Top 5 Universities in New Zealand for International Students

Dreaming of an unforgettable studying journey to a foreign land? Fret not as New Zealand offers the best opportunity for international students to get acquainted with one of the best educational systems and high-accredited educational programs the world can offer. There is no other perfect place to spend the years of academic journey as New Zealand is renowned for being the most welcoming place to those who choose to study abroad for the countless opportunities to look forward to. New Zealand has established a reputation for its global excellence that safeguards its universities as some of the best in the international rankings.

Not only that the country offers high-quality education, but studying here guarantees a comfortable life as the privileges of being in a developed country go along with the student life that awaits you. If you have the knack for a laid-back studying experience on the beautiful islands of the Pacific, you will enjoy basking in the picturesque environment of the universities. There will never be a dull moment of studying if you are surrounded by the warmth of the people, the vibrant culture, and the magnificent view of the wondrous place that is New Zealand! In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in New Zealand for international students.

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How satisfied are international students in studying in New Zealand?

A swarm of international students competes for the chance to study in this country as it promises an easy and worry-free study adventure. In the years 2013-2014, an 87% satisfaction rate was given by the foreign students because of the comfortable high living experience that New Zealand offers. Aside from the simple and relatively easy process of securing a visa, international students can agree that studying here does not only delivers top-notch quality education, but it also provides for an affordable education compared to countries like the USA, Australia, and Canada.

What are the most popular programs in New Zealand for International Students?

Students nowadays opt for universities that offer programs that are set to align with international standards. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) has set quality assurance practices that can ensure that the universities only offer globally competitive programs.

One of the best courses that many international students trust New Zealand is their MBA programs. The curriculum of most business schools boasts their well-equipped graduates who compete with the growing demands of the corporate world. Medical courses are also popular among international students in New Zealand.

The high demands of overseas medical practitioners motivate the students to take up such programs. The field of engineering also surges up as one of the most popular courses in the country. This field continues to diversify its scope and New Zealand makes sure that their engineering programs provide advanced equipment and facilities to cater to the needs of the course.

How many international students study in New Zealand?

There has been a growing interest for foreign students to choose New Zealand as their study destination. In 2018, there is a 9.8% increase in enrollment from international students from the previous year. The past few years show a constant increase in international students who partake in the improvement of revenue in the university sector of the country. The analysis of the educational marketing consultants, Studymove, revealed that a total of 30,007 international students are enrolled in the year 2018 and will continue to grow as years come by.

What is the most prestigious university in New Zealand?

New Zealand universities are eminent for being in the top 500 schools in QS World University Ranking with the University of Auckland bagging the 81st spot among all the best universities in the world. It is only one of the highly-respected universities that have proven its worth for its world-class quality education.

The university offers the best programs in Medicine, Engineering, and Arts and Humanities which are also recognized in the top 50 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject in the year 2020.

Best Universities in New Zealand for International Students

1. University of Auckland

The University of Auckland is the best university in New Zealand for international students. Aside from being the most prestigious university, the institution has always been at the top of the list for foreign students as it is the biggest and most comprehensive university in New Zealand. It is also situated in the largest city of the country, Auckland, which is accessible to the international airport, and to numerous adventure spots in the heart of the city.

Plenty of employment opportunities and the three-year post-study work rights for graduates encourage many international students to remain here. With the high-quality life and the benefits of living in New Zealand, over one-third of the University of Auckland’s foreign student graduates opt to stay in the country for additional years.

2. University of Otago

If you want to be immersed in nature and the beautiful culture of Dunedin, then the oldest university in New Zealand, the University of Otago, should be your school choice! The main campus of the institution is ranked as one of the most beautiful universities in the world and also one of the top universities in New Zealand for international students.

The University of Otago does not only hold its beauty for its reputation, but it also competes as the vanguard for research and postgraduate study in the country. This university boasts itself for its highly acclaimed educational experience and recognized for being a safe and welcoming community.

3. University of Canterbury

Located in Christchurch of the South Island, the University of Canterbury, another best university in New Zealand for international students, dedicates itself to supporting its foreign students to adapt to studying in New Zealand. It is a friendly place for international students as the university itself initiates a network of student support who can help the enrollees in studying and for their personal care issues.

This prestigious institution also competes for their recognized graduates who made significant contributions to society. The university got a 5-star rating from the QS World University Rankings for its international quality standards for research and teaching.

4. Victoria University of Wellington

The university in the capital city, Victoria University of Wellington, stands to be the best place in acquainting yourself in opportunities for leadership building and engagement with the communities of the Pacific and Māori. International students can also be a part of their many social clubs that cater to their interests and will allow them to be exposed to the wonderful culture of the city.

This institution also showcases its drive towards innovative teaching and learning. Their prestige for academic excellence is acquired from their strategical research-based teaching marking their place in the top two percent of the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

5. Auckland University of Technology

We end our list of the best universities in New Zealand with the Auckland University of Technology. This university got the highest rating in the percentage of international student indicators among all the universities in New Zealand and ranked 23rd in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking for the high quality of living it provides for the students.

It is also the home for technology-related courses in the country with their state-of-the-art facilities and equipment solely employed to give the best learning experience for their wide range of course programs.


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