Top 7 Universities in Netherlands for International Students

The Netherlands is synonymous with tulips, clogs, and windmills but is also equally respected for its eco-awareness, safety, and world-class education systems. This tiny low-lying country is constantly at the forefront of innovation in environmental affairs and human rights. These factors make way for their groundbreaking quality of life unlike anywhere else. Their society is borderline utopian and students are flocking from all over the globe to revel in it.

More than 1000 master’s degree programs are offered in English and numerous more undergraduate programs too. In the Netherlands, students are guaranteed a 1-year work visa after graduation. This is an incredibly appetizing offer as the country offers an incredibly competitive globalized working environment. In this article, we will be going over the best universities in the Netherlands for international students.

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How satisfied are international students studying in The Netherlands?

Students are on average more satisfied in the Netherlands than in most other countries in Europe. The liberal Dutch culture paves the way for students to approach their personal and professional lives with an open mentality and global awareness. Even though the cost of living is high, you are rewarded with state of the art infrastructure and world-renowned innovation aiding in your quality of living.

What are the most popular programs in The Netherlands for international students?

The Netherlands offers impeccable education in many fields but the Liberal Arts have proven to be very popular amongst international students. Disciplines within Humanities and Social sciences are well attended. Furthermore, Economics and Business degrees along with Engineering degrees are thriving in this developed nation.

What is the most prestigious university in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands has 7 universities in the world top 100 ranking and a further 6 in the top 250. Of those, Wageningen University tops the list as the most prestigious in the country. They have more than 14,000 students and have been a beacon of excellence for more than 150 years.

Best Universities in The Netherlands for International Students

1. Wageningen University

On the banks of the Rhine lies the historic town of Wageningen, home to this prestigious university. Wageningen University is considered the best university in the Netherlands for international students. This university has one common goal throughout all its faculties: improve our quality of life through sustainability and a health-conscious lifestyle. They have achieved their goal of becoming a carbon-neutral institution and continue to promote these ideals globally.

2. University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam offers a remarkable number of English-taught degree programs. This includes over 200 English master’s programs and 20 bachelor’s programs. Amsterdam is the business hub of the country and allows students to explore many opportunities in their field of study. This city is amongst the most livable in the world and students flock here to experience this lifestyle.

3. Delft University of Technology

Next on our list of top universities in the Netherlands for international students is the Delft University of Technology. Delft is not only a city valued for its canals and blue and white pottery but is also the medieval backdrop to another acclaimed Dutch university. TU Delft is widely regarded as one of the top technology and engineering institutions in the world. The city offers a range of leisure activities that can all be enjoyed in close proximity to each other on the back of a bike. It is a quaint city with a long history that nearly 25,000 students call home.

4. Leiden University

Leiden has quite a reputation as being a university town. It has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of recreational activities in and around the university campus. 6 of the 7 faculties are based on the main campus in Leiden but the faculty of Governance and Global affairs is, appropriately, homed in the neighboring city of The Hague. Here students are encouraged to build a global network and think on a international scale to support them after they complete their studies.

This is the oldest university in the country and has no less than 16 Nobel prize winners on its list of notable alumni. They offer 12 bachelor’s programs in English and a further 78 at master’s level.

5. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Holland’s second-largest city, Rotterdam, includes a fairly young university. The Erasmus University Rotterdam has an incredibly high number of international students that have been drawn here by many outstanding faculties and a highly modern lifestyle in this metropolitan city. They have garnered worldwide recognition for their excellence in the fields of Business Management, Accounting, and Finance.

6. University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is another top Dutch university in the Netherlands for international students. Most notably, they offer over 120 English-taught degree programs that attract a large number of international students. Furthermore, they offer free Dutch classes to students to further their language skills. They aim to keep class sizes as small as possible to encourage peer learning and student participation. The university has an amicable subject reputation with very high standings in the medical field as well as sports-related subjects and theology.

7. Utrecht University

Utrecht is another bastion for sustainability and innovation in the Netherlands. Here students have the opportunity to live in a picturesque and inspiring city while soaking up knowledge from an internationally focused university. They offer English BA, BSc, LLM, MA, and MSc programs and are ranked the highest for the fields of veterinary science, geology, and geophysics.


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