TU Dortmund University Scholarships for International Students

The Technical University of Dortmund (TU Dortmund University) is a public technical university in Dortmund, Germany. Established in 1968, the university played a massive role in Germany’s technological advancements. The university is well-known in the fields of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, and Economics.

Because of its prestige in the technological world, TU Dortmund University is a popular choice in Germany for international students. There are currently over 35,000 students and 6,000 staff spread across the university’s twenty faculties. If you’d like to enroll at TU Dortmund University, they have a selection of scholarships that can finance your studies.

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TU Dortmund University Scholarships

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Scholarships at TU Dortmund University

1. German Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: €300 monthly
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be a TU Dortmund University student taking up a bachelor’s or master’s degree
    • must not have exceeded your program’s standard duration, and must have at least two more semesters of studies left
  • Scholarship Link

The German Scholarship is awarded by TU Dortmund University to deserving undergraduate and postgraduate students. The student in question must have strong academic skills and experiences and is a valued member of the community. Priority will also be given to those with personal circumstances, such as students who are breadwinners in their families or students suffering from disabilities.

The application is conducted online. You will need to register for a new account first by clicking here. Once that’s done, you can access the online application form here. Applications are open for a month sometime before the start of classes, so make sure to be on the lookout while also preparing your application documents.

The online form is simple enough—it will ask for personal information, educational and work backgrounds, and a letter of motivation written in German or English no longer than 1500 characters. You will also need to upload academic transcripts from current and past universities, certificates you’ve received, and references of employment and internships. Please take note that all documents must be anonymized—meaning, there are no references whatsoever to your person. Any information in your documents such as your name, student number, date of birth must be blacked out. This is to ensure the selection process is as fair as possible.

You can pause and go back at any time during the application process. You can’t edit your application once it has been submitted, so make sure to spend as much time as possible composing the perfect application.

You will be evaluated by the scholarships team based on your academic records, extracurricular activities, and special circumstances. They will be contacting you regarding the status of your application whether successful or not. If successful, you may keep renewing the scholarship every year for as long as your program should last. If your program’s standard duration is two years, for example, you may receive the scholarship for up to two years. It cannot be extended past that.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please click here.

Postgraduate Scholarships at TU Dortmund University

1. Heinrich Böll Foundation

  • Scholarship Amount: €861 per month plus other allowances
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must be enrolling as a master’s student at TU Dortmund University
    • must have obtained a bachelor’s degree outside Germany
    • must have professional work experience
  • Scholarship Link

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is an organization that funds studies of German students and international students who wish to study in Germany. They accept students of all nationalities, and any course at any state-accredited university in Germany can be covered by this scholarship. Applicants are expected to uphold the organization’s core values: ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, and self-determination and justice.

The application for this scholarship available at TU Dortmund consists of several stages: submission of documents, a one-on-one interview with a liaison lecturer, and a selection workshop.

Required documents consist of the online application form, reference letters, a certified copy of your bachelor’s degree, enrolment certificate from TU Dortmund University, and proof of your German language proficiency (minimum DSH 2 or B2). Aside from the reference letters which may be written in English, all documents must be written in German.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is strict with documents and has very specific criteria they’re looking for. Visit this page for more detailed information about required documents. The foundation must also receive all required documents by either 1st March or 1st September. Otherwise, the application will be considered incomplete.

The next stage is an interview with a liaison lecturer assigned by the Heinrich Böll Foundation. This may be conducted through the phone. In this interview, expect to talk about your academic performance and your chosen course, and how this can help with social causes you’re passionate about. The lecturer will be writing a detailed report on the interview afterward, so make sure to impress them. They will need to approve you for you to advance to the last stage.

The last stage is a selection workshop. Here, you will be having structured one-on-one interviews and possibly a group discussion. This workshop will be looking at how you work with other people and how you uphold the vision-mission of the organization.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation will be notifying you about the results regardless of your success.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please click here.

2. DAAD STIBET Community Engagement Grants

  • Scholarship Amount: minimum of €250 per month, maximum of 12 months’ worth of payments
  • Eligibility Criteria
    • must have had their bachelor’s and master’s degrees outside Germany
    • must be taking a doctorate at TU Dortmund University
    • must be active in the TU Dortmund University and must contribute to the university’s international prestige
  • Scholarship Link

The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is a funding organization in Germany targeted towards international students and researchers. In collaboration with TU Dortmund University, the organization awards DAAD STIBET Community Engagement Grants to promising doctoral candidates enrolled at the university. The funds are taken from the Federal Foreign Office in Germany, and scholars will receive at least €250 per month.

This scholarship available at TU Dortmund aims to promote TU Dortmund University’s representation in international affairs. Thus, the qualified candidate should be someone who is highly involved in the campus community, highly involved in the international affairs of the school, and shows an outstanding academic performance.

You must already be admitted and enrolled as a student at TU Dortmund University before submitting your application. You are required to submit your comprehensive resume, preferably in the Europass format European universities generally prefer; a letter indicating your interest in the scholarship; professional letters of recommendation; proof of international community engagement at TU Dortmund University; academic records, and current enrolment certificate.

Applications for this scholarship available at TU Dortmund are open year-round. Submit all required documents personally to the International Office at TU Dortmund University. There is an after-hours mailbox in front of the main building in which you can drop off your application.

You will be evaluated by the scholarships committee based on your community engagement and academic performance. They will be notifying you duly on the status of your application whether it was successful or not.


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