How to Study in Ukraine for Free (10 Steps)

Ukraine is known to be one of the most unique places in Eastern Europe. It has sunny beaches, forested mountains, countless Orthodox churches, and many stunning sightseeing spots that allow the lucky tourist to discover remnants of European history. The country has undergone rapid development in the past five years, and as a result of the process, it has also improved the quality of the educational institutions, making it one of the top choices of international students from all around the globe.

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How to Study in Ukraine for Free

1. Start Working on the Application Early

It is important that you start to work on the application early. It helps if you can decide on the program of interest in advance. Most of us, however, are never sure which course we will take after we will have completed secondary school. If you cannot decide on the specific program in advance, try to keep your average scores high. Also, it is a good idea to participate in various contests and club activities, as most universities in Ukraine will consider the certificates during the application process.

2. Prepare a Terrific Application

Since your application is the sole item that stands between you and the educational institution of choice, you should try to pour as much effort into preparing the piece as possible. The school staff will go through the paperwork and examine every single aspect of the data provided, so throughout the preparation process be sure to check all the requirements put forward by the university numerous times.

Read and reread the material available online. Make sure your test scores match those required by the university. It is vital that your application is a good one for you to be able to study in Ukraine for free. Your final year in school is the last chance you have to improve on your general scores. Therefore, use it wisely.

3. Seek Out Sponsorship from Your Government

If for any reason a university scholarship is not available or cannot be obtained, your local government may provide financial support. In recent years, most of the developed countries have put the laws in place that allow citizens to request monetary help from their respective administrations. The trend can be observed in many European countries, as well as American and Asian states. Typically, the information about this type of scholarship can be found on the Ministry of Education homepage.

4. Consider Scholarships offered by Universities in Ukraine

You may be willing to consider the university scholarships offered by Ukrainian educational institutions. Being a progressive country, Ukraine tries to offer a stipend to the vast majority of its students.

According to the National Technical University of Ukraine website, over 80% of the students within the university receive some kind of financial support from the school. The trend persists in other institutions. While the entry requirements may vary, it is worth considering applying for one of the available school-level scholarships. Getting these scholarships from Ukrainian institutions is a good way to study in Ukraine for free, so definitely research these scholarship opportunities and apply!

5. Get in Touch with the International Organizations

Ukrainian International Educational Council lists a number of organisations willing to sponsor the students coming to Ukraine. On top of the financial aid provided by the government of Ukraine, the applicants may receive support from various European organizations, international funds, and private corporations working towards the goal of bringing higher education to the masses.

6. Look for Cheaper Universities in Ukraine

On top of all the previously mentioned options, you may always consider looking for cheaper alternatives, which can be a good start in studying for free in Ukraine. Ukraine is no exception from the well-known rule: the closer its university is located to the capital of Kyiv, the more expensive it is. For that reason, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, it is a wise idea to research the institutions outside the capital or to apply for programs that do not demand as high of fees as some top-rated courses.

As the applicant, remember, there are always options available and it is worth it to spend the time researching, skimming through the possibilities before you will have taken the conclusive decision. If you are interested, take a look at 10 Affordable Universities in Ukraine for International Students.

7. Apply for Studies

Once you will have completed considering and weighing the available options, it is time to gather the entirety of the accumulated paperwork and submit it to the institution of choice. Typically, most Ukrainian universities have a detailed guide on how to apply for studies as an international student available online. Read the provided information; get in touch with the educational facility if there is a need for it. Remember that during this stage it is important to constantly check your email. If you encounter an unexpected delay or a pause in communication, it is better to contact the university right away.

8. Work While Studying

It is a common occasion when the students who have received monetary support from any of the available external sources still seem to struggle to manage to pay their bills. Of course, the main reason is that the scholarships typically received by students do not cover the living expenses. This means that, unless you have wealthy parents able to support you throughout the years of studies, you should consider getting a part-time job.

The good news is you are able to work in Ukraine (as outlined on the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine website). Since all the students must obtain a long stay (type D) visa, they are automatically allowed to participate in all possible financial activities. You may work as a freelancer, self-employed, or find a job in one of the local companies, which may also be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the culture. Working while studying is a good way to complement other ways listed in this article so that you can study in Ukraine for free.

9. Decrease Your Living Expenses

Most people are surprised by how cheap Ukraine is. If you take a look at the average prices for goods and services, you will be shocked by the affordability of the Ukrainian living. The average price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is $300; $170 for an apartment outside the city. If you do not wish to pay for a private residence, can always apply for a space in the university dormitory. Try to seek out ways to lower your expenses outside the university halls, too. Use public Wi-Fi, walk instead of embracing public transportation, cook in the dorm instead of eating out. There are always ways to save up some money.

10. Do One or More Steps Above

To be able to study in Ukraine for free, it is critical that you do one or more of the steps above to achieve your goals. Sometimes, doing one step, such as applying for scholarships, will be sufficient, but other times, there need to be more steps done. For example, you might need to study at an affordable university in Ukraine while working part-time. In whatever step you take, I hope that you will be successful to achieve your goals!


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