performance or withdrawal from the program.

2.) Luxembourg Foreign Affairs Masters Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Monthly installments of €500 per month, in addition to free accommodation.
  • Eligibility Criteria: High-performing students who have already obtained a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, or medicine programs are encouraged to apply.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
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The deadline for application is May 2nd. Students from one of the University of Luxembourg’s international academic partners will be given priority. All submissions must include a CV, personal statement or motivation letter, and two letters of academic recommendation. Letters of recommendation must include contact details.

Accommodation will be provided in student residential halls for the entirety of the Master’s program. The scholarship is not eligible to be combined with any other grant that has been funded by the Luxembourg government.

3. Fulbright Belgium

  • Scholarship Amount: Dependent on the program and degree level, though funding usually includes a monthly allowance and travel grant.
  • Eligibility Criteria: The grant is offered to those with an exemplary academic background who have already been invited to the University of Luxembourg.
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and Doctoral
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The Commission for Educational Exchange between the US, Belgium, and Luxembourg has been aiding students in studying abroad since 1948. With an emphasis on cultural and educational exchange, the Fulbright program typically chooses applicants who they feel will return to their country of citizenship ready to spread the knowledge they’ve gained during their stay in Luxembourg. What makes applicants stand out is an ability to show ambassadorial prowess.

This scholarship available at the University of Luxembourg covers a variety of different grants at both master’s or Ph.D. levels. It even offers opportunities for postdoctoral study.

The University of Luxembourg is comparatively new, but it has a lot to offer for transferring alumni, either at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. Additional information on the University of Luxembourg scholarships for international students can be found on the university’s website.


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