Top 5 Universities in Argentina for International Students

Latin American countries are growing in popularity amongst international students and Argentina is climbing to the top of that list. Tens of thousands of students head here annually to immerse themselves in the vibrant Argentinian culture. The country has tons to offer students from abroad. Colorful culture, expansive nature, and a long history of education create the perfect setting for students to have a fulfilling experience in a new country.

The national language is Spanish and therefore many students are able to study in their mother tongue, even as international students. Many entrepreneurs are emerging in Argentina’s developing tech economy and taking advantage of the growing markets. Argentina also has a strong cultural identity that dates back centuries. The dynamism and vigor of the people are simply magnetic and make the Argentinian lifestyle even more alluring. In this article, we will be going over the best universities in Argentina for international students.

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How satisfied are international students studying in Argentina?

Argentina, like many places in South America, offers a relatively low cost of living. For less than $1000 a month, students can live comfortably in large cities like Buenos Aires. Tuition fees are also considerably low. Argentina is also renowned for its diverse natural treasures to which students can escape and seek adventure. From North to South the country changes dramatically and offers students everything from desert-like mountainous terrains to icy escapes in Patagonia and temperate sub-tropical climates in the East. These factors amount to a high rate of student satisfaction.

What are the most popular programs in Argentina for international students?

The most popular degrees for international students come mostly from within the field of economics. Business Administration and Global Business Management are amongst the most popular. Other sought-after degrees are within the tourism or environmental studies disciplines and there are also a large number of students perusing the arts.

What is the most prestigious university in Argentina?

The University of Buenos Aires is the country’s second-oldest university and is home to one of the largest student bodies in Latin America. One of the most recognizable names from Argentina is the Marxist revolutionary, Che Guevara, who is an alumnus of this institution. They have produced 4 Nobel laureates and 17 of Argentina’s former presidents schooled here. Furthermore, nearly 40% of the country’s research output is generated through UBA.

Best Universities in Argentina for International Students

1. The University of Buenos Aires

The University of Buenos Aires is the best university in Argentina for international students. Students flock here from all over the world as the university is ranked amongst the top 100 globally. Buenos Aires promises a high quality of life as there is a strong emphasis on a work-life balance. Students can experience top-class education within all 13 faculties, including smaller faculties such as Agronomy, Urbanism, and Pharmacy.

2. National University of Córdoba

The National University of Córdoba is Argentina’s oldest tertiary institution and offers incredibly low tuition fees. For around $1000 per year, students can choose from around 90 undergraduate programs from 12 faculties. The city of Cordoba is developing at a rapid pace and makes for a high-spirited environment. The city amalgamates colonial history and modernity to create a unique cultural metropolis that is very popular amongst international students.

3. University of Palermo

Next on our list of top universities in Argentina for international students is the University of Palermo. In the center of Buenos Aires’s trendiest neighborhood (Palermo) lies the innovative and modern campus of the University of Palermo. This is a private institution with over 14,000 students. They have an incredibly diverse student body, originating from more than 50 different countries. UP has constantly strived to achieve a global support network and now holds agreements with prestigious international universities like Yale, Harvard, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, and more.

4. Austral University

Also located in Buenos Aires, Austral University is one of the city’s smaller schools. Despite its size, they produce cutting edge research and developments. Through a participation centric approach, they are able to effectively prepare students for professional environments, post-graduation.

5. Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

The smallest school on the list is ranked under the top 700 universities in the global rankings. Here they spare no effort to encourage leadership development and support research in neglected fields, like arts. Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, as one of the best universities in Argentina for international students, is a private university that emphasizes its exclusivity. As part of the ERASMUS program, they also welcome international students looking to diversify their studies in a Spanish speaking country.


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