University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Scholarships for International Students

The University of Erlangen-Nuremberg or Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) abides by its motto of ‘knowledge in motion,’ which inspires them to fulfill their role in society. Being one of Germany’s largest and premier research universities, FAU understands the importance of internationalization in research and seeks to encourage young researchers from across the globe to pursue studies in their institution. Here, we will be looking at some of the best scholarships at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

According to the Reuters Innovation Ranking, FAU ranks 1st in Germany and 14th worldwide, which speaks of its excellence as a research and innovation institution. In terms of figures, they welcome thousands of international students every year, all of whom get the freedom to choose amongst their 200+ degree programs. They also receive the millions worth of funding, which helps propel research and innovations.

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University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

1. FAU Germany Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: 300 euros per month
  • Eligibility Criteria: None
  • Scholarship Link

The FAU Germany Scholarship (Deutschlandstipendium) program is funded by private entities and the German Federal State. It was established by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany as a national scholarship program. All students in FAU are qualified for this support. However, students who receive over 30 euros per month for a performance-based scholarship are no longer qualified for this offer.

Both applicants and recipients must present and maintain good academic performance to be granted the scholarship or have it extended. Scholars may have the scholarship extended after a year. The support is terminated during the month when any of these situations occur: final exams are completed; studies are discontinued; degree programs are changed; academic leave is taken; the student is de-registered; requirements are not met; standard period of study is exceeded, or student is awarded a similar scholarship. To apply, the student must submit a cover letter along with the application form. Visit this link for more information about the application process for this scholarship available at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

2. Free Tuition

Being a public research university, FAU does not have tuition fees, although there may be fees for specific degree programs (professional development, working professionals, guest students). However, semester fees are being charged. Students must also prepare for living expenses like rent, food, clothing, etc.

3. Scholarship Plus Student Funding

  • Scholarship Amount: up to 752 euros of basic scholarship; health insurance (up to 84 euros); long-term care insurance (25 euros); family allowance (155 euros); student fee (300 euros); child care allowance (140 euros per child)
  • Eligibility Criteria: Originating from the European Union
  • Scholarship Link

The Scholarship Plus or Stipendium Plus is a group of organizations that support talented students and young researchers. Among the support it offers is the Student Funding, intended for capable students with the talent, personality, and potential for achievements in their studies. This means that students must be above-average in their academics, committed to contributing to society, responsible, motivated, and reliable.

The maximum funding period for this offer depends on BaföG.

Postgraduate Scholarships at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

1. Financial Support For International Students About To Graduate

  • Scholarship Amount: not specified
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Gross monthly income of under 861 euros
    • 35 years old and under
    • An officially registered resident of Bavaria
    • Basic German language proficiency
  • Degree Offered: Master’s
  • Scholarship Link

Twice a year, the Central Office for International Affairs, supported by the Bavarian government, grants scholarships for international students near completing their degrees. Should a student apply but was not accepted, they are no longer allowed to re-apply. Students writing their thesis outside of Bavaria, one-year postgraduate program students, exchange students, and those entitled to BAFöG are no longer eligible.

An online application process is done for this University of Erlangen-Nuremberg scholarship. Required documents include an application form, transcript, copy of passport and residence permit, certificate of enrollment, curriculum vitae, and letter of recommendation from an FAU professor.

2. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship Program

  • Scholarship Amount:
    • Master’s – monthly scholarship worth 861 euros
    • PhD – monthly stipend scholarship 1,200 euros
    • Both: health care insurance (up to 120 euros per month); family allowance (276 euros); children’s allowance (194 euros per month); access to network and seminars
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • B2-level German knowledge
    • Will study at least four (4) semesters in Germany
  • Degree Offered: Master’s & PhD
  • Scholarship Link

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation grants scholarships for international graduate students to encourage them to pursue studies and research in Germany. After completing their degree, scholars are expected to help forge relations between their home country and Germany.

The standard funding duration for Master’s degree students is two (2) years, while for PhD students, the standard period is three (3) years. The application process may be done online or through written applications submitted to the foundation’s office. Every year there are focus countries or regions. Interested applicants need to submit curriculum vitae, motivation letter, examination certificates, studies performance records, proof of German language skills, informal letters of recommendation, and certificate of admission. For PhD students, there are additional requirements such as a description of their doctoral thesis, another letter of recommendation, and confirmation of supervision.

3. Rosa-Luxemberg-Stiftung Scholarships for International Students

  • Scholarship Amount: monthly basic scholarship worth 850 euros; lump sum of 20 euros; health and nursing insurance worth up to 86 euros
  • Eligibility Criteria: B2-level German proficiency
  • Degree Offered: (Master’s or PhD or both)
  • Scholarship Link

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung is a major political foundation in Germany closely tied to Die Linke, a German Left Party. It also focuses on political education in the country and abroad. Through its scholarship department, various scholarships are awarded to both local and international students. To help address discrimination in academia, these offers are granted preferably to women, migrants, disabled, and financially needy students.

The maximum duration of this University of Erlangen-Nuremberg scholarship depends on the standard length of the degree program, although extensions are possible. Besides proof of German proficiency, applicants must submit the following: a certificate of enrollment, curriculum vitae, evidence of social commitment, reports from professors, copy of highest educational qualification with final grade, performance records, copy of passport and residence permit or visa, and excerpt of study regulations. You may visit this link for more information on the application process.


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