All 54 Colleges and Universities in Netherlands

Are you looking for all the colleges and universities in Netherlands? Here, we will go over the list of private and public universities and colleges in Netherlands.

In our database, there are a total of 54 institutions in Netherlands including Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and Amsterdam University of the Arts . Out of those institutions, 30 are public and 24 are private. Some of the public institutions are Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Avans University of Applied Sciences, and Breda University of Applied Sciences. Some examples of private universities in Netherlands are Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of the Arts, and ArtEZ University of the Arts.

In these universities and colleges in Netherlands, the total number of students is 799,146, and the total number of international students is 75,001.

1. Aeres University of Applied Sciences

Aeres University of Applied Sciences was founded as an agricultural institution. Such roots are still evident in its selection of courses. It offers several undergraduate and graduate-level programs geared towards a greener society and better agriculture. This includes programs like agribusiness, dairy management, and more taught in either English or Dutch language.  

2. Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences is known as Hogeschool van Amsterdam in Dutch. This specialized institution mainly offers bachelor's courses, along with a select number of master's programs. These programs may be pursued full-time or part-time. Some are also English-taught, making it easy for international students to pursue studies at AUAS. Various disciplines are covered by its courses, including design, business, health, technology, and more.

3. Amsterdam University of the Arts

Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) is a career-oriented higher institution that provides high standards of teaching and research in arts and culture. It offers top-class programs in film, art and design, theatre, music, architecture, and arts education. As an industry-specific university, it has been known for educating and training creative individuals. And even as an internationally recognized institution, it continues to improve and develop quality programs to offer to its current and future students.

4. ArtEZ University of the Arts

ArtEZ University of the Arts is a specialized institution with three locations across the Netherlands - Arnhem, Enschede, and Zwolle. It is named so after these three locations, with the capital letters standing for the places' initials. The university was formed by merging three art institutes in 2003, and then another university joined them in 2006. Various disciplines are covered by the university's programs: visual art, fashion, music, theater, architecture, creative writing, and more. These programs are available at various levels - preparatory courses, associate degree, bachelor's, pre-master, master's, lifelong learning, and more.

5. Avans University of Applied Sciences

Avans University of Applied Sciences or AVANS Hogeschool in Dutch is a young university that provides top-notch educational programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. This thriving institution is committed to generating competent professionals by providing high standards of teaching and research. Since the learning approach is practice-based, students will develop core capabilities and necessary skills that would be beneficial for their future career endeavors.

6. Breda University of Applied Sciences

Breda University of Applied Sciences is offering undergraduate and graduate programs. This vocational institution provides bachelor's, master's, pre-master, executive, professional, academic, and part-time courses. These may be English or Dutch-taught. Several disciplines, such as data science, games, hotel, and tourism, are covered by the programs offered by BUAS. Their hospitality and leisure management courses are particularly well-ranked, ranking 26th in the QS Top Universities.

7. Codarts University for the Arts

Codarts University for the Arts, commonly referred to as Codarts Rotterdam, is a private institution in the Netherlands. It was established in 2000, though its history can be traced back to 1930. Currently, the university offers bachelor's and master's programs in Music and Dance.

8. Delft University of Technology

One of the most prominent technical universities in the Netherlands is Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). It is the home of more than 27,000 students and over a thousand academic faculty members. The TU Delft campus is known to be one of the largest campuses globally. The university has such a big student body because it offers comprehensive and innovative top-rated programs in applied science, engineering, and technology. Most of the programs are internationally acknowledged making them more appealing to prospective local and international students.

9. Design Academy Eindhoven

The Design Academy of Eindhoven is one of the most prominent art institutions in the Netherlands. Recognized for its academic excellence, the university provides unique programs lectured by highly-qualified professors and experts in the art industry. The academy has transformed numerous creative students throughout the years. And it has helped students promote their works by participating in various local and international events.

10. Driestar Christian University

Driestar Christian University is an institution that specializes in teacher education. Since its foundation in 1944, the university's methods and traditions have been deeply inspired by the Christian faith. The university aims to train the next generations of teachers who will be able to provide high-quality Christian education anywhere in the world.

11. Ede Christian University of Applied Sciences

Ede Christian University of Applied Sciences is a Dutch institution that provides high-quality education to domestic and international students. Its ways and traditions are inspired by the Bible and the Christian faith. Since its establishment, CHE has been recognized as the best university of applied sciences in the country multiple times.

12. Eindhoven University of Technology

Educating competent students and professionals is one of the primary goals of Eindhoven University of Technology. Founded in 1956, the university offers top-quality education to students of all ages and offers comprehensive undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. And to fully provide the highest standard of teaching, the university has made strong partnerships with local and international companies and universities to collaborate in developing world-class programs.

13. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam, or Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam in Dutch, is one of the elite public universities in the Netherlands. The institution has gained recognition in the local and international community for its high-quality education. It has been consistently included in the national and global academic rankings. In addition, the university has partnered with other renowned foreign institutions to offer joint programs for eligible students.

14. Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is a specialized institution offering undergraduate and graduate-level studies. Its name is derived from the Latin for "source". Such is fitting for an institution that aspires to be a reservoir of knowledge for students. Education at Fontys is practical and research-based, giving individuals much room to learn and adapt to real-world working conditions. English-taught courses for bachelor's and master's students are available at Fontys. They may be in full-time or part-time schedules.

15. Free University of Amsterdam

The Free University of Amsterdam, commonly referred to as VA Amsterdam, is a public university with more than 140 years history. It offers degree programs in Sciences, Business and Economics, Theology, Law, Medicine, and Humanities. The university has more than 31,000 students, with nearly 5,200 international enrollment.

16. Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Gerrit Rietveld Academie is a specialized English-taught art school in Amsterdam. It primarily offers undergraduate degrees. Bachelor's students begin first-year with the same program - Basic year - before choosing from one of 12 specialties. Another option for undergrads is the five-year DOGtime program, which includes three years of in-depth study. The academy's Sandberg Instituut provides Master's degrees. However, there are only two such programs available.

17. HAN University of Applied Sciences

HAN University of Applied Sciences is a specialized institution for the sciences and is one of the most extensive of its kind in the Netherlands. The programs it offers are science-related, like technology or life sciences. These programs may be available in English and full-time or part-time schedules. It has two locations, one in Arnhem and the other in Nijmegen. The university also has a research facility in Doetinchem, another city in the Netherlands.

18. Hanze University of Applied Sciences

Rooted in its mission to make a contribution to society, Hanze University of Applied Sciences offers degree programs with a strong focus on applied research and innovation. It is one of the largest technical universities in the Netherlands. Its campus is located in Groningen and houses several modern facilities to aid students' learning and research.

19. HAS University of Applied Sciences

Founded in 1947, HAS University of Applied Sciences or HAS Hogeschool is a specialized university that offers academic programs entirely concentrated in agriculture and the environment. The institution is perfect for students who want to pursue a career in the environment sector. Prospective international students are also welcome as it offers interdisciplinary programs taught in either Dutch or English.

20. HKU University of the Arts Utrecht

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is an industry-specific university fully concentrating on providing academic programs in arts and media. The institution has trained and developed creative talents from across the globe. Since it is one of the most prominent arts universities in the Netherlands, numerous aspirants and international students seek to obtain a degree at HKU. Moreover, the university is the home of many renowned artists, professionals, and talented performers.

21. Hogeschool de Kempel

Hogeschool de Kempel is an applied sciences university in Helmond, a city in the south of the Netherlands known for having many textile companies. The university is privately owned and was founded in 1986. Several programs for undergraduates and graduate students are available at Hogeschool de Kempel. The institute is best known for its excellent teacher training programs.

22. Hogeschool iPABO

Hogeschool iPABO offers teacher training programs in two locations: one in Amsterdam and the other in Alkmaar. The university is the result of several amalgamations of teacher training schools back in the 80s. Today, it provides comprehensive primary and pre-school education programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. In addition, the faculty is comprised of experts and highly-qualified educators who will aid students in acquiring the fundamentals of teaching and knowledge and, at the same time, develop core skills necessary for their future professions.

23. Hogeschool KPZ

Hogeschool KPZ is also known as Katholieke PABO Zwolle, KPZ Catholic University of Applied Sciences, or University of Professional Teacher Education PABO Zwolle. These names capture this privately-owned university's several identities: its Catholic ties, teacher-training specialization, and applied sciences university status. The university offers an international exchange program, and degree programs at the associate, bachelor's, and master's levels.

24. Hotelschool The Hague

Hotelschool The Hague is an applied sciences university offering programs focused on the hotel industry. It is one of the oldest and the best of its kind worldwide. Its ranked 9th for hospitality and leisure management by the QS World Ranking By Subject. A select number of English-taught courses are available at Hotelschool. This includes two bachelor programs, one of which is a fast-track format. There are also two master's programs, one of which is an MBA.

25. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is a polytechnic university that offers comprehensive academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. One of its primary goals is to educate thousands of students to become eligible professionals who will significantly contribute to industry-specific sectors. By doing so, the university thrives on providing advanced educational programs and high standards of teaching.

26. HZ University of Applied Sciences

HZ University of Applied Sciences is among the leading applied sciences universities in the Netherlands. It boasts high-quality programs, which may be taught in English or Dutch. These courses are offered in three locations. They have campuses in Vlissingen, Roosendaal and Middelburg. The university also offers an English-taught master's program. It's a joint degree made possible by a collaboration with two other universities.

27. IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the most prominent and largest international institution that provides graduate studies in water education. Its multidisciplinary programs are regarded as one of the best and have been acknowledged for their efforts to sustain the global water crisis and come up with resolutions. Moreover, this renowned institute has been educating elite students and professionals from all over the globe. Most of its graduates are intellects and experts who hold high positions in water industry sectors.

28. Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Inholland University of Applied Sciences is a young university with several campuses in various cities in Western Netherlands. Currently, the institution offers degree programs with Dutch and English as mediums of instruction. For prospective students looking for career-oriented programs, the university offers some of the most innovative degree programs in the country. Several of its English-taught bachelor’s programs are specifically designed for international students.

29. Iselinge Hogeschool

Iselinge Hogeschool has been training prospective educators since its founding in 1984. Located in Doetinchem, it currently offers degree programs available for full-time and part-time study. Some of its programs even provide flexible schedules made especially for prospective busy students and professionals who want to pursue a career in the academic industry.

30. Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam

Founded in 1997, the Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam (IUASR) is a young university that offers Islamic theology study programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The university’s primary goal is to provide high standards of teaching and research. And as a thriving institution, it continues to improve and provide the best quality of education for its current and future students.

31. Leiden University

Leiden University is a world-class public institution in the Netherlands. Several undergraduate and graduate programs are offered in English and Dutch. A broad scope of subjects is covered by its seven faculties, from German languages to medicine. Established in 1575, the university has grown into a community of 34,000+ across Leiden and The Hague. It is top-ranked by various organizations, such as the QS World Rankings and Times Higher Education.

32. Maastricht University

Maastricht University is one of the leading research universities in the Netherlands. It is known for having a unique method called Problem-Based Learning, which allows students to work in small groups and experience more hands-on training compared to traditional university learning. This method has been implemented since the university's establishment and is continually improved by the faculty.

33. Marnix Academy

Marnix Academy, or Marnix Academie in Dutch, is an academic institution in Utrecht, Netherlands. It offers degree programs in teacher training, mainly taught in Dutch. The institution currently has 1,800 students and over 200 employees.

34. NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences

In 2008, two universities - Drenthe University of Applied Sciences and CHN University of Applied Sciences - came together to form Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Fast forward to 2018, another merger happened between Stenden University of Applied Sciences and NHL University of Applied Sciences. This latest development formed the present NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. NHL Stenden offers several programs across its campuses in the Netherlands: Leeuwarden, Emmen, Meppel, Groningen, and Terschelling. Besides the Netherlands, the university has also expanded opportunities and locations through its Grand Tour opportunity, which takes students around the world.

35. Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode Business University is a specialized institution for business and management. One of the few private universities in the country, it has two campuses: one in Amsterdam and another in Breukelen. English-taught programs are being offered, but they are limited in number. NBU's programs are considered top-tier, especially its master's in management. The said course was ranked 131st worldwide by QS Top Universities.

36. Radboud University

Radboud University, also known as Radboud University Nijmegen, is a public and Catholic institution. Its first name was Catholic University Nijmegen. Meanwhile, its present name was derived from a former Dutch Bishop and now-saint. Various organizations place Radboud University in high rankings among international schools, arts and humanities subjects, graduate employability, impact rankings, and world reputation.

37. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences prioritizes the success of students. As a recognized institution, the university only provides the highest quality of education. It also offers numerous opportunities such as training, internship programs, and networking events for its students. Guided support from the academic faculty will also be provided to ensure that students gain the necessary knowledge, advance their skills, and develop core capabilities.

38. Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

Established centuries ago, the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) was one of the oldest art institutions worldwide. It has a relatively small student population (less than 1,000), but it has produced several notable alums in the arts. Thus, it is regarded as a high-quality training ground for art professionals. It is ranked 51st in the world for Art and Design by the QS Top Universities ranking. The programs at the Royal Academy are highly specialized and available at various levels, including bachelor's, master's, preparatory, and Ph.D. A limited number of such courses are English-taught.

39. Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Saxion University of Applied Sciences, or Hogeschool Saxion in Dutch, was established in 1998. Its three campuses across Eastern Netherlands offer programs in Finance, Engineering, Business, and Digital Media. At present, the university is home to nearly 27,000 students.

40. The Hague University of Applied Sciences

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is situated in one of the world's law, security, and peace centers. Thus, the university leans towards internationalization, providing several English-taught and international-based programs for undergraduate and graduate students. They offer bachelor's, associate's, master's, and postgraduate degrees. The university is well-ranked based on various organizations. For instance, it placed 201st in the Times Higher Education European Teaching Rankings 2018.

41. TIAS School for Business and Society

TIAS School for Business and Society is a leading business school in the Netherlands. It offers premier programs for graduate students, most of which are executive master's courses. Besides the executive programs, the school also offers an MBA, MSc, and pre-masters. These may be taught in English or Dutch, depending on the course. The quality of programs in TIAS is highly regarded worldwide. The institution was even ranked 61st in the world for Masters in Business Analytics.

42. Tilburg University

Formerly known as Roman Catholic Business School, Tilburg University has educated countless students since its establishment in 1927. Over the years, the institution has thrived and made numerous improvements as it aims to be among the leading universities in the Netherlands. Today, the university is one of the respected higher education schools across the globe.  It has gained several national and international recognitions and achievements for its efforts in providing top-class education.

43. University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is among the top public universities in the Netherlands (UvA). It has been in the academic industry for centuries, and its prominence in the global community is quite evident. Known to be the leading institution in science and innovation, it also offers outstanding educational programs in other areas of study, such as social sciences, humanities, and arts. The university is undoubtedly a remarkable institute that provides the highest standards of teaching and research.

44. University of Applied Sciences Leiden

University of Applied Sciences Leiden is a specialized institution offering bachelor to postgraduate level programs. These programs are primarily taught in Dutch. They cover disciplines such as health, social work, psychology, education, business, and science. Although Dutch is the primary medium of teaching, the university also offers a selection of English-taught minors. These touch on various topics, including the sciences, business, health, and human rights.

45. University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is the second oldest university in the Netherlands. It has a long history of academic excellence and has established itself as one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. Graduates from UG are highly valued in their fields and a few have been awarded Nobel prizes. The university strives to continue its legacy by offering quality education, supporting research, and fostering a global outlook.

46. University of Humanistic Studies

University of Humanistic Studies (UvH) is a small institution established in 1989. The university actively promotes internationalization, and students from across the globe can participate in interdisciplinary programs thru the Erasmus+ exchange programs. In addition, the university’s graduate school is open to aspiring professionals and researchers who want to pursue their doctoral degrees.

47. University of Twente

The University of Twente is a public technical university established in 1961. Thus, most of its programs are specialized in the sciences, like engineering, technology, life sciences, natural sciences, and medicine. However, the university also has courses in business and social sciences. This top-ranked institution welcomes students at various levels, including pre-university, bachelor's, master's, and doctorate. It was ranked 1st by Times Higher Education for its Impact Rankings: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

48. Utrecht University

Utrecht University is one of the public universities in the Netherlands. Founded in 1636, the university is known for its academic excellence and innovation. Over 35,000 students are enrolled across its degree programs in Sciences, Humanities, Law, Economics, and Medicine.

49. Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (VHL), known in Dutch as Hogeschool Van Hall Larenstein, is a young university recognized as the most sustainable Applied Sciences institution in the Netherlands. The university has always worked towards generating responsible and skilled individuals who contribute significantly to society. And thus, its study programs are not only practice-based but are also sustainably oriented. Some of the university's academic programs include agribusiness, food nutrition, business, and international development.

50. Viaa Christian University of Applied Sciences

Viaa Christian University of Applied Sciences is a well-established institution that offers higher education programs in various academic disciplines. Founded in 1987, this Christian university has always aligned its curriculum with its Christian traditions. The university has always aimed to cultivate students who are not only competent and skilled professionals but also God-fearing and responsible individuals who will significantly contribute to society.

51. Wageningen University and Research

Wageningen University and Research (WUR) is one of the renowned universities in the Netherlands and across the globe. It is known for its high standard of teaching and research, especially for its globally acknowledged scientific quality. Most educational programs offered at the university concentrate on natural sciences, food technology, and environmental sciences as one of WUR’s missions is to improve society’s quality of life.

52. Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, a private vocational institution, offers several bachelor's and associate programs in English or Dutch. It also has master's programs, but they are primarily part-time courses and are taught in Dutch only. Windesheim is one of the country's leading applied science universities. However, it keeps its population small to maintain a more personal approach to education. Thus, rarely do class sizes exceed 20 students.

53. Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences highly values internationalization, diversity, and ethics. It is one of the few English-taught business schools in the Netherlands, specializing in courses like entrepreneurship and management. Although its main campus is in Apeldoorn, the university also offers programs in Amsterdam. Only BBA or business administration degrees are available for undergraduates. Meanwhile, master's students choose from either business management or business administration programs.

54. Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences or Zuyd Hogeschool in Dutch offers some of the best undergraduate and graduate programs. The university has a wide selection of English-taught and Dutch-taught applied science programs. It has several campuses in Southeastern Netherlands where students are educated in small groups. This kind of learning environment will be incredibly beneficial for students as the academic faculty can mentor and aid the needs of each student.