Sungkyunkwan University Scholarships for International Students

College is the prime age for exploration – exploring what careers we want to pursue, who we want to be with, and how we see ourselves in the future. Young adults take this time to experiment with many things and make new experiences they will remember fondly for the next decades. It is a stage of self-discovery, as we make our way through the world with minimal guidance from people like our parents or other adults.

While we love to explore and discover in the vicinity of our familiar homes or locales, it is always a great idea to see more of the world than what we often see. One of the best things to explore and experience, no doubt, are foreign cultures. It leaves a unique mark on international students, allowing them to become more open and knowledgeable about the world. At this university, you can be an explorer, too, especially with the help of scholarships that Sungkyunkwan University offers to international students.

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Sungkyunkwan University Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships at Sungkyunkwan University

1. GKS Scholarships for Self-sponsored Students

  • Scholarship Amount: 500,000 won per month
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Have studied in Korea for more than one year
    • Enrolled in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year in a 4-year university
    • Self-funded
    • Average GPA 80 out of 100 points for last semester and the entire period of study
    • TOPIK level 4 or higher
  • Scholarship Link

The Global Korean Scholarship (GKS) is funded by the government of the Republic of Korea to encourage foreign studies to pursue their studies in the country. It aims to foster positive relationships between Korea and the benefitting students’ countries.

The duration of this scholarship is ten months. Around 200 international students in Korea take advantage of it every year. Application is open every January and can be done through the university. Applicants will have to submit, also, a personal essay and recommendation letter.

Students are not allowed to transfer universities. They are also required to undertake a Korean language training course for one year. However, those with high TOPIK levels may be exempted. For more information about this Sungkyunkwan University scholarship, you may view this link.

2. Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount & Eligibility Criteria:
    • Average GPA of previous semester 4.0 or above – 70% tuition fee reduction
    • Average GPA of previous semester 3.5 ~ 4.0 – 50% tuition fee reduction
    • Average GPA of previous semester 3.0 ~ 3.5 – 30% tuition fee reduction
  • Scholarship Link

This scholarship at Sungkyunkwan University is based on the previous semester’s GPA. Intensive Study Course for International Students applicants are not qualified for the benefits that come with a 3.0 ~ 3.5 average GPA. Scholars who will incur an F during the previous semester will not qualify for this scholarship.

3. Samsung Global Sungkyun Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount/Benefits:
    • 100% tuition fee reduction
    • monthly stipend
    • room and board
    • one-on-one mentoring program
    • counseling
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Freshmen
  • Scholarship Link

Samsung is a techno-giant company in South Korea. Applicants must submit all necessary documents for English Track (A, B) or Korean-English Selective Track application for this scholarship. They will be assessed without any additional application, although interviews may take place. The Samsung Scholarship Council will assess the applicants and select those who stood out with potential. Recipients will be informed individually. To know more about this scholarship at Sungkyunkwan University, you may also view this link.

These are just three of the many other scholarships international students in Sungkyunkwan University may avail. For more information about the university, its application process, scholarship, financial aid, and other pertinent matters, you may view their website through this link.

To also view another comprehensive list of scholarships for international undergraduate students at Sungkyunkwan University, you may access this link. This site also outlines dormitory support and part-time job opportunities, which greatly help many students, especially those originating from other countries.

Postgraduate Scholarships at Sungkyunkwan University

1. Merit-based Scholarship for International Graduate Students

  • Scholarship Amount:
    • Average GPA 4.20 or more – 50% tuition fee reduction
    • Average GPA 3.80 or more (less than 4.20) – 30% tuition fee reduction
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Entered university through the International Student Admission Track
    • Acquired three or more credits without F
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and PhD
  • Scholarship Link

Students from professional/special graduate schools are not qualified. If the applicant or scholar incurs an F on a prerequisite course, the scholarship is not awarded.

2. STEM Scholarship

  • Scholarship Amount: 100% tuition fee reduction (dependent on scholarship evaluation results)
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Recommended by an SKKU professor
    • GPA 3.8 above
    • Writer of SCI journal while in SKKU
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and PhD
  • Scholarship Link

This Sungkyunkwan University scholarship is for international graduate students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics fields. This may include pharmacy and biomedical science graduate students. Those accepted for this scholarship no longer qualify for the Merit-based scholarship for international graduate students.

3. Graduate Admission Scholarship (Humanities, Social Sciences, Art)

  • Scholarship Amount:
    • Entrance fee
    • 10%/ 25%/ 50%/ 70%/ 100% tuition fee reduction
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Enrolled in Humanities, Social Sciences, or Art departments
    • Selected by the International Affairs Divisions
  • Degree Offered: Master’s and PhD
  • Scholarship Link

Graduate Admission scholarship is given for Humanities, Social Sciences, and Art Departments. The amount of this Sungkyunkwan University scholarship varies according to your merit. To access contact information regarding this scholarship, you may view the scholarship link.


These are just three of the many graduate scholarships that Sungkyunkwan University offers for its international graduate students. To know more about other scholarships, opportunities, or aid for students, one may access this site.

For more information about Sungkyunkwan University scholarships and application process, you may access their website through this link. This site also outlines their policies for scholarship eligibility, application period, the application process, payment and registration of scholarship, and application for off-campus scholarships. You may also view this link for a list of the university’s tuition fees.

Studying abroad is a dream for many that are understandably hard to pursue, with all the financial constraints and living expenses that need to be considered. However, with the provision of scholarships for international students, many have found themselves crossing oceans and boundaries for education.


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