Top 10 Universities in Turkey for International Students

Being able to get a grasp of how great the universities in Turkey are is a good way to determine whether studying in Turkey is something you want to do. Studying as an international student requires taking into consideration certain things such as the satisfaction rate in said country, the number of international students already there, as well as the capabilities and course offerings its best universities have to offer.

Turkey is a country filled with majestic and captivating European monuments. In this article, we will be going over some of the best universities in Turkey for international students.

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How satisfied are international students in studying in Turkey?

Learning about the satisfaction levels of students that study in a particular country is a good way to gauge the performance and quality of education that you may be able to receive in said country. According to a recent study conducted on the satisfaction levels of educational programs in Turkey, students are at a low to medium satisfaction level.

This conclusion should be balanced with the fact that the realities of the country and students’ expectations in the said study have differing levels of appreciation when it comes to quality and appreciation. However, setting your expectations to the right level can help with said levels of satisfaction.

What are the most popular programs in Turkey for International Students?

Because of certain emerging trends in the world today, some of the most popular programs in Turkey for International students are those that focus on Computer Science and Engineering. There are many universities and institutions in Turkey that offer a wide range of high-quality engineering programs that center around this field. In most computer engineering degrees, universities try to combine theory through science and studies with actual applications to real-life situations and problems.

Aside from computer science and engineering, Turkish universities also offer courses that center around Business Management. Similar to computer science and engineering, courses that talk about the new business trends and management techniques in the modern era of sales and technology are definitely gaining widespread acclaim and preference when it comes to popularity of courses in Turkey.

How many international students study in Turkey?

In recent years, Turkey has seen a minimal decline as to the number of foreign students that choose to study in Turkey. However, on average, the number of international students that study in Turkey is at around 650,000, with such number increasing or decreasing to a minimal amount every year. You can see that there are many universities in Turkey for international students just by looking at the number of international students.

What is the most prestigious university in Turkey?

The most prestigious university in Turkey is the Bogazici University. This university is part of the top 200 ranking universities in Best Global Universities, especially since it has a wide range of students under its mantle studying different areas of expertise. It also has programs that focus on fields such as engineering and physics, making it one of the more modern-oriented universities to date.

Best Universities in Turkey for International Students

1. Bogazici University

Bogazici University is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is home to one of the biggest research facilities available to both local and international students alike. They also offer numerous undergraduate degrees and teach certain subjects in English. Bogazici University is considered the best university in Turkey for international students.

2. Middle East Technical University

The Middle East Technical University is located in Ankara, Turkey. This university is known for offering high-quality education in terms of engineering and natural science programs. It offers courses that are taught both in Turkish and English, and admits only a small percentage of those who take their entrance examinations due to the high demand and limited slots.

3. Bilkent University

Bilkent University is located in Ankara, Turkey. It is a privately-owned university that was established back in 1984. Bilkent University is a university that focuses on science and research and is considered one of the best universities in Turkey for international students. It has continued to provide excellent and quality education to its students, as evidenced by its recent World University Rankings. It has numerous structures and buildings dedicated to each type of area of study, as well as a large library where students can access more than thousands of data and sources for their education. In fact, Bilkent University’s library is considered to be one of the best and most complete libraries in the world.

4. Ankara University

Ankara University is a university located in the heart of the Ankara city, which makes it an advantageous university to be in because of its accessibility and integration in Turkish city life. It is part of the Erasmus program, making it more internationally competitive in the arenas of science and technology. As such, the Ankara University is no stranger to international students, which makes it a good choice for students who want to try their hand at a university that offers double degree programs and other highly specialized undergraduate programs.

5. Istanbul University

Istanbul University is one of the oldest universities in Turkey, having been founded in as early as 1846. It offers programs in the areas of science, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, among others. It has a wide range of subjects to choose from, and is home to a rich history of professionals who have contributed to the fields of science and art. They have continuously developed their quality of education by providing new courses that keep up with modern developments, such as applied physics and modern sciences.

6. Koc University – Turkey

Koc University is located in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a private university that ranks among some of the best universities in Turkey for international students according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It offers courses in the fields of law, science, medicine, and engineering, among others. As early as its establishment back in 1993, Koc University has since been known as one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

7. Yildiz Teknik University

The Yildiz Teknik University was established back in 1911, and started out as a university dedicated to the fields of social and natural sciences and engineering. Today, this university has developed into one of the most prominent technical universities to date, and has since been a great avenue to develop young professionals with internationally accredited expertise and competencies.

8. Izmir Yuksek Teknoloji Enstitusu

Next on our list of top universities in Turkey for international students is Izmir Yuksek Teknoloji Enstitusu, a premier state university established back in 1992. The University aims to provide research, education and training in the fields of technology. It prides itself in being able to develop one of the most advanced technical university models in the world, as well has housing one of the best technologically-inclined faculties across the board. They base their standards on certain international norms and milestones, which makes it a very internationally competitive university when compared to other universities available.

9. Hacettepe University

Hacettepe University is one of the leading universities in Ankara, Turkey. Established in 1967, Hacettepe University focuses on building its areas of expertise in terms of research and engineering. Their mission is to educate students to become competent leaders in the areas of science, technology and arts. They aim to develop and educate through the use of certain basic principles that they uphold throughout a student’s stay in their university.

10. Istanbul Technical University

Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest universities in the country and is a good university in Turkey for international students. It is an recognized globally for producing prominent and well-equipped professionals, and focuses its efforts on providing quality education in the areas of social sciences and engineering.


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