How to Study in Slovakia for Free (7 Steps)

Slovakia is a beautiful country peppered with mountainous regions that make for catching scenery. It is surrounded by other countries in Europe, namely Poland, Ukraine, and Hungary, among others, which makes it very accessible and versatile in terms of travel options and accommodations. Though Slovakia is relatively smaller in terms of land area as compared to other countries, it still houses a good number of globally competitive and top universities that accept international students in their various programs. It is entirely possible to study in Slovakia for free, which we will discuss in this article. Studying in this country can be a good experience, especially when you couple the facts of great scenery and location with the level of education the country offers to international students. Thus, choosing Slovakia will be a good decision for international students wanting to study in the heart of Europe.

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How to Study in Slovakia for Free

1. Expand your knowledge

Limiting yourself to what you already know can also end up limiting the number of opportunities available to you. Knowledge acquired and knowledge expanded helps to get you through more doors and provides you with more choices to choose from since you will be capable of dealing with more than just one type of area or problem using your own expertise.

Also, learning about things such as Slovakian culture, language, and opportunities as a student can help widen the scope in which you choose the university you want to study in as an international student. Being independent in terms of gaining knowledge and cultivating it makes you a great international student that any university would be happy to accept.

2. Try to learn subjects you find difficult

You have probably had a difficult time in at least one of your subjects over the years, which is why now is the best time to conquer your difficulties and fears over that specific subject. Being able to handle and learn a subject that has proven to be challenging as compared to your other subjects helps you learn better study habits and techniques, and makes you a more intelligent student overall. Similar to expanding knowledge, familiarizing yourself with difficult subjects will help you in the long run, since it provides you with much-needed information in more areas of expertise. Thus, learning difficult topics and subjects is always an on-going process, and adding to your skills will definitely help in creating a better portfolio and university application once you start to apply to Slovakian universities.

3. Contact the universities in Slovakia directly

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine the opportunities that are available in countries abroad when you do not contact their offices directly. Some universities have not updated their websites on possible new features or offers for international students, while other universities have listed down their contact details per department for the available modes of applications.

Contacting and sending out emails to these different universities is one of the most effective ways to finding out whether or not a certain university is fit for your needs, since all queries you might have will be answered directly by the university itself. Likewise, this also gives you a chance to see whether or not the university you are planning to choose is adept at communication, and is good in terms of response time.

4. Apply for Scholarships in Universities in Slovakia

Have you ever wanted to study in Slovakia but could not because of financial constraints? Options such as scholarships and financial aid programs can help you achieve this dream without having to worry about the financial consequences of studying internationally. Thus, finding universities in Slovakia that offer scholarships to its students is one step to making your goal of studying in Slovakia for free a reality. Universities nowadays usually put this information on their university websites, which is why it is easier to get scholarships now than it was before.

An example of a Slovakian university that offers scholarships to its students is the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Here, they offer the Erasmus+ program to incoming students in its university. According to their website, the Erasmus+ program also provides students with accommodations and is offered to those in certain programs and courses.

Another good example is the Comenius University in Bratislava. This university offers more than just one scholarship and grants to its students, among which is the International Visegrad Fund. This is an international organization composed of different countries, whose purpose is to fund the education of deserving students, as stated on their website.

5. Look for Affordable Universities in Slovakia

Are there affordable universities in Slovakia? How much does it cost to study in Slovakia assuming you fail to obtain financial aid or scholarships? The average tuition fee for a student in Slovakia is at an amount of around 2000 to 5000 EUR per academic year, while the cost of living in Slovakia is at around $800. You can study in Slovakia for free by attending affordable universities in Slovakia as well as other steps such as getting a scholarship. If you are interested, learn about 10 Affordable Universities in Slovakia for International Students.

The cost of living can vary depending on the amount of rent you pay per semester, as well as the level of affordability you choose in terms of housing and transportation. Costs may be less or more, depending on the financial choices you make while staying in Slovakia.

6. Work Part-time in Slovakia

Having a part-time job while studying in Slovakia can offset some of the necessary expenses you might have to shell out as a university student and also can enable you to study in Slovakia for free. According to their website, you can obtain a work permit as long as you are a EU/EE/Swiss national, you can apply for work under similar conditions for Slovak nationals. Otherwise, if you are from another country not falling under the said category, you would have to apply for a work permit.

7. Tighten your budget when in Slovakia

Though tightening your budget in a foreign country should be the least of your worries, it should be something you always keep in mind as a student studying internationally in Slovakia. Expenses can definitely pile up if you are not careful about them, which can be detrimental to your studies and your stay in Slovakia since you might need the extra cash in case educational fees start to increase.


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