Tel Aviv University Scholarships for International Students

Tel Aviv University is an Israeli higher education institution located in Tel Aviv, Israel. The institution is both the largest in the country and the world’s largest Jewish university. It is well-known as an internationally competitive institution that engages in practices that aim to contribute to society’s growth, notably in the field of research. It was founded in 1956 and has since earned a reputation as one of Tel Aviv’s finest public institutions. The university is now rated 255 in the QS World University Rankings. Here, we will be looking at some of the best scholarships at Tel Aviv University for international students.

The university’s programs are all geared at accomplishing two things at once: teaching and research. As a result, in every field and with every aim, the institution ensures the highest level of quality and service. This objective is accomplished through their various faculties. The different faculties in the university are the Katz Faculty of the Arts, Fleischman Faculty of Engineering, Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences, Entin Faculty of Humanities, Buchmann Faculty of Law, and more. There are around 30,000 students enrolled, with roughly 1,294 overseas students, who are geared to achieving momentous feats right after graduation from the university.

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Tel Aviv University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Tel Aviv University

1. Canadian Friends Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: Up to $5,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Aspiring applicants should be Canadian students who are currently enrolled in a degree in Tel Aviv University. These applicants may also be considered if they have lost their jobs, experiencing difficulties in paying tuition fees, and may be at risk of dropping out because of financial incapacities,
  • Scholarship Link

The Canadian Friends Scholarship is a scholarship by Tel Aviv University given to Canadian students who are experiencing financial difficulties. This scholarship is assisted by the increased knowledge of the University’s accomplishments through a strong local support network hence, providing direct financial support to the student’s educational and research goals. Application for this scholarship is done online, wherein the required documents are also listed.

2. Support Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $500- $5000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Aspiring applicants can be from any nationality and should have a GPA of at least 3.5-4.0 which is equivalent to 85-100.
  • Scholarship Link

Given the current circumstances that the world is in, Tel Aviv University offers the Support Scholarship. The university has long given a priority in the pursuit of education hence the offering of this scholarship. Through this, the objective to make Tel Aviv University’s study easier through these tough times is made possible. Application is done online, and the university encourages exceptional students to apply. During the application process, candidates are required to submit a transcript of their grades, a personal motivation essay with a maximum of 700 words, and a complete scholarship questionnaire.

3. Students from Austria Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $500
  • Eligibility Criteria: Austrian aspiring applicants who are enrolling for a bachelor’s degree at the institution are eligible for this award. The candidates are required to possess an outstanding academic standing.
  • Scholarship Link

The Students from Austria Scholarship is awarded by the Austrian Embassy to Austrian students who will be participating in the university’s summer programs. Students must first apply to their preferred summer program, then be approved and confirmed to qualify for this scholarship. The application process is done online, along with it are the needed requirements for the application.

The three undergraduate scholarships at Tel Aviv University described above are only a handful of the many possibilities available. There are a lot more that we didn’t cover in this post. Check out the Undergraduate Scholarships Page to learn more about these opportunities.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Tel Aviv University

1. Pikovsky Valazzi Scholarships

  • Scholarship Amount: NIS 68,000
  • Eligibility Criteria: Aspiring applicants can be of any nationality. These candidates should be new fellows only or have their thesis submitted and authorization proof must be provided. Also, their Ph.D. approval should be no more than five years.
  • Degree Offered: Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Link

The Pikovsky Valazzi Scholarship is a scholarship grant offered by Tel Aviv University for two new postdocs. This scholarship is specifically exclusive to research in the fields of applied physics or electronics and biotechnology. The study of the candidate will be watched over by a senior lecturer over one year. Application for this scholarship is done online.

2. Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Scholarship Amount: NIS 145,000 per year
  • Eligibility Criteria: Aspiring applicants who are from any nationality and are enrolling for a Ph.D. degree at the institution are eligible for this award. The candidates are required to possess an outstanding academic standing.
  • Degree Offered: Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Link

One of the Tel Aviv University scholarships is the Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship. This scholarship is intended for academics and researchers who are just at the beginning of their careers. This scholarship aims to improve the research capabilities of the fellows who are given access to some of the best resources in the field. These fellows are then expected to contribute to the long-term goals of the organization that they are in. Application for this scholarship is done online, including their needed requirements.

3. The Zuckerman Stem Leadership Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: $52,000 per year
  • Eligibility Criteria: Canadian and American postdoctoral scholars available for projects in STEM areas, and collaboration between STEM and additional subjects.
  • Degree Offered: Ph.D.
  • Scholarship Link

The Zuckerman Stem Leadership Scholarship is a scholarship grant by Tel Aviv University that brings scholars to research an Israeli university. The scholars granted these prestigious awards benefit from programming and activities that are arranged by their respective host institutions. They will also be toured, allowed to experience various educational and social events. Through this scholarship, students are improved in terms of their understanding and connection to Israel. Application for this is done online, which also includes their needed requirements.

These are only three of Tel Aviv University’s scholarship opportunities for postgraduate studies. Please visit Post Graduate Scholarships if you are interested in learning about other scholarship opportunities.


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