Top 3 Universities in Belize for International Students

Previously called British Honduras, Belize is a small country located in the Caribbean, northeastern part of South America. Its independence was declared in 1981 after being a British colony in 1840. Currently, Belize is the only country in continental Central America that has Queen Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state.

Mayans occupied the country for nearly 600 years since 1500 B.C. and have left numerous prints of their civilization, some of which have become tourist attractions. Belize also attracts tourists from around the globe due to its stunning shorelines, the great Belize Barrier Reef, cays, and waters home to diverse marine life. Although previously, the country was not recommended as a holiday destination due to its lack of infrastructure, the government’s efforts led it to become a significant contributor to the country’s economy.

While Belize makes an excellent destination for spring breaks, it is also rational to consider that the country has universities that cater to international students. Studying in the country can indeed have its perks when getting that much-needed sun and sea after a semester of hard work and brow-burning studies. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Belize for international students.

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How satisfied are international students studying in Belize?

International students in Belize will have nothing to worry about regarding the quality of higher education in the country. While there are undoubtedly more room and opportunities for growth in the academic system, international students are satisfied with Belize’s experience due to it being the only English speaking country in the Caribbean. The country’s national university, the University of Belize, has built a commitment to increase international students by offering affordable education and campus locations close to Belize’s majestic sights and culture.

What are the most popular programs in Belize for International Students?

Although the country has higher education institutions, there are various programs students can choose from for their chosen career path. Associates, bachelor’s, and undergraduate degrees are available in its universities and colleges.

Since the country has its widely diverse ecosystems, international students in Belize choose watershed ecology and biodiversity studies. Other top choices for students are four-year programs in Teacher Education, Nursing, and Natural Resource Management.

For economically challenged students, associate degrees in Business, Science, Tourism, and Computer Science are also popular choices.

How many international students study in Belize?

As of 2019, there are 375 international students in Belize. Most of them are taking undergraduate courses, while less than a hundred enrolled in graduate programs.

What is the most prestigious university in Belize?

The University of Belize is the most prestigious in the country. Although it has campuses situated in multiple places, the main campus is located in Belmopan City.

The following are the top three universities for international students in Belize.

Best Universities in Belize for International Students

1. University of Belize

The University of Belize, established in 2000, is a private institution with four faculties, namely, Education and Arts, Management and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Nursing, Allied Health, and Social Work. The university also has the Environmental Research Institute, which is a tremendous advantage in sustaining and protecting Belize’s natural resources. The University of Belize is the best university in Belize for international students.

The university also has a solar photovoltaic system, which supplies 0.1% of the nation’s electricity. International students have abundant opportunities to explore diverse fields at the University of Belize.

2. Galen University

Founded in 2003, Galen University is an independent academic institution located in the Cayo District. Its three faculties offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in various fields such as arts, business, education and science. It also has a GUARD research facility (Galen University Applied Research and Development), which provides international students opportunities to work with government agencies in promoting advancement in different sectors.

3. The University of the West Indies

Another university in our list of top universities in Belize for international students is the University of the West Indies. This university, established in 1948, is a public institution that serves higher education in 17 nations in the Caribbean, including Belize. Since the university has multiple locations, with its headquarters in Jamaica, it has several faculties which international students can choose to join depending on their preferred location. The Open Campus in Belize offers local and summer programs such as Advanced Level Law, Records Management and Shipping and Logistics.


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